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Edmonton Business Coach | Effective Hiring Strategies

While many business owners interview potential employees in their business through a one on one interview according to Edmonton business coach. They may not realize that there are more effective ways of hiring people. That can lead to even better candidates being identified.

And while many business owners struggle with finding the right people for their business. They do not stop to consider. If this is because they are not employing the right interview method. And therefore, are not meeting the right candidates for their business at all.

In fact, according to studies. Business owners need to meet approximately one hundred candidates. Before they will have met the right one for their business. And while this is extremely possible for large corporations with an HR department. That are dedicated to finding employees for the business.

This is less possible for small business owners. Who may not even have employees yet. To be able to meet that number of people. In order to figure who the best fit for their business would be.

And as a result, entrepreneurs struggle with finding employees for their business. Or find that those employees leave quickly. And are forced out of business. Simply because they cannot keep staff in their organization.

In fact, Edmonton business coach says 23% of all failed entrepreneurs. Go out of business because they are not able to find or keep employees in their business. Therefore, when entrepreneurs learn a better method of interviewing potential candidates.

They will be more likely to overcome this obstacle. And be more likely to find better people in their business. And be able to keep them longer, because they are the right fit.

Rather than advertising for position, once it becomes available. And then reading endless resumes. In order to find the right candidates to interview. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs should have a position advertised year-round.

The reason why, is because if an entrepreneur is ever going to meet one hundred candidates. They need to always be looking. And if they do find a great fit for their business. And they are not yet hiring. They can keep that candidate in mind for future opportunities.

Especially because an entrepreneur is never hundred percent sure when or how soon they are going to need to hire a new person for their business. Especially when employees they leave, because of their own personal circumstances.

Because the interviews are going to be conducted as group interviews. It could be quite possible for a business owner to be able to meet five, ten or even twenty people or more. At a group interview. Which means it is quite possible for an entrepreneur.

To meet hundred people within one month of doing group interviews. Which means they will be more likely to meet the right candidate for their business. Which is why they need to always be looking. Even if they do not have an immediate opening yet.

By learning effective interview strategies. Entrepreneurs can overcome the obstacle of not being able to find the right people for their business. And stay in business longer, so that they can grow a successful business for themselves.

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One reason why one-on-one interviews are not effective at finding good candidates according to Edmonton business coach. Is because according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes.

And when business owners are conducting traditional one-on-one interviews. They are reading these resumes. In order to shortlist who would be good candidates to interview. When they are actually making their decision based on resumes that are potentially not factual.

Up to this point, entrepreneurs are already wasting a lot of their own time by reading these interviews. And they are even wasting more time. By trying to contact candidates to set up one on one interview times. By leaving messages, waiting to get a call back. And having see even reschedule interviews.

And when it comes time for the interview. Usually about a third of all candidates fail to show up at all. While a percentage of them will show up late. Which will waste an entrepreneur’s time. Because they will have scheduled one hour to do the interview.

And whether they do not show up at all, or show up late. This means that they are not going to be good candidates for the business. And will have to be completely discounted. In order to avoid this waste of time.

Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs should stop reading resumes, and instead, invite everybody to the group interview. That way, they will have already saved dozens of hours of time.

While making it possible for them to meet a larger pool of people. And once an entrepreneur meets people face-to-face, they will have a better idea of who might be good fit for the business.

And if anybody shows up late, or not at all. Then they are not even considered for the job because they are not in attendance at the group interview.

It will also save time, because they can interview the five, ten or twenty people that make it to the interview at the same time. So instead of that taking five, ten or twenty hours. It is taking one hour.

And instead of going over the same information such as the company overview, and the job description. At each one-on-one interview. They can do it once in this one group interview. So that they are saving even more time.

So, Edmonton business coach says when business owners move to a group interview method. Not only are they meeting more people, which will enable them to find the best fit for their business.

But they also will be saving a lot of time, so that a business owner can focus on growing their business. And doing all of the strategic priorities that will help them accomplish their goals.

And together, this will ensure that business owners will not have the same struggle of finding a good fit for their business. By moving away from the outdated and ineffective one-on-one interview method.