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Edmonton Business Coach | Best Hiring Strategies

When entrepreneurs are not able to find a suitable candidates using traditional interview methods says Edmonton business coach. They often blame the interview questions. For not finding the right candidate for their business.

However, it is not likely that the problems are related to the questions that the entrepreneur is asking during the interviews. But the style of interviews themselves. Because while many business owners utilize a one on one interview method.

This style of interview is not effective for small business owners. Because they do not have the time or resources available. To interview as many people as they need. In order to meet the right one candidates.

In fact, studies have shown that business owners need to meet about one hundred people. In order to find the right one for their business. So the problem was not likely the questions that they were using in the interviews. But that they were not meeting enough people during the one-on-one interviews.

This style of interview method is used by large corporations. That have HR departments, that have the time available. To be able to interview people on a one on one style. For as many times as it takes. Before they find the right fit for the business.

And since entrepreneurs do not have that time at their disposal. Edmonton business coach recommends switching their interview methods to a group interview style instead.

Business owners can expect to save a lot of time immediately. By no longer having to read each resume. But instead, invite every candidate out to the group interview.

Ideally, a business owner will have a group interview slot in their calendar every single week. And that way, they can provide two or three interview times to the candidate’s.

And allow them to choose the time and date that suits them best. And if none of the interview times work. Then they simply will not show up to the interview.

This as well can help save time for the entrepreneur. Because during one-on-one interviews. Trying to connect with each shortlisted candidates. And schedule interview times can take up a lot of entrepreneurs time.

As well, Edmonton business coach says percentage of all the candidates will simply not show up at all to the interview. Or will show up late. And this can be a lot of time wasted during one-on-one interviews.

But when this happens during the group interview, they just simply will not get a chance to be interviewed. And the people that do show up, will have their opportunity.

It may seem strange for business owners to start lies in a group interview method. Because it is so different from what business owners are used to.

However, many business owners struggle with finding the right candidates using the traditional one-on-one interview method. With 23% of entrepreneurs that fail. Attributing to being unable to find or keep staff in their business to the reason why their business was not successful.

Therefore, by switching their interview method. Can help entrepreneurs avoid this obstacle. And even be more likely to succeed. By helping them find suitable candidates much more easily than before.

How Can You Learn About The Edmonton Business Coach?

Business owners need to learn how to work as efficiently as possible in their business says Edmonton business coach. In order to get everything done that they need. And when they are looking for staff, that should not be any exception to the rule.

However, many business owners spend more time looking for candidates to work in their businesses. Than they should, especially when they are unable to find the best people using this method.

There is a lot of wasted time that entrepreneurs have. When they utilize a typical one-on-one interview method. However, this is not necessary. If business owners move to a group interview instead.

Not only will this help business owners save a lot of time. They will also increase the amount of people that they will meet. To increase their chances of meeting the right person for their business.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. Is that they should have a time slot in their calendar. Every single week devoted to a group interview. And that they should always have an employment opportunity advertised.

Because even if an entrepreneur does not have an immediate job opening. Edmonton business coach says they never know exactly when they are going to have one. Especially if they already have employees.

Because an employee will choose to move on from the business when the timing is right for them. And not when the timing is right for the business. So at any moment, a business owner might have an employee give notice.

Minimizing the amount of time that it takes when that employee gives notice, to hiring a new staff member. It is very important, which is why they should always be looking according to Edmonton business coach.

The next thing that they should do, is invite every candidate that submits a resume. To a few of the group interview slots in the entrepreneur’s calendar. And they can choose which interview slots they would like to show up at.

So an entrepreneur has already saved time with not having to read resumes. And not having to schedule interviews. Which is so beneficial. Because it is hard for business owners to find the best candidates. Based on resumes alone.

Because not only do 85% of all people lie on their resumes. And this is according to a study done by hire right and Inc. magazine. But also, because the most important information about a candidate. Is not necessarily on their resume at all.

Even if a candidate has the most education, or has the best skills listed on their resume. A business owner may find it far more beneficial. For the candidate to be coachable or be able to overcome adversity in the position that they are in.

Or, it may be far more important for someone to demonstrate that they have a commitment to lifelong learning. Because while skills and education can be taught. Overcoming adversity and being able to be coached. Our not something that can be learned necessarily.

By being able to meet all of the candidates first. Before narrowing down who they might want to talk to. Can help an entrepreneur avoid taking mistakes about who not to interview based on their resume. So that they can be more likely to meet the right person for their business.