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Edmonton Business Coach | Can Successful Entrepreneurs Work 40 Hours A Week

Typical employees working for their employers are working 40 hours in a week, Edmonton business coach says that to build a successful and stable business, entrepreneurs should work an average of 80 hours per week. Why is it necessary for entrepreneurs to work twice as many hours as a typical employee? The reason for this is because when business owners are building a business, they are blazing a new trail, and doing something that has never been done before. Typical employees are working in the business that already has their products figured out, and their processes in place. Entrepreneurs that are starting their own business have to create everything from scratch, therefore it takes many hours.

Not only are entrepreneurs doing something that has never been done, and creating everything from developing their product, to marketing initiatives, to developing systems and processes to ensure their business is scalable, which takes a long time, but entrepreneurs are often doing this alone, or with little help, which means it takes far more time to do it.

Edmonton business coach says that many people are driven to become entrepreneurs, because they have something better, or they have ideas that have never been done before, they want to build a life that is better than what they have. If people are deciding to become on-chip doors because they want to be able to choose their schedule so that they do not have to work very hard, this may not be the right career move for them. Freedom of time can be a goal for entrepreneurs, that it is a longer-term goal just like developing financial freedom and leaving a legacy for their children.

Business owners must build a business based on something that they love and are passionate about. The reason for this, is when things get hard, or their halfway through an extremely long day, or they encounter roadblocks, doing what they love can help entrepreneurs pull through extremely long days. The passion they have will allow entrepreneurs to be able to tolerate and push through difficult situations. Also, it will allow business owners to feel like they are not working as hard because they are doing something they love.

Entrepreneurs should also understand that working in an 80-hour workweek means that they will have to choose what they need to focus on when they are away from work. Chances are they are not going to be able to do everything that they used to do before they were an entrepreneur, and by picking head of time what they want to do when they are not at work can help them be prepared to make the sacrifices ahead of time. When they do what they love away from work, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are refreshing their mind so that they can feel prepared to go back to work the next day and work another long our day

If the goal of entrepreneurs is to work fewer hours than they were as an employee right away, entrepreneurship might not be the right thing for them says Edmonton business coach. Entrepreneurs donít work the same amount as a typical employee, they work more. People should be prepared to work approximately 80 hours every week to build a successful business.

While a lot of people here talk about the benefits of a 4 hour work week, that is not entirely realistic. While there are some great principles in Tim Ferrisís book the 4-hour workweek, such as batching similar tasks together to increase efficiencies and using theory of minimal viable product for an entrepreneur to sell the product that they have as fast as they can, even by creating efficiencies and working smarter not harder, successful entrepreneurs still need to work an average of 80 hours a week. Not only are they responsible for working on every single strategic priority that a business owner has, but they are also developing their product, refining their products, delivering customer service, and marketing their business. They also are ensuring that their developing systems and processes to ensure that their business is scalable in the future. All of this takes a significant amount of time, that no matter how much efficiencies they can create, cannot get them down to working only a few hours every single week.

One way that entrepreneurs can ensure that they are working smarter is to create a disciplined and repeatable schedule that extends past work and into their home life as well. Edmonton Business Coach says that most entrepreneurs know that a rigid time block schedule at work helps business owners stay on task because everything that is scheduled in their calendar gets accomplished, so every strategic priority of the business gets work done. But this principle can also them at home as well. If the business owner is adhering to their schedule, they believe work predictably and have the same amount of time for an entrepreneur to spend with their family regularly. This will ensure that a business owner gets to see their family, and if the schedule is repeatable, the family will be able to ensure that there present business owner as well.

When a business owner is spending time with their family, Edmonton business coach recommends unplugging as often as possible. Plating can often even be more important than working fewer hours. This allows entrepreneurs to be able to enjoy the moment by being present so that the time that they spend away from work is valuable and restful. Unplugging also means that a business owner will be less likely to work tasks slip into their time away from work so that the time they spend at home can be completely devoted to being home. This can help entrepreneurs feel rested to tackle another day of business ownership.