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Edmonton Business Coach | Best Hiring Practices

Business owners have to hire staff more regularly than ever before says Edmonton business coach. Because people are leaving their jobs on average, or often now. Than ever before.

While employees typically lasted for approximately five years at a job for moving on. Employees are moving on more frequently. With the average employee staying two point three years in a business before they leave.

With the higher amount of turnover in businesses. This means that entrepreneurs will have to find staff faster than ever before. Which is difficult if they do not have efficient interviewing or hiring practices in their business.

While many business owners utilize a one on one interview style. They do this says Edmonton business coach. Because that is typically all that they know. Even though it is not truly effective for small businesses.

This is the style that is most often used by large corporations. Because they have an HR department. That allows them to spend the time and resources. To interview as many people as they need on a one on one basis. In order to find the right fit for their business.

However, small entrepreneurs do not have that time, nor do they have the resources. And they needs to be able to meet as many people as possible. As quickly as they can. In order to make the right decision on who to hire in their business.

Because of this, small business owners should move away from the one on one interview style. And start utilizing group interviews. Because not only will they save time. But they will be a larger number of people much more easily.

In fact, studies have shown that business owners need to meet approximately one hundred candidates. Before they meet the one person who is going to be the best fit for their business.

For small business owners, it would be virtually impossible for them to meet hundred people. If they were utilizing the one on one interview method. But with a group interview style, it becomes something that is not only possible. But something that they will be able to achieve with ease.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that for a group interview. They simply need to send out invitations to all candidates who sent in their resume.

That way, business owners do not have to waste time reading resumes ahead of time. Nor do they have to try to figure out who to bring in for an interview, based on those resumes says Edmonton business coach.

Whether they have one candidate, five candidates or twenty show up to the group interview. This weekly interview means that entrepreneurs will be able to meet many more people. Then if they were scheduling one interview at a time.

And if none of these candidates work out. Entrepreneur will know that they will have another group of candidates next week. This way, they will be more likely to meet the right candidate for their business. So that they will not have to struggle with the one on one interview.

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When business owners are hiring people for their business, Edmonton business coach says they often start by reading a bunch of resumes. Even though that is not an effective way of choosing potential candidates to bring in for an interview.

According to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on resumes. Which makes resumes a poor choice to use. For business owners to choose candidates to interview.

It is especially true when entrepreneurs realize that some of the most important skills are candidate to possess. Are not even represented on a resume. Such as the ability to be coached, overcome adversity. Or their commitment to lifelong learning.

Often, business owners would be better off to not hire the most skilled, or the most educated candidate. If they can find someone who is willing to learn. O R someone who is able to overcome a lot of challenges within their job.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends utilizing a group interview method. Because that way, business owners not only are avoiding reading people’s resumes.

But they are also going to be able to meet a larger number of people at a time. To increase the chances of meeting someone who is going to be a good candidate in the business.

When challenge that entrepreneurs often have. Is that they will schedule one-on-one interviews. And then some of the candidates will either show up late. Or will fail to show up at all.

And when an entrepreneur has blocked time off in their schedule. In order to meet these candidates. It is a huge waste of time if they do not show up at all, or show up late.

Quite often, even when a candidate shows up late. Against their better judgement, the entrepreneur will interview them. Because they have blocked the time off in their schedule anyway.

With a group interview however. Edmonton business coach says if people do not show up at all. It does not make a difference to a non-entrepreneur. Because the interview will proceed whether all candidates there or not.

And by stating in the invitation to the group interview. That latecomers will not be admitted. Can help weed out the people who would dare show up late to an interview. But still expect to be interviewed for the job.

If they meet people within the interview that they are interested in. Those people that they can read the resumes of. In order to verify the information that they have put in the resume.

And if they are still interested, this is the time that they should bring those candidates back. Either for a second interview. Or ideally, for a job shadow day.

So that business owners can truly see if they fit in with the business and with the staff. And if they would be able to handle working in the business, and even if they enjoy it.

By utilizing a group interview method. Entrepreneur’s can be far more likely to find the right people for their business. So that they do not have to struggle with one-on-one interviews any longer.