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One of the most important things that business owners can do in order to meet efficient and productive workplaces says Edmonton business coach is to eliminate multitasking in their business immediately. As much as this may seem like the opposite approach of what they should do, studies have proven that multitasking actually reduces the quality of work that is being done, in addition to that, not only does it not actually increase productivity, but it actually makes productivity even lower. These are reasons enough that business owners should ditch multitasking in their business immediately.

Many business owners are not sure how they would be able to operate their business without multitasking, since it is so ingrained into their workplace. However, Gary Keller grew the worldís largest real estate firm by I eliminating multitasking from his business.. Realtors are often seen as the Kings of multitaskers, but Gary Keller was able to prove that not only is it possible for any business to not multitask, that by eliminating multitasking from business, they were able to increase productivity and grow even larger than they were able to buy multitasking. If realtors could grow their business by avoiding multitasking, it will be possible for any business Multitasking is an outdated concept that should be eliminated from businesses immediately.

If business owners were to think of any successful entrepreneur, for example Warren Buffett, they would understand that successful entrepreneurs donít multitask says Edmonton business coach says Warren Buffett is never reachable by phone or email, because heís got gatekeepers that are either checking his email for him, or make it so that random phone calls wonít interrupt what he needs to be working on in order to be very successful.

Even people who believe that while multitasking is bad, they actually could be good at it, have been proven to be the worst people at multitasking. Multitasking is one of those activities that everybody is bad at, and some people are just worse. In order to get to peak productivity, people need to work on interrupted. It takes a person 23 minutes of working on a task in order to reach intellectual capacity, so why eliminating interruptions, they increase peopleís productivity.

If business owners truly want to become productive in their workplace, all they have to do is create an environment that avoids interruptions. How they can do that is create blocks of time dedicated to focused and solitary work. By eliminating the amount of interruptions that can happen in the specific times, business owners can get to the peak productivity for themselves and their staff. Once they have the specific times set aside every day, all business owners how to do is eliminate the distractions in that time. All they have to do is not to answer the phone or answer emails or see clients during this time to allow themselves and their staff to work as long as they can in this increased productivity.

Single most important thing that businesses can do in order to create an effective workplaces Edmonton business coach is eliminate distractions. Itís extremely important for businesses to minimize distractions in their business because every time a person is interrupted, it takes them 23 minutes to get back into being productive on that same task. If the person is interrupted two or three times an hour or more, they never actually get into peak productivity. Some businesses spend their entire workday never achieving maximum productivity. Even worse, many business owners think that the key to increasing productivity is by multitasking. These is one of the biggest business myths out there. The reason is very simple because what multitasking looks like to our brain is just an endless stream of interruptions. Since they are working on too many things at the same time, our brain never actually gets into that peak productivity. by being distracted by so many different activities, they are even more distracted and do a terrible job at all of the activities that they are working on. For these reasons is Edmonton business coach, multitasking is not only not productive but it is actually detrimental to productivity.

In order to allow business owners and their staff to get into that intellectual capacity, all business owners need to do is minimize distractions. The first step to that says Edmonton business coach is creating blocks of time and every single day where staff in the business owner will be expected to work alone on focused tasks. This time set aside ensures that employees business owners can work in this peak productivity. The key to this however says Edmonton business coach is eliminating distractions in this time. This is often the most difficult thing for a business owner to accomplish, be available at all times in order to be successful. Not only is this not true, they can be detrimental to a business ownerís productivity.

Business owners can ensure that nobody answers the phone during this productivity time, or that they send phone calls to an answering service. Business owners need to understand that they will be able to return calls as soon as they are productive time. It is over. Once business owners can see how effective this method is, they will be more resolute in their decision to eliminate distractions. It takes a lot of time to get used to, but once a business has seen the results of how increased productivity can help them grow their business, it can be a habit that is easily for.

The business owner needs to understand that what they should be working on during this increased productivity time is the strategic priorities of their business. They need to be working uninterrupted on the activities that are going to grow their business. This includes increasing productivity in their business as well as the marketing tasks they need to accomplish in order to grow their business.