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Edmonton Business Coach | Does Multitasking Work

In order to get as much done in a day as possible, Edmonton business coach says many people believe multitasking is the way to do it. In fact, the act of multitasking can make people feel like they are getting a lot accomplished.

When they are answering phones, emails, and working on things for their business. Such as making financial decisions, and working on their sales and marketing. Can make people feel like they are working very hard.

And as they get tasks done, they attribute the fact that they were able to get many things done within a short period of each other. As the power of multitasking, and why they should continue doing it.

However, despite the fact that it might feel like people are doing a lot. Because there are a lot of tasks that they are working on. It is actually not only not efficient. But it is actually causing people to work slower.

The reason why multitasking causes people to finish tasks slower. Is because they are not working in their peak brain capacity. Because it takes an average of twenty-three minutes for a person to reach their peak level of productivity.

And when people are multitasking, their spending just a few minutes on each task. Before switching to a new task, and doing this endlessly. So they are going to get less done, because they are not able to actually work efficiently when they multitask.

As well, Edmonton business coach says people are getting poor quality of work done. Because they are not working at their brains best capacity. So not only are they getting tasks accomplished slower.

But they are getting tasks done to a worse quality. Even though they are tricking themselves into thinking that they are working smart in their business.

The true key to success. Especially business owners who are trying to build a successful business. Is working on each task at hand to completion. Before moving on to the next task to work on.

This way, business owners can focus on getting the job done to their best ability. And then they do not have to go back to that task, remember where they left off. And try to complete it.

And the key to ensuring this can happen. Is creating a schedule. So that every important task has a time devoted to doing it. And then minimize the interruptions, so that business owners can adhere to the schedule.

When creating a time block schedule, Edmonton business coach recommends. Ensuring that the time blocks are long enough to get each task accomplished completely. So that they do not have to switch tasks before one is done.

And the time block schedule can also ensure that no task, no matter how small is overlooked. So that business owners can avoid the risk. Of not getting something done.

Once they have a time block schedule. They can also put their staff on the same schedule. So that not only the staff is not interrupting the business owner. The staff is not interrupting themselves, causing diminished productivity for the employees as well.

Often, business owners feel very powerful and in control says Edmonton business coach. When they have several things on the go at the same time. And even the vision of a successful entrepreneur, is often one of a person multitasking.

However, truly successful entrepreneurs to not multitask. Because they know that they are not going to be able to get things accomplished to a high level. If they are not focusing on each task until completion.

And while business owners who create a time block to schedule. Can work towards avoiding multitasking. And working in their brains peak productivity mode.

If they also do not minimize interruptions, they are not going to be successful in avoiding multitasking. And there are several things that Edmonton business coach recommends, to help people avoid interruptions.

One of the first and simplest things that business owners can do. Is just turn their phone to silent while they are working on dedicated tasks. It may be very difficult for business owners to do it first.

They often think that something terrible is going to happen if they do not have access to all of their phone calls. Or if they cannot read every text that comes in their phone.

However, they will realize that having their phone on silent is not going to have terrible consequences. And that they will be able to get even more accomplished. Even if all they were doing was reading the messages, and not responding.

The reason why, is because even hearing the phone or text notification itself. Is enough of a distraction and an interruption. To cost people their productivity.

And the same goes for email notifications as well. Edmonton business coach says email is often considered incredibly important for business owners to check.

That they have email notifications on their phone as well. So that they always can tell someone has sent them a message. But even getting the email notifications on that regular basis.

Can cost entrepreneurs the valuable productivity. That they need in order to get all of their strategic priorities accomplished. They can always create time in their calendar. To read and respond to emails.

As well as the time to read and respond to phone calls. So that it does not become urgent if the phone rings. Or if they get an email notification. Because they will be able to get back to everyone in a timely fashion.

And in fact, when they are able to focus on the tasks at hand. And then focus on returning those emails and phone calls. They will be able to return those calls and emails to a higher quality. Because there focusing on them.

It can be a challenge for business owners to minimize interruptions. But when the try this out for a few weeks. They will realize that they can get far more accomplished this way. Getting interrupted.

And it can become very easy to convince business owners once they have experienced this. But the key is helping entrepreneurs get to this point, where they will avoid multitasking. So that they can focus.