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Edmonton Business Coach | Can You Create Successful Business On 40 Hours A Week

Well, typical employees work around 40 hours a week for their employer, successful entrepreneurs the are not working less than 80 hours according to Edmonton business coach. If people are not adequately prepared for how much time it takes to grow a successful business, they may not be prepared to do what is needed to be successful. Industry Canada says that 50% of businesses fail in their first year, 30 failed by their 2nd year, and 50% fail by year 5. Building a successful business takes a lot of time, and requires a business owner to do most of the tasks initially in their business. Because of this, it is very were not that entrepreneurs are prepared for working more than just a 40-hour workweek.

While a lot of business owners go into business to be able to pick their schedule, and work shortened weeks and shortened days, that is a great long-term goal of the business owner and not a short term goal. Business owners should be prepared to work 80 hours a week for several years to eventually work towards having the freedom of time in their life. Another great long-term goal for business owners to keep in mind says Edmonton’s business coach is financial freedom, the ability to go on several vacations in the year, and leaving a legacy for their children.

Business owners are not able to put in these long hours because they are better than everybody else, they just are more passionate, and believe in their goal. That is why are owners should create a business around what they are passionate about. Edmonton business coach says that if you do it you love, you never work a day in your life. The passionate entrepreneur has for their business will pull them through long days and will help them to wake up with the purpose to go to work the next day as well. Business owners will be happy to work harder on something that they are passionate about something they are not passionate about.

Another way that business owners can stay motivated, especially through extremely tough and accruing 80 hour work weeks? People tend to develop motivation from seeing the results of their hard work. Because of this, if an entrepreneur can find something to take pride in every day, they will be able to create the motivation they need to get to their tough days and long weeks. Whether it is celebrating getting another Google review, or going to all of the sales calls they had planned, every small accomplishment can be cause for celebration in a small business. A business owner can only be motivated by long-term goals for so long.

To be able to work along and hard hours that are demanded of the business owner, they can do what they love says Edmonton business coach, and keep their goals in mind. Both large goals and small goals can help business owners remember why they are doing what they are doing so that they can stay motivated for as long as it takes to grow their business.

Being a business owner is one of the hardest jobs that someone can take on according to Edmonton business coach. The reason is that business owners have to work extremely long hours, such as 80 hours a week, for an extremely long period they even see the benefit of their hard work. The author of the one thing Gary Keller has said ìtime on task, over time, eventually beats talent every time. î The more time that a business owner can devote to starting their business, the more they increase their chances of success, especially for someone who might have all the talent in the world, but is not able to put that amount of time into their tasks.

Because it takes so much time to devote to growing a business, is owners should be prepared to cut certain things out of their personal life so that they can only focus on the important things. Since business owners are going to be working extremely long hours for their work, the time that they spend away from work is not only precious but should be spent doing things they truly love. By being prepared to cut out things that are not necessary, allow business owners to focus on what they truly love away from work. If they do that, then they will be able to become refreshed and feel rested enough to wake up the next day and work on another extremely hard day.

When entrepreneurs are spending time away from work, they are important things, they should be unplugging or often according to Edmonton business coach. Unplugging is often even more important than working fewer hours because unplugging can help someone the present and at the moment. The amount of time spent unplugged can be extremely meaningful and restorative. If an entrepreneur is at home with their family, by not being on electronics can help the business owner and their family focus on each other. Another reason unplugging is so important, is because that will help the business owner avoid the temptation of checking work emails, or answering work phone calls then they should be spending time with their family.

By keeping a disciplined, and repeatable schedule can be the key to freedom according to Edmonton business coach. The reason for that is if a business owner adheres to their schedule very carefully, when business owners are on task at work, and their schedule says to go home, they will adhere to that and know that their family will be able to count on them coming home regularly, and count on that time with their loved one.