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Edmonton Business Coach | Does Multitasking Kill Productivity

The best way to increase productivity of staff members says Edmonton business coach is by working uninterrupted. Studies have shown that it takes an average person 23 minutes in order to reach their maximum intellectual capacity. Once they reached that intellectual capacity, they are at their most efficient. A business owner should aim to get their entire staff working on this peak productivity as often as possible. While many business owners believe they see to productivity is by multitasking, the reason it doesnít work is the same reason why reaching peak productivity is effective. Multitasking is a constant interruption or switching tasks, which means a brain will never be able to reach its peak productivity. Studies have shown that not only is it bad for productivity, that everyone who multitasks is ineffective. It reduces the quality of work that they are producing as well as reduces their intellectual capacity in the moment. Multitasking virtually makes people stupid as they are multitasking.

Edmonton business coach says that learning how to be productive involves unlearning what business owners think they know what productivity which is avoiding multitasking at all costs. Time blocking can be an extremely effective tool for helping business owners focus on one task until its completion. Business owners can time block their strategic priorities, marketing tasks, times to see their clients as well as creating focused solitary work for not only themselves, but for their staff. This solitary work will allow business owners and their employees to reach that productivity. Itís very important that business owners not make their time blocks too short, because time blocks that are too short can actually damage peak productivity by forcing people to switch tasks to often. a good rule of thumb says Edmonton business coach is to create time blocks that are long enough to complete the task at hand. If people switch tasks too often, that can reduce their peak productivity.

The next key to eliminating distractions and increasing productivity in the business, is creating an environment where new interruptions have been says Edmonton business coach. This means during the time blocks dedicated to focused and solitary work hard for business owners who are not used to be unavailable at any point during the day, however once they see how effective and productive they can be, this becomes a much easier task for business owners over time. Edmontons business coach says it often seems very foreign to business owners who are used to answering phones and emails at all times of the day, not only to not have that task to work on, but also because for some people receiving those notifications of messages or phone calls create a bit of an adrenaline rush that is hard to do without.

By creating a great environment where business owners and their staff can work on important tasks uninterrupted, can not only increase the productivity of the business, but can also increase the quality of work being done. When customers get better deliverables, they become happier customers. And when employees get fewer interruptions at work they become happier employees.

Multitasking is something that many businesses deem as vital to their business says Edmonton business coach. However, not only is multitasking unproductive, but everyone who multitasks is very bad at it. Thereís science behind why. It takes the average person around 23 minutes to reach the intellectual capacity of their brain. Thatís the amount of time it takes people to reach their peak productivity and work efficiently at the task at hand. Studies show that every time a person is interrupted or has to switch tasks, they have to start that 23 minutes cycle of reaching peak productivity all over again from the start. This equates to a lot of lost productivity, and in fact for multitaskers who are constantly switching tasks all the time actually never reach their peak productivity.

Business owners can create an environment in their business that can increase productivity as well as completely eliminate the need for multitasking. Entrepreneurs can create a time block not only for themselves but for their entire staff that includes focused and solitary work periods. During these times, all distractions should be eliminated in order to keep everyone working in that peak productivity. Some important considerations were business owners is to eliminate email distractions, which means not only should they be avoiding checking their email and responding to new emails. But they should even close down their email software or turn their notifications to silence. The reason for this is Edmonton business coach is because every time they get a notification it distracts them and they need to start over to get to their peak productivity again.

In addition, business owners need to avoid phone calls as a distraction. Business owners can either have all the phones go straight to voicemail and they can check messages at the end of this focused work time, or they can task someone looking after the phones while everybody else works on their tasks at hand. By eliminating all of the distractions and having everybody in the office work on the same focused tasks at the same time, business owners can increase productivity in their business by a large degree. If business owners are also getting rid of multitasking in their business at the same time, they will be able to see impressive leaps of how much more productive they will be able to become in their workplace.

One of the great byproducts of being more productive in their workplace, is that since their staff will all be working at their peak productivity, they will be able to deliver even better products for their clients which can increase the satisfaction of their customers. By increasing their productivity as well as delivering better products and services to customers, there is no reason why any business shouldnít completely eliminate multitasking from their business and move to focused solitary work.