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Edmonton Business Coach | Becoming Productive

Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people, working very hard in their business but if they are not achieving their strategic goals, are they working effectively asks Edmonton business coach. Time blocking is a great technique that can be utilized by any business owner and any business to increase productivity as well as complete the tasks that need to get done. Here are some things that business owners can consider as they learn how time block in their business.

Many business owners may ask what is time blocking? Time blocking is setting aside specific blocks of time in the future that are dedicated to specific tasks. By locking in certain tasks devoted at certain times means that business owners can schedule in their most important tasks and ensure that they don’t spend too long on other tasks.

It’s important to note that business owners can also schedule some of those blocks to be uninterrupted blocks of time. Being upfront about the times were business owners do not want to be interrupted can help them work more efficiently, as well as help their team know when the most appropriate time to talk to them is. Being interrupted while working on a task brings down productivity. Each time you’re interrupted while working on a task, it takes 23 minutes to get that productivity back says Edmonton business coach.

Time blocking will also help schedule time for important tasks that business owners often think will happen during free time, or that they underestimate the time needed to accomplish that task. Business owners have no free time during their work day, and when they are at home the last thing on their mind is tackling administrative tasks. Business owners often are mistaken thinking recruiting, training and HR tasks won’t take as much time as they do. By scheduling time to tackle those tasks business owners are ensuring that they are actually getting done.

Marketing is another task that business owners often don’t think about, especially when they are busy. But marketing efforts need to be accomplished even when and especially when their business is very busy. The reason for this is marketing efforts are only effective when they are done consistently. Inconsistent marketing methods actually takes more time and more effort in the long run. By not working on marketing consistently owners are not growing their business effectively and growing their business should be the top priority for business owners recommends Edmonton business coach.

Time blocking is a great way to ensure that business owners are getting the most out of the day regardless of how busy they are, and that they are not wasting any time at all. This will ensure they get the most out of their day, and accomplish all of their strategic objectives. By working as hard and with as many hours as they did before, but being much more effective with their time, allowing them to do what they love to do when they are not at work.

Edmonton business coach | becoming productive

Business owners are some of the busiest people, working very hard every day says Edmonton business coach. But if they are not accomplishing their strategic goals are they working efficiently or effectively? Time blocks are a great way to help business owners learn how to use all the time in their day as effectively as possible, accomplishing everyone of their necessary tasks.

Many business owners think that email is their most important task, and work on its as their number one priority. This is actually not the most efficient way of working because although the most urgent email in a business owners inbox, is not a most urgent priority for business owners. Most important priority for business owners should be accomplishing their strategic goals. By using time blocks, entrepreneurs can learn how to set aside time every day to work on what’s important, and schedule everything they need to complete.

Entrepreneurs often believe that they don’t need to work on marketing if their business is very busy, or because they are very busy they believe they don’t have time to work on marketing. But marketing is important task to work on even when business owners are very busy. The reason for this is that the best marketing methods are the ones that are done consistently advises Edmonton business coach. If not done consistently they will either not work, or take much more time in the long run. The stop start method of marketing is ineffective. If business owners stop marketing their business, they run the risk of their business not growing.

Time blocks should also be set up for administrative tasks, often business owners underestimate the time it takes to do these tasks or that they will be able to accomplish them in their free time. Setting up time blocks for admin tasks means that the right amount of time will be devoted towards getting them done says Edmonton business coach. Leaving important tasks like these to be done in free time runs the risk of those tasks not getting done at all, because most business owners either have no free time, or what they do have free time away from work there are less likely to think about accomplishing administrative tasks.

Scheduling will also allow business owners to coordinate with their team, so that staff know what to expect, and no when they have time to ask their questions, get trained up or coached, and learn new tasks says Edmonton business coach. Especially if you have time blocks for you are unreachable, this is important for your team to have. Setting up the staff with their own time blocks will ensure that your staff are getting the most out of their day, and accomplish the tasks that are important for them to work on. By using time blocks efficiently and effectively, entrepreneurs can ensure that they and their team can accomplish much more in their work day in the same amount of time.