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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You Want the Modern Day Digital Marketing Guide?

Edmonton business coach | tips for digital marketing

Technology has changed the way we do marketing as our Edmonton business coach have observed. Marketing is essential for business success. It allows them to generate new clients and even further retain old ones. Television commercials, radio advertisements and classic print materials are the marketing strategies from the past few years. These are time tested strategies however as technology evolve, these have become less relevant. The Internet has became mainstream in the past few years. People are starting to see the benefits of online marketing. Using the web as a tool for marketing means businesses can reach the entire world.

There are a few ways to do digital marketing. These are through social media and search engine optimization. It’s common for big corporations to have social media accounts. The Edmonton business coach, I have observed that a post content that are relatable, witty and funny. This appeals to the modern audience and establishes a solid online presence. In this article however, we will talk about search engine optimization the other side of digital marketing.

There are certain variables required for search engine optimization to work. These are almost like rules for web designers to follow and work around. The better these rules are implemented, the more likely that search engines such as Google will find your website. This is also important to rank high on Google search results. We will focus on Google they are the most popular search engine around.

The first factor to search engine optimization is having a responsive website. One of our big technological leaps are through smart phones. These will devises are almost like little computers. These little computers in which you can bring almost anywhere. Using these devices you can browse and search the web anywhere. Google recognize this and thus enforcing mobile friendly websites. A responsive website will scale to the device size, whatever it is. It will scale from a small smart phone to a big monitor. Responsiveness also means a fast loading website. This can be achieved through compressing images and videos while having optimized and light code.

Google reviews are also important for your company’s online presence. Most people can search for these reviews anywhere. According to our Edmonton business coach, 88% of potential customers look at reviews before conducting business. Google reviews are almost seen as a way to determine whether a company is legitimate or not. Having more Google reviews will help you convert more clients. We suggest trying to get 40 reviews if you are small business owner. This is where people start to see you last legitimate business.

The last factor to consider when making search engine optimized website is having relevant and plenty of keywords and content. Most of, if not all the top websites on Google will have a ton of content. You’ll start to see keywords pertaining to their services. These keywords are used by Google to determine the rank of your website. We suggest creating a thousand words for your important pages such as the homepage, about page and the team page.

Edmonton business coach | modern day digital marketing

The Edmonton business coach has observed that online presence is a big factor in today’s marketing strategies. Creating a solid modern day marketing strategy requires attention in the online world. These marketing strategies are called digital marketing. He will often see large corporations using social media post mundance and relatable content. This is a ploy to appeal to the modern audience. However it is only one side of the digital marketing space. The other side to this is called search engine optimization. These are set of rules that web designers need to work around to create a website that will rank on Google. In this article we will focus on their search engine optimization aspects of digital marketing.

The traditional marketing strategies from the past have usually been TV commercials, radio ads and print marketing materials. Ever since the Internet became mainstream, these strategies became less relevant. Most people don’t even have cable now days thus making TV commercials obsolete. There are a wide array of music streaming services on the market today and radios are slowly becoming obsolete. These marketing strategies are being replaced by online marketing. The easy access to the Internet using computers, and lately smart phones.

Search engine optimization or SEO allows websites to be seen on Google or any other search engines. We will focus on Google since it is the most popular search engine. There are a few rules that one designers need to comply on such as creating a responsive design for websites, trying to have ample Google reviews and lastly creating a content rich website.

A responsive design means that the website can adapt and scale to whatever device the viewer is using. The rise of mobile phones have shifted website building strategies. Since smart phones are basically minicomputers, they can access the Internet and using carriers they conduce almost anywhere. Web searches are becoming more common using mobile devices. However there is actual work for web designers. Having a mobile friendly website first priority nowadays. Google is shifting their focus from deskstops to mobile. The website needs to be able to accommodate small mobile device screens to giant monitors.

The next factor to ask SEO is Google reviews. Google reviews are important for businesses for most people use reviews as a basis to whether a business is legitimate. According to our Edmonton business coach 88% or potential customers look that Google reviews before conducting business. This is the same for future clients and referrals. Small businesses should Try to attain 40 Google reviews. This is the threshold where people start to see your business has legitimate.

Last factor to SEO is a content rich website. Most of the top websites will have plenty of keywords and content. Keywords are what Google robots see whenever someone searches. The more content you have better chances that Google will rank you higher in the search results. The best way to go about this is have a thousand words on each of your webpages. There is a lot of words however it’s necessary to win at SEO. Call now for the greatest Edmonton business coach!