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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You Need Strategies for Online Marketing?

Edmonton business coach | online marketing strategies

Online marketing strategies are important for our Edmonton business coach. These strategies will assure small businesses that they will gain enough clients. Our firm is dedicated to our mission and values. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we employ like-minded people. Our team consisted of people who are inspired and dedicated to our mission to help small businesses to beat the odds. In order to help small businesses we created a free consultation program for new clients. On top of our free professional consult, you also get free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e-myth.” If you wish to know more about this program please contact us at 780-665-4949 or if you are so write to us via email use

Marketing is crucial for business. Marketing strategies are used to attract more clients. However it’s hard to keep track of the marketing trends nowadays since technology advances quickly. Just a few years ago, the traditional classic marketing strategies are still very effective. There is marketing strategies includes TV commercials, radio ads and print marketing materials. The Internet has been more mainstream than ever. The rise of the Internet gave way to new marketing strategies specifically digital marketing. Marketing strategy requiring big online presence for the company. With the web, you can connect to a wider array of audiences.

There are few well known digital marketing strategies. One of which and social media marketing. This is why you see big brands using social media as a way to get in touch with customers. They will post products right after a funny, witty or relatable post to appeal to the younger generation. Having the big social media presence can contribute to your online presence. However in this article we will talk about search engine optimization, the other spectrum of digital marketing.

Search engine optimization or SEO are set of movies that need to be worked around by web designers. A search engine optimized website will more likely to appear on the top search with Google, or any other search engine for the matter. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of search engine optimization. Variables consist of a response website, ample positive Google reviews and content rich webpages. Firstly what is a responsive website. As the Edmonton business coach we are happy to answer this question. A responsive website is designed around flexibility and scalability. In today’s age, smart phones are mainstream. These phones are basically tiny computers in which you can use to serve the web that anywhere. With the surge of mobile web searches, who was forced to require websites to be mobile friendly.

Our Edmonton business coach next topic is Google reviews. Potential clients look at reviews before using the service of a company. Statistics shows that 88% of potential customers will look you will reviews before conducting business. These reviews are used as a basis whether a company is legitimate or not. Having a little reviews means less customer due to less trust.

Edmonton business coach | strategies for online marketing

Our Edmonton business coach would like to talk about the importance of digital marketing. The Internet has changed the marketing industry. Traditional marketing such as TV commercials, radio ads and print marketing material. These initiatives have become less relevant in this day and age. The Internet gives business owners potentially limitless client base. However to do this they need a big online presence. Online digital marketing has been a staple for a few years now. It continues to change and evolve with technology.

There are a few common ways to do digital marketing. One of which is through social media. You will often see big companies using social media to promote products on top of that also crack some jokes. They make relatable, witty and funny post to try to appeal to the younger audience. This is one of the right to solidify your online presence for your digital marketing initiative. However in this article will focus on the other aspect of online marketing. This is called search engine optimization. This is a set of rules for designers to comply so that the website by Google. The new website in itself won’t generate any police however that search engine optimized one will.

There are a few rules to search engine optimization. First of which is creating a website with a responsive design. As the Edmonton business coach this is the act of making website which scales to whatever device the viewers on. The rise of mobile devices have led Google to create a mobile first website policy. Most web designers often design mobile versions of websites first before their desktop counterparts. The more responsive their website is better the chance Google will rank it higher. The respondent once it is also a fast website. The speed of the website directly correlates to the size of its assets. You can make a website faster by compressing images and videos.

Building up your Google reviews is an important part of SEO. This is one way to get more clients in the future even without referrals. According to our Edmonton business coach, 88% of potential clients will look at Google reviews before using the service or product of a company. People use these reviews to see if a company is legitimate or not. Within the accessibility of the Internet nowadays, it’s not difficult to look up reviews on your phone. You can even do it from anywhere. We always adjust to our clients that they need to aim for the magic number of 40 Google reviews. People start to see a legitimate if you cross this threshold it seems.

The last aspect of SEO is having a content rich website. Top ranking websites will have a bunch of related keywords and content. We believe that to win at SEO, webpages needs rather thousand words in them. These words are what the Google box will use to determine whether your website is relevant or not. The more content you have, the higher rank he’ll get the Google.[/three_fourth_last]