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Edmonton Business Coach | Does Multitasking Hinder Businesses

people have been led to believe that multitasking is a skill that should be celebrated says Edmonton business coach. However the science behind brains suggests that multitasking is the reason for our lack of productivity. The reason for this is it takes a brain 23 minutes on average to reach its peak productivity. At this point, a brain is working at its best capacity it will be able to get. Every time a person starts a new task, or is interrupted, this productivity needs to be regained and it takes another 23 minutes. Since multitasking is a constant stream of either switching tasks were being interrupted, thereís no possible way that a brain can reach peak productivity if it is multitasking. Everybody is a poor multitasker, however the people who think they are very good at it are actually much worse than other people.

Since nobody is good at multitasking, because brains are not designed to work on multiple things at the same time, people need to understand that not only is it not good for productivity but it actually deters productivity. Making the people who are multitasking less intelligent in that moment as well as it reduces the quality of work that those people are doing. Because of this, multitasking should be avoided at all costs a business. But many business owners are at a loss for what they should do in order to increase productivity in their place of businesses Edmonton business coach. There are several things that businesses can do including creating templates and checklists, one of the most important ways that businesses can increase productivity in their business is by blocking time for focused and solitary work.

Focused and solitary work needs to be scheduled in advance and is something that employees and business owners can count on and expect. Itís also very important says Edmonton business coach that in this time, all distractions are illuminated. Every distraction will hinder each employees ability to reach their peak productivity. This includes phones and email and even social media notifications. Care must be taken to eliminate all distractions by any means. This can be especially scary for entrepreneurs who have never been unavailable before. This is owners can be assured that they can check email or return phone calls immediately after their focused work, and that if they are unavailable for a few hours every day, their customers will get used to it and their business will not suffer. In fact, what they will be able to accomplish during this focused work period will make up for the business owner being unavailable.

One amazing by product of increased productivity at work through focused work periods is a much happier workplace. The reason for this is the fewer interruptions that people have in a day, the more impacts their happiness. This interruptions equals happier staff. There are so many reasons why business owners should use focused and solitary work time in order to increase productivity, including increased productivity, happier customers and happier staff.

There is one lie that businesses have been told over and over in their business says Edmontons business coach is that productivity can be achieved through multitasking. Not only is this untrue, but the science behind multitasking shows us that it actually reduces productivity in business. If business owners want to do one thing immediately in their business and improve productivity is to eliminate multitasking entirely. The science that says multitasking is ineffective is the same science that says it takes a brain 23 minutes on average in order to reach its maximum capacity. Since multitasking is constant interruptions are constant switching tasks, a brain cannot reach its peak productivity or increase productivity is actually impossible. The best way to increase productivity is to eliminate the instances of interruptions in a day.

Business owners a very reluctant to be unavailable to their clients through phone or email. Sometime in the day where they are available. However businesses should make the commitment to trying it out to see how well it works. They should make plans for their turning their phones off and letting it go through to voicemail with a message saying they will return calls at a certain time in the day, or arranging for an employee to answer phones while everybody else is working on their focused work, our Edmonton business coach says business owners can even arrange to have their phones outsourced to answering service during that time.

Another thing that business owners going to have to get used to with not looking at during this focused work time is not checking email. Not only should remove email notifications from their phone, they should also close the entire email program down during this focused time is to eliminate the temptation to check, and eliminate the possibility of hearing a notification when they are working and get distracted by that says Edmonton business coach.

All of these things will help prepare a business owner to be as productive as they can drain their focused work, the next thing that they can do says Edmonton businesses coach is schedule time in the day before employees and business owners to collaborate. This will foster an environment where the able to work solitary because they know later they will get an opportunity to work with others says Edmonton business coach.

These are simple steps that business owners can take in order to increase productivity at work. The Steps are simple, however it can be very hard for business owners to get into the habit of. Part of the reason is because it can bring an adrenaline rush to business owners to hear the phone ring or to get those emails. It may feel bizarre in the very beginning to the business owner to have so much time whether or not working on other things. But once they get used to it, and see how efficient they can be during this focused work time, that it will be something that they actually look forward to on a regular basis.