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Edmonton Business Coach | Becoming Efficient at Work

Entrepreneurs are busy, but they are not accomplishing any of their strategic goals says Edmonton business coach, thus even though they are putting in a ton of work there businesses aren’t growing. Knowing what to work on is important in the workplace. When business owners work on things that are urgent not important they are working on things that will help them grow their business in the long run. By learning how to effectively implement time blocking techniques at work business owners can get more out of their day than they did before.

Time blocking is a way of scheduling time in a day where blocks of time are set aside in the future for specific tasks. By saying them up this way business owners are locking them in saying that they will dedicate amount of time to that specific task. There are several ways business owners can learn how to effectively time block here are some methods that can be used.

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking email is their most urgent task of the day. As urgent as email seems, nothing in that email inbox is going to help them achieve their strategic objectives email is a great task that can easily be passed off onto a properly trained staff member. Once another employee is handling inbox business owners can move on to more important tasks such as growing their business.

Business owners need to know that it’s okay to be unavailable during some time blocks. Some tasks are hard to be interrupted in especially if the business owners talking with the client says Edmonton business coach. But also the reason why it’s good to minimize distractions and interruptions is that every time a person is interrupted it takes them over 20 minutes to get back on task. Imagine all of the time wasted in a day by interruptions. To keep business owners and their staff working in peak productivity at their maximum intellectual capacity having certain time blocks that are dedicated to being uninterrupted is important.

One of the things that business owners tend to drop when they get busy is their marketing efforts and this is not a great strategy because marketing efforts is what help grow the business in the first place. The only effective marketing strategies are the ones that are carried out on a consistent basis says Edmonton business coach. So whether it’s consistently running ads, consistently pushing out content, or even consistently contacting your ideal and likely buyers as well as the people who can refer to you. What matters is consistency. It doesn’t make sense for business owners to give up the activities that help them become busy in the first place.

By learning what activities they need to stop doing says Edmonton business coach, and then blocking time for the activities that are most important business owners can start to become far more efficient in their day than they were previously. Once business owners have learned time blocking methods they should encourage their entire staff to follow suit.

Edmonton business coach | becoming efficient at work

We all have 168 hours in the week but some people are getting drastically more done than others reports Edmonton business coach. But why is that? Why do business owners seem busy, but not accomplishing any of their strategic goals. This means they are putting in a ton of work and not growing their business this doesn’t make any sense but there’s strategies to put an end to that. As zig Ziglar once said if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you wasted. Business owners are not setting aside time in their day to accomplish necessary tasks are spending their entire day allowing anyone to waste their day including themselves.

But time blocking is is a strategy for setting after a calendar where your setting specific blocks of time in the future dedicated to specific tasks. It is more than just scheduling in appointments as they crop up. It is setting aside specific times in your day that are only available for client meetings as an example. Business owners they think they’re implementing time blocking strategies but without doing so efficiently and effectively they are losing out on more efficiencies they can use.

The first thing to remember when it comes to time blocks is it is okay to be unreachable during certain time blocks as the zig Ziglar quote says you don’t want to leave your time open for other people to waste. Being unreachable doesn’t mean your staff and your clients can never reach you, it just means that there are certain times in the day that’s dedicated to you during work uninterrupted. Uninterrupted work is very important because it takes human brain 23 minutes to reach intellectual capacity when a brain is that intellectual capacity a person is at their peak productivity says Edmonton business coach. So uninterrupted work is very very important. Scheduling in that uninterrupted work is a surefire way to ensure that nobody does interrupt you during your important tasks.

It’s also very important to set aside time for marketing even when a business owner is busy it may seem counterintuitive to continue to attract clients when you are very busy, but there’s no better way to grow your business then to continue to get busier until you need to add team members. So continue to market a business even during the busy times. Marketing efforts are only effective when they are done on a consistent and regular basis. Whether it’s advertising, calling potential clients, running ads online, newspaper or radio the best marketing efforts are consistent ones.

With all these helpful tips on how to effectively time block business owners now have no excuse on how to get the most out of their day. The only thing they need to do is actually going to do it set up time blocks through a Google calendar so that your entire staff can see what time is being time blocked and wants business owners have their own time blocks done entire staff to follow suit.