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Edmonton Business Coach | Do You a Better Present Day Marketing Strategy?

Edmonton business coach | marketing strategies for the modern day

The marketing strategies from the past that are vastly different from what it is today according to our Edmonton business coach. As technology progresses so that as the workflow for marketing. The modern day has the Internet which allows us to reach more people in a blink of an eye. The Internet allows for infinite possibilities uses and thus limiting the effectiveness of classic traditional marketing. TV commercials are rendered because of subscription-based streaming services and even free video streaming services. Radios are also being replaced by music streaming will services. This limits the amount of people listening to radios. The classic print marketing materials, while still relevant today, they are now competing with monthly newsletters and similar ordeals.

The marketing industry has evolved into focusing more on digital marketing initiatives. You will start to see a trend that big corporations are starting to create social media accounts for market. These corporations will post deals, new products in between a witty and funny post. The mundane and a label opposed will attract the younger generations while still planting a seed under new products and services. Physical social media marketing. In this article however we all start the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. This is the other side of digital marketing focusing on making websites rank on Google.

Search engine optimization or SEO is important for modern websites. These are set of rules that were designers need to follow in order to rank high on Google. The better a website implements as rules, the higher they will rank on Google. One of the basic rules are creating a responsive website. Getting little reviews is also important for SEO and lastly creating relevant content rich webpages. Our Edmonton business coach will elaborate on various points.

Elaborating on what was once in websites are, these are websites that are scalable to any devices. Over the course of only a few years, smart phones have been dominating the market. These phones have become mainstream. These phones are essentially minicomputers which you can use to surf the web. And since they are phones, you can carry it anywhere and thus allowing you to use the Internet anywhere. Google realized the rise of mobile web searchers and so implemented a mobile first website rule. Web designers will need to accommodate smaller screens into their designs as well as to original the desktop monitors. A responsive website is also a fast website. You can do this by optimizing your assets.

The next important thing to search engine optimization are Google reviews. Having an abundance of Google reviews is important in today’s marketing initiatives. According to our Edmonton business coach, 88% of potential clients will look at the review before buying a service or product. This is more important in today’s market since mobile devices can look up reviews anywhere. People use reviews as a basis whether a company is legitimate or not. We suggest accumulating at least 40 reviews for this is the threshold where people see you as a legit.

Edmonton business coach | present day marketing strategy

In order to gain clients marketing is important for any business as mentioned by our Edmonton business coach. Marketing initiatives are constantly changing and firms need to adapt quickly. One of the big changes will recently is the transition between our traditional classic marketing strategies to digital marketing. The traditional marketing strategies includes TV commercials, radio ads and print marketing materials. As the Internet became more prevalent, these strategies became obsolete. With the Internet, you can watch videos and movies using subscription-based streaming services. This also applies to music. There are number of music streaming services available today. Print marketing materials on the other hand are still quite relevant however they compete with online newsletters.Fire

There are a few ways to do online marketing. Social media marketing has been prevalent in the past few years. Even the corporations are jumping in the bandwagon. If you look at Arby’s Twitter account, they are posting weekly deals and art using your own food. This is a good way to connect to a younger audience. It is quite effective. We all are seeing more and more brands adopting this strategy. They have a dedicated social media people posting deals and ‘s cracking jokes. However we are not here to talk about social media marketing. We are here to talk about search engine optimization. This is a way for websites to rank on top of Google.

Search engine optimization or SEO is important for today’s marketing initiative. This is a way for websites to appear on top of Google. These are set of variables that were designers need to comply in order to be effective on Google. First website needs and be responsive and scalable. Reviews are also important for optimizing for search engines and lastly having an abundant relevant keywords and content is important to rank on top of Google search results.

According to our Edmonton business coach responsive website is a scalable website. In the past few years, mobile phones have became mainstream. These smart phones are basically many computers. They can achieve tasks for computers in a smaller scale. This includes web searching. They are phones, you can surf the web from anywhere. Web searches using mobile devices on rise and last goal implemented the mobile first rule. A responsive website scales with the screen size or whatever device the viewer is using.

Google reviews are also important for search engine optimization. It’s important to get a plenty of positive Google reviews. This will affect how much business comes in. The Edmonton business coach has statistics of 88% of looking at reviews before using the company’s services or product. People usually use reviews as a basis whether company is legitimate or not. We usually suggest to our clients to aim for at least 40 Google reviews. This is the magic number to where people start to your business as legitimate.