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Edmonton Business Coach | Does Multitasking Stop Productivity

One of the goals that business owners often try to achieve in their business is increasing productivity says Edmonton business coach. Itís always seen as one of the big goals to somehow get more work done in a day that was done that a previous. This has led many business owners to believing that multitasking is the answer to this problem. Unfortunately multitasking is ineffective. An extremely good demonstration of this is when Gary Keller, a realtor started his real estate firm, he built his entire business on the theory that multitasking is ineffective. By using focused and solitary work as the basis for his realtors accomplishing their tasks, not only was Gary Keller able to create a successful practice, he was able to create the largest real estate firm. Since realtors are often seen as one of the most multitasking involved professions, this demonstrates quite a lot when it comes to how ineffective multitasking actually is.

People intrinsically know that multitasking is not effective, if they think about their pilots or their surgeon multitasking at their job, most people would be shocked or upset to hear thatís how they conducted their business. So why does it get such a different route when people are thinking of multitasking and business? Several studies have been done on multitasking says Edmonton business coach, and the results have been overwhelming that multitasking not only is ineffective and increasing productivity it actually reduces productivity as well as reduces the quality of work that the person who is multitasking does. The science behind that shows that in order for a brain to reach its intellectual capacity, a person needs to be focused on a task for 23 minutes on average. Once a person is at their peak productivity, they can stay in this. As long as they are uninterrupted. Since multitasking is forcing a brand to focus on several things at once, that peak productivity is never reached.

Away a business owner can use this information in order to create a much more productive workplace is by creating blocks of time every day where business owners and staff will be working on tasks uninterrupted. Itís very important that a business owner creates these times for their entire staff to be working uninterrupted at the same time in order to minimize the amount of distractions internally. Itís also very important says Edmonton business coach for business owners to create an environment to eliminate all other distractions as well. Phones, email as well as client meetings should all be avoided at this time in order to minimize the distractions that can happen during this important time.

By scheduling productive work periods in their work day, business owners can increase productivity as well as increase their employee satisfaction. The reason for this is Edmontons business coach is because studies were also done showing that the fewer times employees were interrupted in their day, the happier they became in their workplace.

Often when people think about entrepreneurs, they get a mental image of someone who is furiously multitasking says Edmonton business coach. Many entrepreneurs unfortunately fall into this trap of thinking they need to be working on multiple things at a time in order to increase their effectiveness in their business. This is actually the opposite of how to be productive.

By focusing on one task at a time and seeing it through to its completion, business owners can maximize how productive and effective their brain can function. Takes approximately 23 minutes of focusing on a single task in order for a person to reach the highest productiveness. By eliminating multitasking and switching to a schedule where there only focusing on one task at a time, business owners can increase their productivity exponentially. They can continue to increase the productivity in their business if they get their entire staff to work on the same schedule. Itís actually very important to put everybody on the same schedule says Edmonton business coach, because that will help eliminate distractions during this focused work time, and also by helping their staff reach that peak productivity, they can increase the effectiveness throughout their entire business.

Business owners need to learn that it is okay to let calls go to voicemail during these times. Whether the business owner is working on their strategic priorities on their business, working on marketing initiatives, and to focus uninterrupted in order to get the most out of their time. Answering phones will not only interrupt this time, and put the business owner at risk of not even finishing their most important tasks. Another task that tends to eat into businesses productivity is constantly checking emails. Constantly checking emails is a trap that business owners often get into, and often arenít able to get out of the day. By working out of their inbox, business owners are assured that they will never get to the strategic priorities they need to work on in their business.

Entrepreneurs will also find that the more they minimize distractions in their business and stop multitasking, they will become happier in their workplace. Several studies have been done that shows a correlation between interruptions at work and the happiness of the people who work there. The more interruptions people have a day says Edmontons business coach, the less happy they become. On the other side of that equation, the fewer interruptions that people have in the day, the more happy they become. This is a great byproduct of increasing productivity in the workplace.

Another way that reducing interruptions and increasing productivity is positive for businesses, is that it can help business improve the deliverables for their customers. By allowing their staff to work more often in their peak productivity, the quality of their work will improve so will what they can deliver to clients. Edmonton business coach says this is an extremely effective reason why businesses should eliminate multitasking in their business and switched to this system of increased productivity.