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Edmonton Business Coach | Does Multitasking Harm Businesses

There are many things that business owners can do in order to increase the productivity of their business says Edmonton business coach. Many business owners believe that one of these things is multitasking. Multitasking has been long hailed as a virtue for businesses to wield in order to increase the productivity of their business. However studies have shown that not only is multitasking not a great way to improve productivity, but it actually hinders productivity. The reason why multitasking is harmful to productivity is how the brain works. Many studies have been done and shows that it takes an average brain 23 minutes once it starts an activity to reach its peak productivity. In that peak productivity, the brain does its best work. If someone switches tasks, or gets interrupted, that 23 minutes starts all over again in order to reach peak mental capacity. Multitasking is essentially a long line of interruptions and switching of tasks. For this reason, multitasking is actually impossible to become productive act. Nobody can be productive when there multitasking, however the people who think they are good at it are actually very terrible at it. multitasking should be avoided at all costs.

The most effective way that business owners can avoid multitasking but increase the productivity in their business, is by creating blocks of time where not only themselves but their employees can focus on solitary work says Edmonton business coach. These blocks of time are very important for a business owner to eliminate distractions during this time. Distractions can include walk in customers, email notifications, phone calls, and even social media notifications. During this time, everybodyís phone should be on silent to eliminate the opportunity to be interrupted. Edmontons business coach says that business owners should also ensure that no client meetings are scheduled at this time, and that phones are either turned off, or sent to voicemail and they will be able to deal with the messages and response to urgent emails after their focused work time. Too many times, entrepreneurs get caught by working out of their inbox and not on their strategic priorities of the business, this focused work time can help business owners avoid this problem.

Once business owners get into the habit of this focused work time, they will see how productive it is as well as how much more quality the work there staff does is. Itís also been proven that the fewer interruptions in a work day leads to happier clients. So by increasing productivity at work, the increase staff productivity, staff quality of work and staff happiness. That increase productivity and increase quality of work says Edmonton business coach leads to happier clients because theyíre getting better deliverables, and business owners are happy because they are able to work on the strategic priorities they need to do in order to grow their business. In order to maximize productivity, business owners can eliminate multitasking, and schedule focused solitary work and see how the business can grow.

Many entrepreneurs have always heard that multitasking is the key to productivity says Edmonton businesses coach, however this isnít actually the truth. Gary Keller, a entrepreneur says multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. This is actually close to the truth than many people realize. Studies have been done on multitasking in a workplace and the result is that scientists found out that not only is multitasking not an effective tool for increasing productivity and a business, but it actually reduces the intelligence of the multitasker during the time that they are multitasking, as well as it reduces the quality of work thatís being produced in addition to negatively impacting productivity. Business owners are far better not doing anything for productivity than multitasking. It can often feel like businesses are a lot accomplished because they are busy, busy does not necessarily mean effective.

The same study look to see how brands function during multitasking and focusing on one task, and they discovered that it takes a brain 23 minutes on average to reach its intellectual capacity. That is 23 minutes for a person to reach the most productive theyíre going to get. In this time, it will be able to produce excellent results work very efficiently and effectively. However, Edmonton businesses coach that the same study shows that every single time a person was interrupted, all productivity would be lost, they would have to start over again getting up to 23 minutes before they can be effective once more. This is the reason why multitasking is actually in effective says Edmonton business coach. Multitasking is essentially a constant string of interruptions, ensuring that a brain can never reach its peak productivity.

If business owners donít do a single thing to increase productivity other than eliminating multitasking in their business, they will be doing themselves a huge favour says Edmonton business coach. However, business owners can do a lot of things in order to create an environment for this peak productivity is supported. The first thing that they can do in order to ensure that their business is able to support this peak productivity is creating scheduled times every single day for focused solitary work. If a business owner as well as their staff is on the same schedule for focused work, they can eliminate the instances of internal interruptions. Staff can work on all of the tasks that they need to work on in the day, in the business owner can work on all of their strategic priorities including marketing and increasing the productivity of their business.

Once a business owner has scheduled this focused solitary work. Thus, the next thing that they should focus on says Edmonton business coach is eliminating distractions. This is the hardest part for most business owners who have never been unavailable to phone or email before, but once they see how effective it is and increasing productivity not only in their tasks but in their employees tasks, it can be a lot easier to get into the habit of doing.