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Edmonton Business Coach | Effective Hiring Practices

Not being able to find or keep staff is a struggle for many entrepreneurs according to Edmonton business coach. And in fact, is one of the top three reasons. Why entrepreneurs fail in business.

While 50% of all entrepreneurs in Canada who own small businesses end up failing. 23% of those failed entrepreneurs. Say not being able to find staff to work in their business. Or being able to replace staff that have left. Is the reason why they had to close their business.

And chances are quite high. That these entrepreneurs who struggled finding the right people for their business. Were not implementing a group interview method. But doing the more traditional, and less effective one on one interview method.

The reason why so many entrepreneurs use a one on one interview. Is because that is the only interview method they have ever been exposed to. And the one that they are familiar with, and so that is what they used to find people for their organization.

And while the one on one interview method can be effective at finding great people. Businesses need to have a large amount of time and resources. In order to meet enough people, to find the best and most skilled people for the organization.

And the problem with small businesses is. They do not have the time or the resources according to Edmonton business coach. To be able to pull off of one on one interview method. And be able to find the right people for their business.

Studies have shown that organizations need to meet about one hundred candidates. In order for them to find one good fit for their business. And small businesses simply do not have the time or the resources to meet hundred people. Which means when they implement a one on one interview.

With any number of candidates. They are not likely to find the best fit for their organization. But because they dedicated so much time to this method already. They simply hire who they think the best out of the group is. Even if they are not a good fit for the organization.

As a result, Edmonton business coach says they are not great employees, or great workers. Because they are not a good fit for the business. Which ends up with an entrepreneur having to let them go. Or the employee leaving soon after getting the job.

Which will require an entrepreneur to start all over at the beginning. Basting a lot of time on this ineffective interview method. In hopes that the next employee will stay longer than the last one. This is why a one on one interview is not effective.

And needing to find people affects a great number of businesses. Because while the average employee used to spend five years on average with their employer. Employees are now staying approximately two point three years with an employer.

Which means business owners need to prepare themselves. For a larger turnover in business than they have ever experienced. Which means being able to find staff easier. And identifying higher-quality staff as well.

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While many business owners understand how ineffective one-on-one interviews are says Edmonton business coach. They do not know any other way to find candidates for their business. So that is what the utilize, with lacklustre results.

Business owners end up wasting a lot of time reading individual resumes. And then trying to figure out which resumes represent the best candidates. Which is almost impossible, because 85% of people lie on their resumes.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends utilizing a group interview method. Not only because it can save an entrepreneur significant amount of time. But also it can help an entrepreneur meet significantly more candidates. And increase the chances of them being the right fit for their business.

Instead of reading resumes, several hours every week. An entrepreneur simply has to send an email to each candidate, inviting them to the group interview. They should have a weekly group interview slot set up in their calendar.

And they can even send next three group interview dates. So that the candidates have options on which one they want to attend. And then an entrepreneur will wait to see who actually shows up to the group interview slots. Ensuring that they lock the door, so that latecomers cannot attend.

If a candidate is willing to be late to the interview. They are likely not going to be a good fit for the business anyway. So they can already be narrowing down the list of who will be a good fit for the business, because they are punctual.

And since about 1/3 to ½ of all candidates are not going to show up to the interview at all. When it is a group interview, not only is it not wasting time. But that also is effectively narrowing down their list. Without wasting a business owner’s time, waiting for a candidate who is never going to show up.

Since business owners typically will be able to get a good sense. Of who might be a good fit for the business, and who would not be a good fit based on appearances and mannerisms. And by having this first impression at the group interview. Can start to narrow down the candidates as well.

During the interview process, Edmonton business coach says business owner will do the company overview, as well as read the job description. Which would be repeated information at each one on one interview. And can be at times savings here as well.

When they open up the interview for questions. Chances are the candidates will have questions that the other ones would have asked. Meaning they can save even more time this way as well. At the end of the interview process. If there are any candidates that are still in the running.

An entrepreneur can look at those resumes, in order to verify information. And then bring them back for a one on one interview. Or a job shadow day. Where there will find even more about the candidates. And if they would be a good fit for the business.