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Edmonton Business Coach | Do Entrepreneurs Work Longer Hours Than Employees

Entrepreneurs are first starting their business, they should be prepared to work an average of 80 hours per week because starting a new business takes a significant amount of time according to the Edmonton business coach. Because of this, if people are motivated to start their very own businesses because they want to have more control over their schedule and work less and they did as an employee, this might not be the right move for them. Business owners often have unrealistic expectations and they first start their business about how much work itís going to take them to create a successful and sustainable business.

There are some things that people should know before they leap into business ownership so that they understand exactly what it looks like, and what they will be in for. The first thing that business owner should realize is that they will be working on average 80 hours a week. The average employee is at work for only 40, and entrepreneurs are going to have to work twice as hard. They will eventually have the ability to set their schedule and be able to have more freedom with their time, but they need to understand that they will be working for long hours for several years.

The next thing that people should know when they are getting ready to start their own business, that Edmonton business coach recommends that they build a business around something that they are extremely passionate about. The reason for this is because if the business owner is passionate about their work, it will make working longer and harder on it much easier to tolerate. Iíll makes it less likely that business owners will have the discipline to work the rigid schedule that will be necessary to grow their business.

The next thing that Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs should consider before they leap into business ownership is that they are going to have to cut out certain things in their life so that they can focus on whatís important. The biggest reason for this is because when a business owner starts working 80 hours a week, they will have less time in their personal life for extra activities. Youíll has to decide ahead of time what is the most important thing that a business owner should spend time on when theyíre not at work and what theyíre going to be able to give up. Business owners can figure out whatís most important to them so that they can be prepared to give those things up when they have a long work week.

When entrepreneurs fully understand what being a business owner is truly like, they can be prepared to work extremely long it extremely hard in their business, because they’re passionate about what they do, and they are excited about being able to create freedom in their life later on. Edmonton’s business coach says itís very important that business owners understand this before they start their own business so that they can be prepared.

While the average employee works 40 hours a week at their workplace, entrepreneurs that are growing their own business tend to work an average of 80 hours every week says the Edmonton business coach. If entrepreneurs are not prepared to spend that amount of time the business, they may be caught off guard when they do start their own business and realize it takes far more work than they anticipate.

There are several things that entrepreneurs should know before they become entrepreneurs to help themselves be prepared for what itís truly like you. The first thing is that business owners should expect to work longer and harder than they ever have to build their successful business.

Another thing that is important for entrepreneurs to know that can make working in their business long hours easier, is that they need to create a disciplined as well as repeatable schedule. Edmonton’s business coach says that this is the key to entrepreneurs’ freedom in their life. Once they develop a rigid and disciplined schedule, it can help them immensely stay on task and work on whatís most important, but it can also help them leave work on time, and schedule in all of the important activities that they love so that not only are they working hard, but the time their spending away from work is valuable and important.

Since entrepreneurs are going to be working far longer and harder at work, Edmonton business coach recommends that while at home business owners need to unplug far more often. The time the entrepreneur spends at home is going to become more valuable than they ever realize, and the time that they spend at home and with their family should be quality time. If the business owner is plugged into electronics, they arenít present in the moment, and arenít making full use of the time they have with their family. What unplugging also can do for entrepreneurs is ensure that business tasks donít start to sneak into their personal life. Business owners should get into the habit of working on business when there at business, and when theyíre at home they are completely present with their family.

Because itís very difficult task to start a business, business owners are going to be spending more time at work than ever before, Edmonton business coach says that itís a good move for entrepreneurs to create a business built around but there passionate about. Because if they do what they love, they look forward to going to work every day, and working longer and harder hours wonít seem so much like work. Doing what they love will allow entrepreneurs to be disciplined to stick to a rigid schedule, stay on task and work on the important tasks that are going to further the business goals.