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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You Need a Successful Website?

Edmonton business coach | Google ranking

Failure to generate enough clients is the most common reason why businesses fail according to our Edmonton business coach. This is backed up by 42% of the business owners. One of the most effective way to gain clients today is having a SEO compliant website. However ranking to the top page of Google is time consuming. Small business owners often underestimate the time and energy required to launching a successful website. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have a goal to help small businesses succeed. We have longed program which new clients get free consultation. We also receive free copy of “E-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber.

The most successful businesses have websites on top of the Google searches. These websites will have a few things in common. They would be mobile friendly, responsive, and content rich. These are necessary traits for your website to have. We have observed as the Edmonton business coach that small businesses often think that simply launching website would generate leads. They need to optimize website for search engine called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. As mentioned above, being mobile friendly, responsive and content rich a few ways to get Google’s attention. Most websites on the second page will be seen by many.

Successful businesses often have a lot of Google reviews. According to our Edmonton business coach, 88% of potential customers will look at Google reviews before conducting business. We suggest having a minimum of 40 Google reviews. This seems to be the magic number to which potential customers will see your company as legitimate. Google reviews can also help convert client referrals. Small businesses often rely on client referrals to generate business. Having Google reviews will help convincing referrals to do business with you.

One of the few ways to fast-track going to the top page of Google is through paid ads, most commonly known as Google ad words. Google AdWords is a program which you may goal to ensure that you are at the top page for certain keywords. This may sound like a good thing for most. However if your business do not have enough Google reviews, if might drive away business. As mentioned before, having a Google reviews legitimize your business. If you use Google ads without enough reviews it could potentially advertise your competitors instead.

Your website needs to have relevant content and keywords to rank in Google. Websites on top of Google usually have a lot of content relevant to their services. Important pages needs to have at least a thousand words of relevant content. These pages are the home page, team page and a “Why Us” page. After creating content rich webpages, the next step is to keep adding content. You can do this using a blog. The most effective way to utilize a blog is using videos. It also uses these videos to create more content by transcribing them into words. This will ensure tgat the blogs have 1000 words to more.

Edmonton business coach | successful websites

The most successful websites have one similarity, according to our Edmonton business coach they rank high in Google. Search engine optimization is important to modern-day marketing. It’s required to succeed online. According to recent statistics, 50% of small Canadian businesses fail within the first five years and 42% of entrepreneurs blame the lack of clients for their failure. Nowadays having a big online presence directly correlates to your business success. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are determined to help small businesses succeed. One such ways we can help this giving free professional consultations to first-time clients. They will also receive a free copy of “E-Myth,” Michael Gerber’s best selling business book. Served

Successful businesses have websites who rank high in Google. This means they have Google canonical compliant websites. Search engine optimization is tricky and time-consuming. However it is required to have a successful website. Most small business owners underestimate the value of search engine optimization. They think that simply launching a website will generate leads. Websites on top of Google will have most of the market. The second page of Google will not get much traction.

Another important factor to search engine optimization and having Google reviews. According to our Edmonton business consultant 80% of potential customers will read Google reviews before conducting business. It’s important for small business to build Google reviews. We suggest aiming to have at least 40 Google reviews. This seems to me a magic number where clients perceive your company as legitimate. Business owners rely heavily on client referrals. Or having sufficient reviews can help to convert referrals into business. Google reviews are also important not for Google ads. These are paid ads to get on top of Google. However, it is ill-advised to use Google ads before getting sufficient Google reviews. This could backfire and driveway business and instead give them to your competitors. Call now and see what they can do for you as one of the best Edmonton business coach.

Top websites are often content rich. They will have at least a thousand words on the most important pages is not all the pages. Borden to create relevant and content rich websites. This will attract Google’s attention and thus increases your chances of ranking high. The minimum words is 350 however we recommend at least aiming for a thousand words for your important pages such as the home page, team page and the about page. A thousand words is often daunting. These are a lot of words. Especially if you need to create more content. One of the most efficient way to create content is through video blogs. This can boost the you were retention for your website and you can transcribe these videos into words for more content.

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