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Edmonton Business Coach | Do Not To Read Resumes When Hiring

Many business owners only know one way of hiring staff according to Edmonton business coach. Which is why they read resumes, and then schedule one-on-one interviews. Because they do not know any other way of finding staff for their business.

And while one-on-one interviews after reading resumes. Is an effective way to find staff for large corporations. This is because they have huge HR departments. That will allow them to interview dozens of people. In order to find the right candidates for their position.

However, this is not effective for small businesses. Because they do not have an HR department. Which means the responsibility of reading resumes falls to the business owner. And it is very difficult to find great candidates based on resumes alone. Because an estimated 85% of all people lie on their resumes.

Therefore, when business owners try to find people to hire. And they read resumes, and then schedule one-on-one interviews. Not only is it at giant waste of time. Because it takes dozens of hours to read resumes and then conduct one-on-one interviews.

And this does not results in an entrepreneur being able to find good people for their business says Edmonton business coach. And after this process, if business owners do not find a great fit for their business. They often feel pressured to hire one of those candidates.

Just because they have already invested so much time in this process. And now it is extremely important to fill that position. Because it has likely been vacant for several weeks at this point.

This is the reason why many entrepreneurs go out of business. And say that the reason why they failed as an entrepreneur, is because they were unable to find or keep staff in their business. And is actually the reason why 23% of entrepreneurs who failed say the reason why they were unsuccessful.

However, business owners do not know an alternative way to find candidates for their business. So until they learn a new way. They are stuck with reading resumes, and doing one-on-one interviews.

This is why Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs should embrace the group interviews. Because not only can it help business owners save time. It can also help entrepreneurs meet a larger pool of candidates. So that they can be more likely to meet the right fit for their business.

Instead of reading all of the resumes they get. Business owners should have a dedicated timeslot in their calendar devoted for group interviews. And anyone who sends in a resume. Should be invited to the one on one interview.

That way, business owners are meeting everybody at the same time. Under able to make a quick decision on who might be a good candidate based on their questions, their mannerisms, style of dress. As well as the fact that they have shown up to the interview on time.

And once business owners have identified candidates that they are interested in. They can then read those resumes. Which not only saves dozens of hours of time. But also ensures that business owners only have to read 2 to 3 resumes a week. Instead of fifty two one hundred.

By conducting group interviews, business owners are saving time. And meeting more candidates, which will make them more likely to be able to hire someone of quality and skill in their business faster.

How Can You Learn About The Edmonton Business Coach?

Finding great staff to hire is one of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur will have in their business says Edmonton business coach. And is one of the top reasons why entrepreneurs are not successful in their business.

However, one-on-one interviews are not successful at finding great candidate’s or small businesses. Because since 85% of all people lie on their resumes. It depends on a person meeting the candidate. In order to form an opinion about their suitability for the business.

And while large corporations have the ability to meet a large number of people during a one on one interview. Small businesses do not have that ability, which means they are going to waste a lot of time looking for someone. And may not get any closer to finding a great fit for their business.

One-on-one interviews also waste a lot of time. Not just in the reading the resume part. But also when entrepreneurs are trying to schedule interviews with candidates. Have to call them and potentially leave messages. Have them called back, or even have them try to reschedule because the timing does not work for them.

And even during the one-on-one interviews, Edmonton business coach says the first half of the interview will likely be the same. With the business owner reading a company overview, and describing the job. As well as answering the same kinds of questions for every candidate.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilizing a group interview method. Because that means they will be able to save a lot of time. By interviewing a group of people. Which means they will do the company overview once, describe the job ones.

And then when they have candidates ask questions. It is likely that most of the candidates will have a lot of the same questions. And a lot of time can be saved. Doing group interviews can go from taking one hour per candidate to meet them and understand if they are good fit for the business.

Two being able to interview five, ten or even thirty people within the same hour. So that they can compare candidates to each other, make some quick decisions on who would be a good fit for the organization. And then read the resume of the people that they are interested in.

Once they read the candidates resumes that they are interested in. They will be able to verify the facts on the resume. And then call them back in if they want to meet them again. In order to ask them questions about if they are coachable, or if they value lifelong learning.

In order to meet a larger number of people. Business owners should try utilizing the group interview method. Because not only will it save time. But it will help them meet a larger pool of candidates. And if they do this even when they are not hiring in their business.

They will be able to have a large group of candidates that they can call. When the need suddenly arises. And they do not have to start the interview process from scratch.