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Multitasking is one of the worst things ever to have come along and ruin the productivity of small businesses says Edmonton business coach. The reason for this, is that multitasking is not an effective tool used for increasing productivity. Many studies have been done to look at how the brain works during multitasking, and the results are surprising. It takes a person over 20 minutes on average once they start working on a task in order to reach their brands intellectual capacity. This means that the first 20 or so minutes that someone is working on a task, their brain is warming up. Once they have reached that capacity, people can work efficiently and effectively on a task as long as they remain uninterrupted. Unfortunately, for every time they switch a task or get interrupted, their brain needs to take another 23 minutes to get back into its peak again. Business owners can help their staff as well as themselves become extremely productive if they can create an environment where they can get to that peak productivity time often and then stay there.

The reason why multitasking is so bad, is because it guarantees that people do not reach that peak productivity. Edmonton business coach says an employee may work the entire day not at their intellectual capacity if they have too many interruptions or if they are multitasking. Studies have also shown that not only is it hard to be productive one multitasking, that because this peak productivity is not reached, the quality of work is not as good as it could be. So multitasking creates a situation where people are getting less done and doing a poor job of it.

Business owners can do many things their business in order to create an environment with fewer distractions in order to maximize the amount of time that there employees as well as themselves can stay in this peak productivity zone. The first thing that they can do, is create a schedule where there is time set aside every single day of the week dedicated to uninterrupted work. By creating the schedule and then ensuring that everybody is on the same schedule can help create an expectation of uninterrupted work every single day.

Edmonton business coach says itís very important that during this scheduled focused work time, that they minimize distractions says Edmonton businesses coach. Distractions come in the form of social media notifications, email notifications and phone calls. It may be difficult for a business owner to get used to the idea of being unreachable for periods of time every day, but this is vital to ensuring that the get their peak productivity to get their work done. What a business owner should be working on during these focused time periods, are the strategic priorities of their corporation. They need to work on all of the activities that they need to accomplish to help them grow their business. Because of that, itís extremely important that a business owner finishes the tasks that they are working on.

multitasking is become regarded as a skill that is important to have in business says Edmonton business coach. However multitasking is actually the reason why there is produced productivity in the workplace. Many people think that they are actually accomplishing a lot at the same time by multitasking, however as Gary Keller has been quoted as saying, ìmultitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. Gary Keller actually knows very well what heís talking about when it comes to multitasking. The reason for this is because he started a real estate firm on the basis that multitasking is something that should be avoided. Realtors are often seen as extreme multitaskers, who have to multitask in order to get every thing that they need to accomplish done. However Gary Keller started his firm ensuring that all the realtors that worked for him used focused uninterrupted periods of work time in order to accomplish their goals. Not only was he successful, but he actually created the largest real estate firm ever. This is proof that if chronic multitaskers such as realtors can actually get more done in a day through focused uninterrupted work, that any business can benefit.

Many business owners may admit that multitasking is not functional in their business, but they donít know how to eliminate it from their business. The first step says Edmonton business coach is by creating a schedule that has time every single day in it for focused and uninterrupted work. Creating the schedule and ensuring not only business owners themselves will be working uninterrupted, but their staff will be working uninterrupted as well. This will work to minimize distractions internally. But also, business owner will need to minimize and eliminate distractions that occur in their business in order for this to be effective. Distractions such as phones and email can cause so many interruptions that may not be possible for people to accomplish their work, and so you should be time set aside every day where phones and email canít interrupt people. This may be very hard for business owners to do, since many business owners have always been multitasking as well as being available by phone and email all the time, this simply is a skill that a business owner needs to develop over time.

By ensuring that everyone is on the same focused work schedule and minimizing interruptions, business owners can start to see how much more work not on their staff but they can get done in the same amount of time as before. Not only will they be getting more work done, but the quality of work will also increase. This means that what they are delivering to their clients will be products and services at a higher level, which will increase customer satisfaction. Another byproduct of this new uninterrupted work schedule is staff happiness as well says Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is the fewer interruptions that happen in a business, the happier the staff and up being.