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Edmonton Business Coach | Digital Marketing in the Present Day

Edmonton business coach | present day digital marketing

As the Edmonton business coach, our goal is to help small businesses to succeed. Our mission at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants is to provide small businesses ways to beat the odds. Our firm employs like-minded people more inspired and dedicated to our mission and values. To help small business we have a free consultation program for new clients. This also includes free copy of the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber called “e-myth.” Few additional more please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

Modern day marketing as evolved since the Internet became mainstream. Traditional marketing initiatives have became obsolete. Classic marketing initiatives include TV commercials, radio ads and print materials. Digital marketing initiatives have become more effective and common nowadays. Since the decline of cable-TV, TV commercials aren’t as effective. Same goes with the radios, music streaming services are abundant today. Big corporations often have social media accounts to post weekly deals and products as well as relatable posts for the younger audience. This is a good way to solidify your online presence. However will talk about search engine optimization in this article. This is the other side of digital marketing and is important for websites to follow.

Search engine optimization is creating a website to comply with search engines robots, mostly for Googles bots they are the most popular search engine out there. When designers need to create a response websites for optimal search engine optimization. The next big thing for SEO or Google reviews. And lastly, having her relevant and content rich webpages will help Google find your website.

According to the Edmonton business coach, a responsive website in a scalable website. Since the rise of mobile devices, it’s important to create mobile friendly websites. Google realize that more and more people using web searches on their smartphones. Since smartphones are basically tiny computers they can use the Internet anywhere. Creating a website that can scale to whatever screen size is useful for this reason. We have devices that are as small as our hands and monitors as big as TVs. Websites needs to be able to accommodate different devices.

Google reviews are also important for search engine optimization. As the statistic shows from our Edmonton business coach, 88% of potential customers will look at reviews first before buying a service or a product. Google reviews are seen as a way to legitimize a business. The more you have, the better. Of course they have to be positive. The magic number to google reviews seems to be 40. This is a threshold to where people start to see a company as legitimate.

Lastly, itís important for small businesses to have a relevant and content rich website. Google uses keywords and content to rank website according to relevance. The more you have, the better, just like Google reviews. A thousand words each page is required to have a successful website. However this is difficult so we suggest at least trying to get a thousand words on your homepage, about page and team page.

Edmonton business coach | digital marketing in the present day

Digital marketing is important in todayís initiative according to our Edmonton business coach. The traditional marketing strategies such as TV commercials, radio ads and classic print marketing materials are rendered less relevant in todayís market. The internet forced the marketing industry to adopt online marketing strategies. These initiatives are focused on creating a solid online presence for companies.

There are a few factors to do digital or online marketing. The first one, and possibly the most common. Is through social media. As the Edmonton business coach, we see big corporations adopting this factor. They post ads and deals to their social media. This will reach a lot more people since everyone is on social media nowadays. Another trick that they pull off is occasionally posting funny, witty and relatable content. Post like these are meant for the younger audience.

The other lesser know factor is search engine optimization. This is a big factor to online marketing success. Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of rules a web designer needs to follow if they want the website to be seen on Google. A few rules must be followed such as creating responsive design for a website, accumulating positive and plenty of Google reviews and lastly having plenty of relevant keywords and content.

We will explain what it means to have a responsive website as the Edmonton business coach. A web designer needs to create a flexible and scalable website. The increase usage of mobile devices used for web searches forced google to adopt a mobile first rule. Websites needs to scale to the small screen of a phone but also accommodate large monitors. A fast website also counts as responsive. This is typically achieve their d when assets are compressed.

The next factor to SEO is having a lot of positive Google reviews. Ever since the rise of mobile devices, having positive and plenty Google reviews has become more important. Statistic shows that 88% of potential clients who look at Google reviews before using their product or service. Most people see Google reviews as a way to legitimize of business. We found that having 40 reviews is the threshold to where people start to see your company is legitimate.

Lastly, an important factor to SEO is having relevant content rich webpages. Most of the top rated websites will have content rich webpages. Itís important to have relevant keywords and content for the Google bot. The more you have, the higher Google will rank your website. However we suggest having at least a thousand words on each of your webpages. We understand that this is difficult to achieve especially for small businesses. So if your small business at least try to accumulate a thousand words for your important pages such as the homepage, team page and the about page. Thereís another way to efficiently create content. This is through videos. You can transcribe videos into words to create more content.