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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You Want Marketing Tips in the Modern Day?

Edmonton business coach | modern-day marketing tips

The old ways of doing marketing consist of TV commercials, radio ads and a lot of print marketing according to our Edmonton business coach. However in this modern day and age, marketing has changed drastically. To advertise yourself or your company properly, you need to have strong online presence. Can be achieved through social media and search engine optimization. In this article will discuss how search engine optimization is important to strong online presence.

Our team at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants consist of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to our mission and values. Our firm employs Edmonton business coach who are inspired by our mission to help business owners succeed. However the odds of failure is 50% within the first five years. According to 42% of business owners, their failure is directly correlated to not having enough clients which makes that this is the most common reason for failing a business. Our goal has let us create free consultation service for newer clients. This also includes free copy of “E-myth” Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book. If you wish to know more about our program please contact us via email at [email protected] or 780-665-4949.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of rules and task that will help your website be seen by Google, or any search engine for the matter. If you observe top websites from different keywords, you will realize that similar trends tend to pop up. These websites will have a responsive website, positive and abundanct Google reviews and plenty of relevant keywords and content.

Firstly responsive design means it can scale to almost any screen size and quick to load websites. The use of smart phones have surged recently. The number of people searching on their phones have risen dramatically. Did need from mobile friendly websites have also increased in this Google likes having responsive websites. Sponsor websites not only scale to different computer screen sizes, it also scales for different phone screen sizes. Responsive websites usually rank high for these reasons.

Secondly, as the Edmonton business coach we found that Google reviews are extremely important for your business. Google reviews used to determine company’s legitimacy. According to statistics, 88% of their customers look at Google reviews before using a business at service. Small businesses are greatly affected by this due to the lack of Google reviews. Small business owner should try to get our current clients to write a review for that. This will not only help with future clients online, and will also raise the chances to convert referrals to actual clients which is big for small businesses. We suggest aiming at least 40 reviews. This is the magic number where people start to see you as legitimate.

The last factor to search engine optimization is having plenty of relevant keywords and content. The top websites usually have content rich webpages. Most there webpages will have at least a thousand words andn this attract Google’s attention. However coming up with a thousand words for each of your webpages is difficult. We suggest at least having a thousand words on your important pages such as the team page, about page and lastly the homepage.

Edmonton business coach | marketing tips in the modern day

Our team of Edmonton business coach is dedicated to giving the best business coaching, marketing strategies and professional consultation service. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we believe in small business so we made our mission and values to help them succeed. We employ like-minded people who are inspired with our mission to help small business owners beat the odds. In to pursue mission, we have created free consultations for new clients. On their first visit they will receive our free professional consultation and called “e-myth.” Please contact us at 780-665-4949 or [email protected]

Most classic marketing initiatives will not work as effectively as it had before. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically since the days of TV commercials, and radio advertisements. Modern-day marketing initiatives needs a strong presence online. Your online presence can dramatically influence your business as it stands. This can be achieved through search engine optimization and a strong social media influence. In this article we will talk about search engine optimization or SEO for short and the effects that it can bring to your business.

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is extremely important to modern marketing initiatives. These are set of rules to follow for Google to see you as a relevant content or website. If you observe the top websites from different keywords, you will start to see a trend. A trend that you can use to your advantage such as responsive website design, abundant Google reviews and plentiful of relevant content. These are tried and tested methods to win at SEO. Call now for some of the top Edmonton business coach services.

Having an abundant of positive Google reviews will greatly affect your business. According to statistics in 80% of potential clients will look through Google reviews to find if your services are legitimate. As the Edmonton business consultant we believe that people nowadays look at Google reviews as a way to determine the legitimacy of business. Little Google reviews might deter potential customers from doing business. Small business owners struggle with this because of their global client base. They should try to convince the current clients to leave Google reviews as referrals. This will help small business owners greatly in the future. We believe that small businesses should aim for at least 40 reviews. This seems like the magic number where people see you as legit.

The responsiveness for websites placed greatly in today’s online initiative. A responsible design means that the website can scale to almost any screen sizes. This also means the website as quick load and easy to use. In today’s day and age, smart phones have been in abundance. Almost everyone is a smart phone and mobile web searches become more common. Google is prioritized mobile friendly and responsive designs. Websites need to scale to small phone screens to giant the desktop monitors. It’s important for web designers to include responsive website for today’s market. Please contact these guys now for the better Edmonton business coach!

And lastly it’s important for modern websites to have plentiful and relevant keywords and content. This is one of the ways that group see our website. Having plenty of relevant content will help Google suggest your website to potential viewers and clients. The top websites will have at least a thousand words on most of their webpages. We implore small business owners did you do same. However it’s difficult to create thousand words for each pages and thus we recommend starting off thousand words for an important pages such as the homepage, team page and about page.