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Edmonton Business Coach | Easy Ways to Become Productive

Business owners are some of the busiest people in society says Edmonton business coach. But if they are not working efficiently and effectively in their business they are wasting their own time. Business owners often fall into the trap of working on what’s urgent in their business but not but it’s important. The difference between something that urgent and something that’s important is something urgent is trying to get your attention more often than anything else, things that are urgent are important to other people. Important things on the other hand are the things that are necessary for someone to work on in order to further their goals. An example of this is business owners who think email is the most important thing that they should be working on because clients are trying to contact them. Emails a great example of things that are urgent, not important. Staff members can always be trained how to deal with email. Either responding to client taking action on all the actionable items, and passing the truly important emails on to you free to deal with later.

One of the ways that business owners can focus on the important things rather than the urgent things is by implementing time blocks. Time blocking is a great way focusing on important things because as a business owner sets aside time in the calendar for important things they are reassuring themselves that those important things will not get forgotten. But what is an important business task asks Edmonton business coach. There are certain things that business owners need to remember to include in their time blocking strategy says Edmonton business coach. Marketing is one of the most important things. Business owners often don’t realize that even though they may be busy marketing efforts need to continue on. Without consistent marketing, the efforts spent on marketing are less efficient therefore need to be doubled or tripled. A great way to reduce waste of time and a business is to make sure things are done consistently.

Another important task to schedule in on a time blog are administrative duties. Business owners tend to think that they can either get administrative duties done in between important tasks, or that they will take care of that task at home. Neither of those things is actually likely to happen, when has a business owner ever had free time to do nothing during their day? As well when a business owner gets home after working a very long hard day, the last thing they are likely to do when they are relaxing at home with their family is to say oh yeah, I just got there is a job-related task and need to work on how. Ever knows how worklife balance doesn’t really exist doesn’t make sense for business owner to plan to tip the balance even further out of whack by the tackling administrative duties at home cautions Edmonton business coach.

I business owners knowing but they should schedule in a time block, and what they shouldn’t schedule will allow them to work on what’s truly important in their business.

Edmonton business coach | easy ways to become productive

Business owners have 24 hours in their day just like everybody else, so why does it seem that some entrepreneurs are getting drastically more done than others says Edmonton business coach? The reason for this could be business owners are getting drastically more done know how to schedule their time more efficiently. It is actually not a hard skill to learn how to efficiently work. Using time blocking is an efficient and easy way to become efficient at work easily and quickly.

Knowing how to be an efficient time blocker is important step here are some important things to block in a day says Edmonton business coach. Many business owners are mistaken in their belief that they are time needs to be strictly regulated with absolutely no time in between. While that might be accurate for the time blocks, that doesn’t mean you have to go from task to task strictly. Setting your time block for a large amount of time then you think it will take to complete the task does two things. The first and it does is is a business owner more time to complete the task in case they run into problems. The lasting that a business owner should do is stop working on a task when they’re almost done, says Edmonton business coach. Without that cushion built-in is owners are faced with the choice of abandoning the task at hand, or becoming late in their next task. Both of those are not great options. If the business owner does end up with free time at the end of their task, it can be easily used for urgent items that have come up through the course of the day. Especially if it’s a time block where an entrepreneur has been unreachable having little pockets throughout the day that this owner can deal with those urgent items is a huge help.

In the business owners don’t realize that they need to be setting aside time on a regular basis for recruiting new members. This is true even if they are fully staffed. The reason for this is because an entrepreneur never really knows when he might need a new employee. Current staff members can get sick, quit unexpectedly, or if their business has experienced a sudden growth spurt. It is a waste of time to have to start searching for a staff member when the need arises. It’s a much better strategy to have already identified potentially great candidates that can be brought in when needed.

Time blocking is a great way to ensure that business owners work smarter, not harder and get the most out of their day. Because as zig Ziglar has said, if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you waste it. Don’t allow staff or clients to waste your time, learn how to work efficiently.