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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You Want Strategies for Marketing?

Edmonton business coach | marketing strategies

The biggest corporations will have solid online presence according to our Edmonton business coach. Marketing today is extremely different from a few years back. Traditional marketing using TV commercials, radio ads and marketing materials were to go to strategies for marketing firms in the past. However as technology progresses so that as our marketing initiatives. Traditional marketing strategies have become less relevant when the Internet went mainstream. Televisions are less relevant nowadays that anyone can watch and stream videos on the Internet. Radios are also being replaced by music streaming services. Almost everyone having access to the Internet, the marketing industry has shifted towards online marketing. Big corporations have started to create social media accounts for marketing purposes. There will post witty, funny and relatable content for the modern audience. Digital marketing is split into social media marketing and search engine optimization. This article will focus on the latter.

According to our Edmonton business coach 50% of small Canadian businesses fail within the first five years and 42% of business owners agree that the reason for this failure inability to attract customers. Marketing is necessary for client intake. Modern marketing initiatives are drastically different from before. Aside from social media marketing, business owners should optimize their websites for search engines. This is called search engine optimization. These are set of rules that websites must follow in order for search engines to rank and find them.

The first rule to SEO is having a responsive website. Over the past few years smartphones have hit mainstream market. These smart phones are essentially tiny computers. Can use these devices to access the Internet from almost anywhere. This results in an influx of web searches using mobile devices. In turn, web designers need to create responsive websites. A responsive design allows websites to be scaled to any devices. There are a wide array of sizes from small smartphones to big monitors. Modern websites needs to be able to scale to different devices. Responsive website also needs to be fast and optimized. Web designers can achieve this by compressing videos and images while having an optimized and light code.

The second rule is having positive and plenty of Google reviews. As mentioned above by our Edmonton business coach, mobile devices are becoming more common and so do web searches from smartphones. The most common web searches are Google reviews. Statistics show that 88% of potential customers look into Google reviews before conducting business. These reviews are used to determine a business’ legitimacy. As a small business owner it’s difficult to get Google reviews. We implore that they aim for at least 40 Google reviews. This estimator threshold where you start seeing your business fast legitimate.

The last factor to search engine optimization is having a content rich website. As observed by our Edmonton business coach, the top websites will often have plenty of keywords and relevant content. These keywords help Google to find your website. The more keywords you have the higher chances of Google will rank you higher. We suggest having at least a thousand words each page of your website cleverly realize that this is difficult for small businesses. So they should try to get a thousand words to their important webpages such as the home page, the about page and 15 page.

Edmonton business coach | strategies for marketing

As the Edmonton business coach we realize that 50% of small Canadian businesses fail within the first five years. There are number of reasons for these failure however 42% of business owners agree that having below client intake cost them the business. This makes below client intake most common reason why businesses fail. Our firm is dedicated to helping small businesses beat the odds. As the top business coach for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have created program for new clients. They will receive free professional consult under first visit as well as a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e-myth.” If you wish a month please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the years. Before the Internet, traditional marketing strategies included TV commercials, radio ads and classic marketing print materials. These were to go to strategies for marketing firms. However since the Internet became more mainstream, the lease strategies for cam less and less effective. This forces marketing firms to adopt digital marketing strategies. This requires companies to create a solid online presence through social media marketing and search engine optimization. In this article we will focus on the importance of search engine optimization now to properly utilize it.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of rules for web designers to follow so that they can create a website with a Google in mind. The most basic rule to SEO according to our Edmonton business coach is creating a responsive website. Smartphones have only been mainstream for a few years. However this has drastically changed the way we use the Internet. Mobile web searches have been slowly taking over desktop searches. This has forced Google to adopt and enforce the responsive website rule. This means that what designers need to create flexible and scalable websites available to be viewed in a variety of devices. Websites need to leave viewed on smart phones and desktops alike thus they need to be able to scale at will. A responsive website also a fast website. This can be achieved by optimizing assets and code.

The second rule to SEO is having plenty of positive Google reviews. As mentioned above, web searches can be conducted from almost anywhere using a mobile phone. According to our Edmonton business coach 88% of potential customers look at Google reviews before using a service. With access to information from almost anywhere, Google reviews have or something like this business crops are usually like this so you an idea turned on into conveyor belt more important in recent years. People view Google reviews as reference whether a business is legitimate. We suggest for small business owners to aim at least 40 reviews. This is this threshold where people start seeing your business as legit.

And lastly it’s important for modern businesses. Websites needs to have plenty of relevant keywords and content for Google bots to pick up.