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Edmonton Business Coach | Do Not Read Resumes

When business owners are looking for staff in their business, Edmonton business coach says they typically start advertising for resumes. After they have the need to hire someone in their business. Which can end up wasting a lot of time.

Typically, when entrepreneurs need to hire someone in their business. They are either short staffed, or incredibly busy. And need to fill the position sooner rather than later. Which is why it is inefficient for entrepreneurs to start looking for people, after this need has been identified.

Not only will likely take one or two weeks for resumes to come into the business. But then it will take time for an entrepreneur to review those resumes. And then shortlist the few that they want to schedule.

During this time says Edmonton business coach. They are working short-staffed, which is putting strain on the business, as well as taxing the existing employees. Who are likely having to work harder to make up for this lack of help in the business.

And when business owners are reading resumes, it can waste a significant amount of time. Because the majority of the resumes they receive. Our likely from people who are not going to be good candidates for the business. But it is very hard to determine that from the resume itself.

In fact, according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. And so entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out who the best fit for their business is. Based solely resumes, are likely not able to make the best decisions because of those lies.

And then once an entrepreneur shortlist the people that they want to interview. They need to spend time contacting the candidates and scheduling interviews. Perhaps leaving messages, and needing to get phone calls back. Or having people calling to reschedule the time that they already agreed to.

And once that has happened, anywhere between a third to half of all candidates that are selected for an interview will actually show up. Which means an entrepreneur will waste an hour of their time by scheduling this time into their schedule, and not having the person show up.

And even if someone shows up late. Edmonton business coach says that should be indication enough that they are not a suitable candidates. But in order to avoid wasting that timeslot. The business owner will interview them anyway. Even if they know this is not likely going to work out.

And in the end, a business owner is not going to always have met the right candidate for their business. But because at this point, several weeks have likely gone by. And they will need to fill this position very quickly. So they hire one of those people. Who is not necessarily the best fit.

While this style of hiring can work for large HR departments. Small businesses should learn how to conduct group interviews. And not read resumes until after the group interview.

And not only save themselves time, but be able to meet a larger pool of people. And one of them will likely be the right fit for the business.

When You Are Looking For The Edmonton Business Coach?

It may seem counterintuitive for business owners to not read resumes when they are hiring says Edmonton business coach. But there are far better ways for small businesses to meet a large number of candidates. In order to figure out who the best person is, all without reading their resume.

The first thing that business owners need to do. Is set up a weekly spots in their calendar devoted to group interviews. And whether they are hiring in their business or not. They will advertise for a position in their business. And conduct these group interviews on a weekly basis.

And rather than read every single resume that comes into their business. Entrepreneurs will simply invite every person who applies to the group interview. And save themselves dozens of hours right at the start of the process.

The vast majority of business owners will be able to look at a candidate. And within the first minute make a decision on whether they would be a good fit for the business or not. When this is done in a one on one interview, even if the person would not fit the business, the interview continues.

In group interviews, the business owner can look at the number of people in the room. And be able to decide who would be a good fit, and who would not be. And waste no additional time. Because the group interviews will all take in our new matter how many people are there.

They also can save a lot of time. Because giving the company overview, and describing the job. Would take about half the interview in one-on-one interviews. And in the group interview, it can be done with a dozen or more candidates at the same time.

Once the group interview is over. Edmonton business coach says the entrepreneur should take a look at the resumes of everybody they might be interested in. In order to verify the information on the resume and call references.

Which means instead of having to read a eighty to one hundred resumes every week. A business owner only has to read 1 to 3 resumes instead, and has a good sense of who would be a good fit for the business.

For the people that they are truly interested in, they can ask them to come back and have a job shadow date. Where they will learn more about the candidates. From if they are coachable, if they have the ability to overcome adversity. Which are the truly important skills for an employee to have.

By doing this, even if an entrepreneur is not hiring in their business immediately. Edmonton business coach says that they can have a large pool of candidates to draw from. When the need does arise. Which means they do not have to start looking for candidates from scratch.

And even if none of the suitable candidates they had previously identified are still available. They know that they already have resumes coming in by interested candidates. And it will take them much less time to interview and identify food be a good fit for their business.