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Edmonton Business Coach | Creating a Productive Schedule

Business owners often say they are the busiest people, but just being busy doesn’t mean they are actually accomplishing what is needed to grow their business says Edmonton business coach. As zig Ziglar said if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you waste it. This is especially true in business, the business owner does not dedicate certain time to completing tasks, they can get bogged down in the urgent tasks rather than the important ones.

The biggest lesson that most business owners need to learn is that checking email should not be there daily number one objective. The reason for this is nothing in their email inbox will actually help them achieve their strategic goals. It may be urgent to the person sending the email, but it doesn’t need to be a business owners top priority. Setting aside time in a day to answer emails, or training staff how to check email and appropriately deal with it is a far better use of your time.

In order to time block effectively, business owners need to know how to do it properly. Edmonton business coach says that they need to know that it is okay to be unreachable during a certain time blocks the reason for this is it takes 23 minutes for a person to reach peak productivity. With each interruption, it takes another 23 minutes to reach that productivity level again. Having certain blocks of time where a business owner is not available, assures them that the time they spend on that task will be effective time.

A mistake that many business owners make is not setting aside time for marketing because they are busy. This is a huge mistake because the only effective marketing strategies are the ones that are carried out consistently. Doesn’t make sense to drop a marketing plan because it is working. Ensuring that time is set aside to continue to work on the strategies that help go business in the first place is of vital importance says Edmonton business coach.

Business owners may also underestimate the time required for recruiting as well as training their team. A staff that is not adequately trained tends to make more mistakes than necessary, which contributes to waste time in the workplace as well as decreased customer satisfaction. It’s important that staff receive adequate training and coaching, as the staff learns and grows the quality of the products and service that are offered will increase as well. It’s also important that a business owner continues to look for and recruit new staff members says Edmonton business coach. A business owner never knows exactly when an employee may get hurt or sick, or even leave. Having great candidates to bring on is an important way to not lose momentum in a business as well as saving time.

May take some getting used to finding the discipline to time block, but once a business owner gets to see how much more efficient their time can be spent, it becomes an easy habit to stick with.

Edmonton business coach | creating a productive schedule

When business owners get incredibly busy, they tend to leave out the important parts of their business says Edmonton business coach. Learning how to continue to do the activities that help us get them success in the first place is important. One of the tools that can help business owners remember it’s important to stay on top of his time blocking. Time blocking is a great technique that anyone can use to ensure that important tasks will always get accomplished. This first to understand what time blocking is, time blocking is dedicating specific time in the future for specific tasks. By locking in schedule time for the important things, business owner is less likely to forget them.

Knowing exactly how to effectively time block is the key to his success. The first thing to learn with time blocking is learning how long time block should be. When time blocks are too short, that leads to switching in between tasks unnecessarily. This wastes time says Edmonton business coach because why would you stop working on a task before it’s done? Also switching tasks wastes time because it takes 23 minutes for your brain to reach peak productivity, switching tasks too many times your today means the brain can’t be is efficient as it could be. Figure out how much time is needed to complete the task, and maybe add a bit of extra time. If there is time at the end of the task, that additional time can be used on different things that have cropped up throughout the day.

Another method of dealing with the unforeseen events that crop up during the day, is to actually schedule some time for them. Without setting aside time for these events, a person can get behind in their schedule by spending time dedicated to other tasks on these funds instead says Edmonton business coach.

In addition to knowing how much time is needed to for tasks, business owners often underestimate the amount of time required for recruiting and training. Business owners often don’t even schedule in recruiting unless they have an immediate need which is a mistake says Edmonton business coach. Just because you have full staff doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Employees could get sick, or you could need additional people after landing a large customer. Taking time to train staff is an important test schedule in as well because the more knowledge staff has, the better they will do their job and the fewer mistakes they will make us increases client satisfaction and happy clients are less likely to blow up your day advises Edmonton business coach.

By learning these easy scheduling techniques business owners can easily squeeze more in their day without working any harder than they already are. It’s easy to get started immediately on this, and start seeing results right away.