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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You Want Tips for Digital Marketing ?

Edmonton business coach | digital marketing tips

Having consistent client intake is important for any business according to our Edmonton business coach. Marketing strategies are important for businesses to generate new clients. These strategies of changed with the technology. When the Internet was less mainstream, additional marketing strategies includes TV commercials, radio ads and print materials. However as the Internet became more popular and accessible, digital marketing has became prevalent. Many companies try to create a solid online presence. Social media marketing is part of the current marketing strategy. Many brands have created social media accounts to post relatable, funny and witty content for the modern audience. However we will focus on the other side of digital marketing called search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization or SEO for short, is a set of rules that what designers must comply so that the website can be found and ranked on Google. Our work as the Edmonton business consultant and us to find out that 50% of small Canadian businesses do not last for more than five years. The most common reason for this failure is due to the lack of clients. Marketing is essential for generating clients. A website can potentially reach more clients if done properly. Be sure to call now for the greatest Edmonton business coach!

Firstly search engine optimized websites or responsive. Over the course of few years, smart phones have become more mainstream. These phones are essentially minicomputers. Most people have the option to use the Internet using their phones. Google realized just due to their increased web searches done on mobile phones. Websites nowadays needs to accommodate these mobile users. Websites need to be scalable and flexible due to the wide array of different screen sizes. Responsive website is also quick to load and has optimized assets. Quick loading websites usually has light code and compressed images and videos.

Google reviews are also extremely important to digital marketing. These reviews are often used as a reference for determining whether a company is legitimate or not. As mentioned by our Edmonton business coach, the Internet can be easily accessed by almost anyone. This holds true because 88% of potential customers look at Google reviews before conducting business. These reviews are important especially for the modern day. We suggest that small business aim for 40 Google reviews. This seems to be the magic number where people start to see you as a legitimate business.

And lastly, content rich websites often when that search engine optimization. All the top websites will have plenty of relevant keywords and content. These will help Google bots to see if your websites is irrelevant or not. Often times it’s wise to create webpages with over a thousand words or so. This will attract Google’s attention and will most likely ranked your website high in search results. However as a small business owner it’s hard to come up with a thousand words. We have an efficient method to create more words for your website. It’s also important to update your website at least once a week. We use video blogs to update our content. We also transcribe these videos in your words and they will most likely yield in a thousand words.

Edmonton business coach | tips for digital marketing

As the Edmonton business coach, there been statistics showing 50% of small Canadian businesses feeling within the first five years and 42% of entrepreneurs agree that the reason for these failures is due to the lack of clients. This makes for the most common reason why businesses fail. Our work as a business coach allows us to achieve our corporate mission and values. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants mission to help small businesses to succeed. Our firm employs like-minded people who are inspired and dedicated to our cause. This letter is to create a free consultation program for our new clients. They also receive a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e-myth.” If you wish to know more please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

As mentioned before, the most common reason why businesses fail is due to the inability to intake clients. As a business owner, marketing is important for your client generation process. Marketing allows potential clients to see your products and services. Over time marketing strategies change with technology. The previous marketing trends consist of TV commercials, radio ads and the classic print marketing materials. However since Internet became mainstream, online marketing easily became the most used marketing strategy. You will never need a better Edmonton business coach!

As the Edmonton business coach, we realize that large corporations nowadays tend to have a massive online presence. This is important for digital marketing. You will usually find brands with social media accounts posting relatable and funny content catering to modern audience. Social media marketing is one of few factors of current marketing strategies. In this article however, we will focus on the other marketing strategy. This is called search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization or SEO are set of rules that allows Google to see your websites. Web designers need to keep these rules in mind so that they can build and design the website around them. The better rules are followed, the better the chances of Google ranking website on top. First rule to SEO as having a responsive website. Over the last few years, web searching using mobile phones have become more common. Smart phones have become more common in mainstream and thus Google made sure that websites are mobile friendly. The second thing to consider is Google reviews. The Internet can be accessed from almost anywhere. According to statistics, 88% of potential clients look at Google reviews before using the service or product. Lately people use Google reviews as a reference by their accompanying is legitimate or not. The magic number of Google reviews is 40. This is the number where people start is here business is legitimate.

And lastly content rich websites. Current websites needs to be full of content and relevant keywords. This will help Google to find and rank your website. A thousand words is how much we suggest putting in each picture. However as a small business owner this is difficult to achieve. If so try to cram a thousand words to your most important pages which is usually the homepage, about page, and team page.