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Edmonton Business Coach | Best Ways To Hire Staff

While most business owners hire staff based on a one-on-one method, Edmonton business coach says this is not effective. In fact, it is a way for an entrepreneur to waste a lot of time. While also not helping an entrepreneur makes the right candidate for their business.

While many entrepreneurs are only familiar with the style of interview. This is an interview style that is the effective for large corporations. That have the time and resources, such as an HR department. To be able to interview dozens or more candidates on a one on one basis.

Since entrepreneurs do not have that time. And they typically are doing everything themselves. From the billable tasks of the business, to maintaining the finances. As well as customer service, and all of the strategic priorities of the business.

Entrepreneurs of small businesses. Do not have the time to be able to interview candidates on a one on one basis endlessly. In order to eventually find the one that will fit in their business.

Not only that, that business owners typically start looking for employees. But they already have need. Which means they do not have the time to be able to look for candidates this way. Because they need to find someone, and they get back to running their business.

The first thing that business owners need to understand a group interview process. Is that they do not have to read resumes ahead of time. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs simply invite every candidate to the group interview.

And that they have in our set up in their calendar every week in order to host these interviews. So that they can always be meeting candidates. That may end up being a great fit for their business.

And while many business owners do not understand why they should be looking for people, even if they do not have an opening. And the reason is really quite simple says Edmonton business coach. Business owners never know when they are going to have to replace an employee.

Especially since employees typically on from the business when the timing is right for them. Which means entrepreneurs may suddenly have to replace someone, even though they least expect it.

By hosting group interviews regularly. Business owners can be as ready as possible. For this eventuality to happen. So that they can reduce the amount of time from when one employee gives notice. When they hire their new employee.

If entrepreneurs simply wait for an opening before they start interviewing people. Not only will it be at least a week or two before they can start interviewing people to replace the one that they lost.

This means that by the time they have finished the interview process. Several weeks will have gone by. The business owner is likely desperate.

And that is not a good position to be in, in order to make that choice on who is the best fit for the business. Which is why a group interview can be so beneficial to entrepreneurs.

When You Are Looking For The Edmonton Business Coach?

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding people in their business, says Edmonton business coach. Not because they do not have effective interview questions. But because the one on one interview method is flawed itself.

The reason why, is because small business owners. Typically do not have the time to be able to meet enough candidates. By holding one-on-one interviews. Because according to studies, entrepreneurs need to meet about a hundred people. Before they can find one good fit for their business.

This is why group interviews are so beneficial says Edmonton business coach. Because instead of meeting one person at a time. They can meet as many candidates as show up for the interview.

Which means in the same hour that they may have only been getting snow one person. They could meet five, ten or even twenty candidates or more. And increase the chances of finding the right person.

One of the keys to this group interview being successful. Is that they must constantly be holding them, and advertising for their business. Even if they do not have an opening.

The reason why, is because in order for business owner to meet hundred people. They need to constantly be meeting people. Whether they need five or ten people. That means they might need to host meetings for two months, in order to meet that many people.

But if they are constantly holding interviews. They will be able to increase the number of people that they will eventually have met. All without having to host one-on-one interviews in order to achieve that.

Another way that they can save time. Is because they are not reading resumes ahead of time. But instead, reading the resumes of the people that they are interested in. After they stood out in the group interview.

And since 85% of people lie on their resumes. According to a study done by hire right and Inc. magazine. And if entrepreneurs are trying to use a resume as a way of narrowing down who the rest people to interview are.

They may be leaving out the candidate’s that are actually the best. But an entrepreneur cannot determine that by resumes alone. Either because of the resumes are lying.

Or because the skills that are most beneficial. Such as coach ability, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Our difficult to communicate in a resume. Even though a business owner would be better off to hire someone with those traits. Then someone who has all of the skill and education.

By learning how to conduct a group interview. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs can save a lot of time. As well as decrease the amount of time between having a job opening and filling it.

Which can help them avoid going out of business. Because they were unable to find great staff for their business. Which is why twenty-three % of all entrepreneurs in Canada and up closing the doors to their business. Even though it is completely avoidable. The right knowledge and skills.