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Edmonton Business Coach | Checklists Boot Camp 6

Okay. So Kevin, we’ll start you off with, here’s the van stock check with Kevin van stopped checklist. Um, so Kevin has advanced dot checklist, but before I let Kevin Walk you through is nace neat checklists. I’m going to show you a picture of Kevin’s then prior to his damn checklist, you’re just your Edmonton Business Coach discretion as advised. So you gotta remember I bought two brand new vans was chemistry. Man, it’s, we bought these bands and we’re so busy, okay guys, and it’s got some shells and you know, let’s just throw some stuff in there and get to work. And at the end of that first week I went in, opened the door, no way. Oh my God, someone’s going to die in this thing. And uh, this is how we operated, uh, or a short term. But we needed a solution here because I showed up at your home to do some work and you gotta put a wander outside and you’re thinking the garbage.

They had a look in there. Would you want to do businesses need, do you think we’re going to work as efficiently as you would hope? What if I’m charging you hourly and it takes my guy half an hour to get his ladder under there, you’re going to kick me out the door. So it was a nightmare. But please, you can go on. And Ron was taken away. Not honest enough that everybody see it? Yeah. Okay. Trade’s got, again, the trades guys. Does anyone relate to this? Okay, so I’m not alone in this soul. Kevin, walk me through what you put on your checklist. All right, so really what was important was getting the day to the items in the band that we use almost on any job, and I’m not going to go through item one year. Some of you guys might deal relate to what it was, but what’s key is that I don’t need the guys running back and forth to the wholesalers to get simple everyday items.

What’s really key with this stuff? This check for this stock list. If you look in the first columns and bin number and then go over to it’s as quantity. Okay? What he did is I set up a system with a bins in the new van that coincide wood bins that I have up in the warehouse. So now you don’t need to know what the part is. I could hire a high school student after, you know, in the evenings or after school to keep the band stocked up because he’s going to know what’s in the band. Uh, based on the number it’s going to, what the quantity is. Even go upstairs, maybe the Bitsy, I don’t have bin numbers in here, but say, let’s see, the first one was been one eight 24 in the van up in the warehouse. We’ve got a hundred k stop the van.

The beauty of this as well is I use this when I want to work from the wholesalers. I just bring this up. We’ve done the inventory on the van, the first item where we should have 24 we’re down to six 18 more or maybe I need to get 60 more to stock up upstairs and I just added it right onto this list and they send it into the wholesalers. They are two before and then I’m there at seven 30. Do you want to pick it up? So let’s see what Kevin’s van looks like. Post check. That’s a little better.

Ooh. So, uh, that I will invite you to come and see. We won’t, if you see a contract or closing the door as you walk outside to take out the garbage, maybe it’s because he’s trying to hide it. We have more look. Yeah. From every angle. Looks good. Yeah. And it took time, right? I mean, you know, it took us a couple of evenings to set this all up, but you know, we’d make sense guys go in there, everything’s in there from the, and it’s not just a, it’s not just materials, it’s their safety stuff. It’s draw cloths that we’ve put down when you come into a person’s home. It’s all these things, you know, having the right amount of wire, having some basic tools in there, it may be, it makes their job more enjoyable. They love it. So that we, uh, we’ll also let come and walk through your, you have a basement rough in inspection checklist.

Yeah. And I think you have the amazement roughing and finishing. Yeah, we’re walking through that. How many items sold on that? The deal with this is we needed to have a standard way that we did things. Imagine Joshua went and bought your new raptor. You could pick anyone from a lot, but they’re not all built the same. We mentioned just fingers crossed that the guy that built out when remember what he did on this one, the number, what he did on that one yet. Maybe you didn’t have the right bolt on that one. I mean the rims don’t match, but it was good enough right now. You would be happy with that. It’s the same with how we conduct our business. My whole philosophy is we’re in the customer service industry. I’m an electrician, I run the electric contracting company. But what sets us apart as the customer experience that we give to all of our clients and the way we do that is being consistent with what we do so that the customer can, uh, have the confidence to know that the judge is going to be done, uh, to a certain standard.

Our standards start to finish. Um, this is no different than when you go through the drive through at Mcdonald’s. You can go through any Mcdonald’s in Canada or even the states. Why did we go there? The food isn’t good, but what’s the one thing you know you’re going to get it? It’s consistent. Right, and that’s what was so key with coming up with these checklists so that one of my guys are doing the job or when I’m coming through to do my site visits, we grabbed this and it’s just a, it’s a five minute walk around. Okay. Yeah. Receptacles are in the right locations. What we were expecting to see this simple thing here, it takes the pressure off the guy. I mean how many items I go and you arrive and calendar month, but depending on how your day’s going, are you going to remember to check all this stuff off?

I’m not. When I was a one man show, I wasn’t using these things they own. This was all on me. Then I hire employees and I expect them to know what I know or remember what I know. It wasn’t fair on setting them up to fail, so having a system in place with these checklists. You know what? It just gives me the confidence of doing things properly, so this is one that you know, I always look at the, even even if it’s my favorite business books I’ve read in percent and he talks about systematizing businesses system.

I think this is, and the immediate push back that you’re going to get is usually from professionals. You’re going to get, accountants are going to get lawyers. You can get a psychologist maybe and they’ll tell you, you can’t checklist my business. You can’t checklist my business and then I read another book and you start to dealt with it myself. I can check this. Being a CPA took me seven years of my life to become a CPA. How can I do high level tax planning with the checklist? I want to read you something. It’s a two ago on. They often are the checklist manifesto. We don’t like checklists. They can be painstaking. They’re not much fun, but I don’t think the issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper, more visceral going on when people walk away, not only from saving lives, but for making money somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist and embarrassment.

It runs counter to deeply held beliefs about how the truly great among us, those we aspire to be handled, situations of high stakes and complexity. The truly greater daring, they improvise. They do not have protocols and checklists. Maybe our idea of heroism needs updating and that’s up to go on. And who knows what to do. A tool go on to Islam. People don’t know we went to it. One is, we got one here, goes into a is um, one of our clients, um, to go on date. This is in the business section. This is in the medical memoir section two of the one day is one of the most renowned emergency room doctors on the planet. And he found that by implementing simple checklists in the best of hospitals and in third world hospitals, he could dramatically reduce the, uh, basically the rates of fatal infections among other things and very simple checklist.

And the checklist doesn’t help anon electrician become an electrician. I can’t pick up Kevin’s checklists and go wire basement, I can’t do it. But it helps an electrician be a better electrician, helps an accountant to be a better account that helps us psychologists to be a better, better psychologist and helps a lawyer be a better lawyer. It’s not going to replace the training. It’s just we’ve become, I think as professionals we, arrogance is the only way to look at it. I look at this thing, there is over a hundred items on here. Kevin is a master electrician, one of the best in the city of doing this. He knows, might forget something if you can’t read this. I know I might forget something if I don’t have my checklist and I’ve never written, I’ve written every checklist in the firm

generated from our experience per failures. It really was, it adds to, it got to a point where, you know, we were losing money on projects from rework was brutal. Uh, you know, especially with this rough end because anyone that’s ever done any, uh, renovating or construction knows what happens with the electrical. I mean, this is all done for drywall goes up. So if we miss something and then the drywall’s up and then the walls are painted and all the finishing is done, and then we come into put on plugs and switches and realize, oh, they didn’t actually run anything,

why to that receptacle? Let’s not, that’ll work psych. Or do you want to read the email? And then a lot of you know, professionals, high little technicians, you’re going to look at it and say, you can’t do that in my business. And then pick up a copy of the checklist manifesto to two of the one day he’s going to blow your argument out of the water, uh, because he’s one of the most highly trained in smartest guys on the planet. And he says, the checklist makes me better. And it makes everybody around him better. And they’re doing it in an emergency room. Life and death, deadly lead as quick as you’d have to react possible. Anyone ever seen the movie that solely your Edmonton Business Coach Sculley, the guy who landed the Swain, then in the Hudson River, toil, gangs, and it sounds like he’s a hero, right? You ever listen to actually what he said about it, you know when he says he did, he said, I followed the checklist. The plane is falling out of the sky and the guy follows a chick fila that follows a checklist and lands in the middle of the Hudson River would have crashed it without it. Um, so you know, our versions of what we can systematize and what we can systematize are mostly in our heads. So when systematizing your business is normally the key. And I have a couple of systems on our business and one of them we’ve included specifically because it’s probably a system that almost everybody needs.

So we have here answering telephone general.


No, almost every business, whether you’re a plumber or electrician and counting the psychologists and the lawyer, you need this. How are you going to answer the phone? Um, what’s the first thing that I wrote? Wrote on their smile when you talk, let’s submit it sounds. Why the heck you smiling, you’re talk, you’re on the phone. People can actually hear their studies on, they can hear the difference in your voice. Your tone of your voice will be different if you’re smiling, even if they’re not sitting right there next to you, smile when you talk. Um, you know we run rate through thanks for calling. Scrolling associates is Josh. How may I help you today? Great. I can help you with that. Can I start you off with your Edmonton Business Coach first and last name? Can you confirm the spelling of your name for me please? And we just go straight through there.

Right now most businesses are going to be, you know, they’re going to happen immediately asked for a price and I love this clients, it’s like they’re just oblivious. They’re going to ask you for a friendly in some business that you can just tell them the price. But imagine if you’re a dentist and someone’s calling you, my mouth hurts. How much is it going to cost? I have no idea. That’s kind of the, the, the role. And a lot of you are in that situation that you will know how much it’s gonna cost to your goal and see it. Um, and then you’ll have a better idea. So you’ll note that we’re not thinking about that on the fly. You know, we’re not actually thinking about how much it’s gonna cost on the fly. You know, we have our objections of why we can’t give them a price on the place you’d be in roles require complete understanding of the client before according the price.

We offer a free consult and give you your lava. Cool. All of these are tools in your tool belt. It’s not systematic. It’s not robot. Like these are what we call a ways to handle objections. Okay? Now on here there’s like the Ninja move of all phone, uh, moods and it says, let me just ask you. Um, so let’s try to role play a, a phone sentence. Um, and all those kind of show how this works. I’ll try to do this live in those CPAs are great on the phone, but I’ll do my best here. I’m going to have a checklist to help me. So who wants to be the customer calling it? Because you’re going to be a customer calling in and uh, immediately, um, you know, you’re going to try to just ask how much it costs and I’ll just show you, there’ll be a really quick demonstration.

So bring your way. Thanks for promise, Bro Associates as just speaking. How can I help you? Hi, I’m looking for a new account. Yeah, that Bernie would happen and I just wanted to know what your rates are. Awesome. I can just, I can help you with that. Let me just ask you a, can I confirm the spelling of your Edmonton Business Coach name? It’s Chris, c, H, r, I. S. And my last name’s Luo. Uwi. Lke. Great. It’s the Ninja move a phone. You have a phone script that you want to file. Can you just say, great. Let me just ask you, I’ve talked to guys who run a big call centers that works almost every single time that I’m immediately off that price objection. I know nothing happens unless I get his information, get him booked in for an appointment. And he comes to the office. It doesn’t matter if I give him a price, he’s not scheduling.

So we have a protocol, but just that’s the one that you need to like drill into. Anyone who’s answering the phone, it’s like, great, I can help you with that. Let me just ask you and you just shipped him back to the script all over again. Great. Let me just ask you, it is like the Ninja, a phone moves. It works in every business and almost every situation. Uh, because a lot of times that have local, you know exactly what you need, you know, you can’t answer their price question, you know, you have to get their information, took her time, get them to come in for a consult. Um, so that’s, that’s one of the ones. Then the other one here is you’ll notice we have an entire section of answer telephone Josh objections. So this is how we deal with when people call into the office and they want to talk to me.

99 times out of a hundred, they have a question that else that my team can ask answer. And probably seven times out of 10, they have a question that I actually don’t know the answer to, but someone on my team knows the answer to. So it’s not only that that someone else can answer. It is more than likely that I actually don’t know where every file is at every point in time. So if you’re trying to scale your business, um, you know, ours is you, first of all [inaudible] can I just speak to doff Joshua’s and back to back meetings the next day or two? Can I ask what is it both or maybe something I can help you with? Strategy number one, when they, then if we say, can I place you on a quick call to see if your Edmonton Business Coach dedicated team can help me with, they’re all assigned to a specific team.

Uh, I’m not sure when Josh came. Return calls us to something that I can get in front of him so they know this person becomes a link for them to get their answer. Um, and then, you know, as a last last resort because it’s sure you’re looked after. Can I get you a pencil, different justice next appointment. Right? Um, and then what happens when a client will call and say, no, no, I just want to talk to Josh. Do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to throw it right back into the loop and get someone on the team to call them back the next day. I’ll do it 100% of the times when people say, aren’t you going to lose a client? But because of that 100%, I will definitely lose a client because of that. But I also keep 10 because I have two hours of uninterrupted time with me and my consults and I can do, you know, world class financial plans and business plans for that because I’m not interrupted all day.

So I should, one thing I could say was your, your own, uh, with your answering spiel here. Uh, anytime I talk to anyone from your office, they always see thanks for calls for all associates charter professional accounts. Now, I could’ve talked to Zack five minutes earlier, but he will answer that phone the same way. If you ever called a business and you get hello, hello. You know, and it’s the worst with with trades guys. Blogger. So yeah, it’s terrible. This school, you spend so much time to get that phone to ring and then you’re like, yeah, hello. Yeah, and you’re not and he’s not smiling. You Jones Llp. I don’t know if I want to hire you anymore. And that’s the first thing that goes through my neighbor call some places and they’re just good every single time. Um, being good as an accident. How many weeks in a row did we roleplay phones in our staff meetings, every single staff meeting for like five months.

We’re not very good on the phones were CPAS, they don’t train us how to answer phones or in accounting school. But you know, we do all this work to get the phone to ring and then we’re going to sound like jerks. When we answered no role, played it over and over. The companies who are the best in the world was not because they hired and you’re going to go out and hire. Some of this person’s really got on the phone is because they practice it over and over and over in the roleplay. It, that’s why that same company, you go and talk to the next person the next day, that next person was also good on the phone. It’s not because they’re, you know, sniper hiring these people is because they actually practice what it was like on the phone. So that’s number one. So I would encourage, you probably need an ink bound call script in any business, um, hair, salon printing, whatever business you have, you need to inbound call script.

The other thing that you probably need is a checklist. Now we have in there, you know, what is the name of Your Edmonton Business Coach Business? Do you mind if I get your cell number? What is the best email I can reach you at? The other checklist you’re going to need is what information you need to ask New People. Because it’s going to happen is you’re going to forget one or two things. You’re going to be busy, um, you know where you’re going to be hiring this up to someone else. And we can get exactly what we need. You know, I, I never have to answer the phone because every one of my team needs that knows exactly what we’re going to ask that inbound client. Um, and every business I would suggest the needs that inbound call script and then they need another checklist of the information they need to get on an inbound lead.

So checklists wanted to, and then I want to show you the request. New client information email template. Let’s look at this here. You know, uh, this is pretty significant and we agonize over how we say different things in this email. Hi, fine. Thank you for interest in joining our firm. Exclamation mark. People can’t read emotion. We’re happy that someone reached out to us and we’re appreciative that someone reach out to us. Communicate that, that use exclamation marks in your business communication, convey that emotion like you, you need that. Uh, we are excited to provide a free consult with one of our CPA managed to see how we can help your business provide arrival, fixed fee, monthly quote for our services. We’re already cutting off the queries that are going to come back. Well what? How do I get a price? You get a free consult to get praise to ensure we are prepared to offer valuable advice during the call, so please answer the careers below.

Then please select from the available time slots listed, even refer to as a question by phone. Feel free to give us a call at the number by low and then we have the information we need confirmed their spelling. We take them out if we already know some of it based on the existing emails and then we say we prefer to do the initial meeting in person that are downtown Edmonton office. However, we can accommodate online meeting if required. Either way our available time slots we do for the next two weeks or if there are less than 10 times lots we do our next ten five slots that are currently available are this and anyone has ever booked an appointment in my office. There’s like 10 times slots that go back. I do not engage in that. We’re going to send you what? How about three at Thursday and then the person responds back, oh, well how about four on Thursday?

We’ll have off. And then you have this email chains that’s 15 emails long. Just send them your next time slots. So if you’ve got a, if you’ve got a time block, you know exactly what you can do these things and then the person knows it. Okay, that doesn’t work. Um, so sometimes people are bending on their schedule thinking that they need to change their schedule when all they need to do is just book a little bit further out. They just need to give a few more options. One of your options might work with that client, but you only gave them two options. Don’t give them to get them 10th. Give them 10 options to book into an appointment. Please note that our meeting slots are booked on a first come first serve basis. We recommend these select a couple of potential meeting times and possible.

If none of these times that work for you, we recommend giving her office a call to inquire about our future availability. Please remember to indicate if you prove to meet in our office or meet using our free online software because we realize if we don’t get an answer to that we don’t know what to do, we are excited to meet with you and look forward to your response. Second, exclamation mark. That’s one page. We can spit that out at our firm in five minutes. How many of you guys would generate a response to your Edmonton Business Coach ideal and likely buyers that would look like this if you had to do it on the fly, how long would that take you if you were continually looking to respond to that with accustomed response? I’ve been guilty of that. Yeah, still do this. Honest. Yeah, it’s cutting off all the objections that came.

We kept looking at, okay, this didn’t work because we didn’t word it this way. You know, uh, this person was confused about this. We just kept adjusting it until the query. You stop coming back until it was just, here’s my information. Here’s my time. We got it now. Now we got it right. Um, and then something comes up. We’ll adjust it again. So you put the key is we just call those Nash, right? We’re not getting paid to talk to clients on the phone. And quite frankly, it’s kind of an annoyance for them too because how, why is it taking so long and why am I spending so much time on the phone to book in? Like why can’t we just don’t get this done? We have a script, you know, it comes in a certain way and that’s essentially how we execute them. So on a show of hands, how many here actually in this room right now have an inbound call script, a system of what they actually want to, a checklist of what they need to ask on an inbound call.

And then a response email of show hands, how many have all three of those documents to three? So that is your challenge. These are the basic checklist. Of course we have plethora of checklist you keep going when you get checklists. But most businesses probably need to start with these three. Those are probably where you need to start in your Edmonton Business Coach business and everything else from there. And then you get into, you know, real high level of chairs. Kevin, you were working on one for estimating. Yup. And that would be the secret sauce. Checklists was never give that up to anybody. You know, that’s our, our pricing checklist. So you know, we have this um, financial plans. There’s a reason why the World Bank and Scotia Bank brings me in. Well, small business tax planning and I fooled them into thinking that I’m a tax planning genius when I really just developed a better template than everybody else.

So I know exactly what to ask. We start with the clients on exactly what the goals are because we don’t flush out the goals and everything we calculate is willing to be wrong. We’re going to move into who they are, how old they are. You know, what’s their citizenship? We’ve been burned on citizenship before because they didn’t find in the schools that they’re a US citizen. Yes. Well never burned on anymore. We get it right every year for every client because we have a process to gather that information. We know who their kids are, how old they are, that changes. We get that every single year. Do that for both spouses. Um, we’ll look at any corporations in their structure. So we’re going to look at the, uh, you know, when it was incorporated, who are the shareholders, what are the other corporations that are associated with, we’re not going to look at one corporation and make mistakes on associated companies because we have a process to get that, you know, and one of the false that we, we’ve found is when they train us to be CPAS, they give us five page case studies that we write our exams on and five well-written pages.

It has everything you need to know about the client. Can I tell my guys that will never happen in real life? The client will never come in with five well written pages of everything you need to know about them because they don’t know what you need to know about them. It’s your Edmonton Business Coach job to peel away. The onion can find. We look at no, if they have any other side businesses who was their lawyer? Who is there?

It’s going to look at who their bankers are, who their investment advisor, who their insurance is, who their um, you know, uh, it’s going to look at their personal balance sheet. What’s their real estate that they’re holding personally, what’s it worth, what’s the mortgage on it? What are the monthly payments that are logged into them that we know we can’t do effective corporate tax binding unless we figure out what’s going on in the personal balance sheet as well. Um, you know, if they have any personal use property, if they have any rsts tfs A’s investments and it just keeps going, this document will be 30 pages long here. Let’s try to skim through it as uh, quickly. You know, we look at what the vehicles are worth, their monthly payments locked in there. Does it make sense that we’re only one of these properties are one of the vehicles in the business instead of owning it person.

And we’d never know unless we ask the question and go through the checklist, interviewing them and filling it out or you’re asking them to fill it out. Always interview them if considered emailing it to them. But some of the answers they tell us when they’re asking when they’re answering the question is the stuff that we’ve never think to ask. Um, so, and we look at all the corporations that are involved with structure, the revenue, direct expenses, you know, what they’re going to make before they pay themselves. We looked at the personal tax situation. If they have any other forms of income coming in, um, we look at, you know, they might have things like childcare. They have had child care expense. I’m going to pay him drastically different than if they didn’t have a child care expense in the business. Maybe then moving expense, maybe they get stock options.

Um, we look at any credits available. Maybe they have medical expenses, maybe they have significant donations. If I don’t know about those on good to pay them incorrectly from the corporation. We look at how much money do you take out of the business and then we’ll give them, you know, the specific recommendations on how to handle things like insurance. If this should go further and do a business plan, how they should say, what level of tfs is RSPs. Uh, savings. You know how they’re going to pay themselves from the business. What mechanism of t four and t buys as a caution, if anyone ever asks you, how did they pay themselves in the business with salary or dividends quickly? They don’t know enough about the subject. In order for me to tell you how you should pay for your cell phone business, I need to know everything else on that piece of paper and Cap and do the calculations on it.

Then we look at, um, you know, if we can save money by tax free capital dividends, I bring this one up and he’ll talk about his ability to do a tax free capital division. Had a client who came in as super high net worth client. He had the ability to do a three point $3 million capital dividend from his account. It saved him one point $4 million in taxes. We send them home before us. He was with a big four accounting firm paying big four accounting firm fees. And the impressive part is not that I’ve found it, you press harder that found that using the same checklist that I would use for fault, the plumber on his first day on the job. Uh, it’s just the process that we’ve been building. Version one of this was five pages long. You know, this version is 30 pages long.

Now someone telling me that I can remember all of those things. If I don’t have my checklist, I’m the guy who wrote it. You take that away from me, I’m going to make mistakes and I’m going to take longer. And even how we plough, plough through the calculations, it’s the same thing. Now this won’t help you. I can give this to you. This is not going to turn you into a CPA. Is this just going to make a CPA a better CPA? That’s all it’s going to do. Um, and that’s how we thought through it. Meanwhile, my competitors are trying to do tax planning on a one to one basis, taking little bits of information here and little bits of information there. And then people look at our tax plan and say, holy cow, how did you do that? We templated templated. There’s probably only about 5% of the customization in there.

Um, the rest of it is, you know, with the way we look at it as if we run into it once, we’ll just customize it. If we run into it twice, we’re going to template. So we’d never have to do it again. Never have to think about, yeah, we can just automate it. You can just process it out. Um, so that’s how we do class. I mean that’s how Kevin, the master electrician makes sure he doesn’t miss anything in the basement. That’s how myself as an experienced CPA, make sure that I get high level tax plans to my clients each and every year. Just one thing to add to that, Josh. First for me, what it’s done is it’s created systems that allow me to hire an employee and instead having to train that guy in verbally went to do, rely on his knowledge. This is the way we do it.

This is the system we follow. You already know how to be an electrician. Here’s the halo power away. The other thing a lot of you to do was take my first vacation in five years or last, just last smart first time. This is my fifth year in business with halal power. First Time I took two weeks off. So, and if I hadn’t had put some systems and checklists in place, I may have gone on that vacation. Sorry. I would spend all my time on the phone putting out fires. And I’m sure anyone who’s in business can relate to that. We do it. We have the average game phase. Uh, Matt mentioned the Fraser Institute. They also estimate the average Canadian case, 43% of their income in taxes. Um, by comparison, there are only spending, I believe it’s 37% of their income on the basic necessities of life, food, shelter, clothing, study, 43% on taxes in 37% of food, shelter, and clothing.

Uh, is there something wrong with that? And we’ll small business owners, they often forget, you know, how essential tax planning is that, you know, we have a lot of high net worth clients that are paying 20% or less than their taxes, and they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for the average small business owner who’s making $50,000 more, just $50,000 or more. Our services virtually free, uh, once we put some efficient tax planning in place. So, uh, but in order to do that, in order to roll that out at scale, we had to implement processes or else it becomes too labor intensive that we can’t deliver that to the average business owner. Okay. So I think that’s what we have for checklists and templates. So when you come back, we’re going to complete the loop. The last part of the loop is how you hired a team. And I’m going to tell you everything that they didn’t tell you. Uh, when you went through your Edmonton Business Coach business degree on how you hired, it’s going to be drastically different than everything you’ve ever learned about HR.