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Edmonton Business Coach | Creating Productive Workplaces

Many entrepreneurs believe that the key to creating productive workplaces is in learning how to effectively multitask says Edmonton business coach. This is actually not true according to several studies. Although many people believe multitasking makes them more productive, studies have been done that prove that multitasking actually reduces productivity as well as reduces the quality of work that is being produced when someone is multitasking. In fact, a much more efficient way of creating productive workplaces is for business owners to be able to minimize distractions. The reason for this is because it takes an average person 23 minutes of starting a new task in order to reach their intellectual capacity. Whether they are starting a new task, or being interrupted, that 23 minutes is a lot of wasted time if people are either starting many new tasks or being interrupted quite a bit.

Creating an environment that eliminates interruptions can be a lot more achievable than many business owners believe. One of the first steps that business owners can take in order to create an extremely productive workplace says Edmonton business coach is by creating a schedule. The putting everybody on the same schedule where everyone is working on focused and solitary work at the same time, can help business owners prepare the workplace for fewer interruptions. By allowing phones to go to voicemail, and turning off email and these specific blocks of time, business owners can create an environment that allows not only their employees but themselves as well to work on tasks without interruption. This way they can ensure their employees as well as themselves reach that peak productivity time in order to be as productive as they can be.

It may be very difficult for business owners to get into the habit of not checking their email or not answering the phone every single time it rings, and some studies have even shown that some people can get an adrenaline rush every time they check their email or get a phone call, however once business owners and see how effective this method is for increasing productivity, it can be an easy habit to develop.

Not only will business owners see how much more work can get done in this time, but allowing all of their employees to work in this peak productivity, will allow their staff to increase the quality of the work that they are producing. The byproduct of that is customers will end up being much happier because the quality of deliverables have increased says Edmonton business coach.

Studies have also been done say that the fewer interruptions that exist for employees in the day contributes to their happiness. If you are interruptions, the happier they are. This also works for business owners as well if they can reduce the number of interruptions they have in their day they can increase their own happiness in their business and their life. These are some great byproducts that can exist when business owners decide to maximize the productivity in their business by creating focused and solitary blocks of time.

Multitasking is actually seen by many businesses as a skill to be celebrated and developed says Edmonton business coach. However, many studies have been done proving that this just isnít the case. Many businesses believe that multitasking is the only way that they will be able to operate. Realtors are often seen as one of those businesses that would not be able to exist without multitasking, however Gary Keller, grew the largest real estate firm all on the concepts that multitasking should be avoided. He was able to use solitary and dedicated work in order to maximize the productivity of the realtors and his firm. This worked out very well, and he was able to grow an extremely large effective practice. If real estate agents can learn how to avoid multitasking and use focused work periods to grow their business, itís possible for any other business to learn as well.

Since any business will be able to use focused and solitary work in order to increase productivity, business owners just need to know what they have to do in order to achieve it says Edmonton business coach. All they have to do is create blocks of time in their calendar set aside for this solitary work. Itís important that business owners know how much time to block, because too short of the time. Will create an instance where staff are still switching tasks too often and not getting into their peak productivity. It takes average person 23 minutes from the time they start a task to get to peak productivity. Having blocks of time to short means that not enough time spent in this peak productivity zone and too much time is spent trying to get there. Edmonton business coach recommends the shortest time block about two hours, and the largest time block is about four.

Once business owners know how to create the time in their business dedicated to solitary work, next thing that they need to do is eliminate distractions during that time. It can be scary or stressful for business owners to learn how to stop answering the phone or stop checking emails during this time, but once they see how much more work they can get accomplished, they can easily get into the habit. During this time, business owners should work on the strategic priorities their business, in order to do the activities that they need to do to in order to grow.

Once business owners have created the habit of solitary work not only for themselves but for their staff, they will be able to see that not only does their productivity increase, but the quality of work also goes up which helps them deliver even better deliverables for their customers. Not only are there customers happier, but the fewer interruptions in a workday increases the happiness of their staff.