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Edmonton Business Coach | Avoiding Multitasking For Maximum Productivity

Business owners everywhere have bought into the myth that multitasking is the key to getting a lot of things done in a short period of time says Edmonton business coach. However multitasking is a great big myth. Many people instinctively know this, if they think of tasks or careers where concentration is needed such as a pilot or doctor. They would never want to think that there pilot who is landing the plane is also working on five or six other tasks at the same time. So why do people think that multitasking in their business is okay? Many people have bought into this idea that being extremely busy is a virtue, and multitasking is a great way that they can prove that they are very busy, but studies have shown that multitasking is not the key to unlocking productivity at all. Not only is it not good for production, it actually decreases productivity in the workplace. If business owners do nothing else to increase the productivity in their business they should eliminate multitasking immediately.

Business owners who want to increase the productivity in their business can learn how to easily do so by using time box for themselves as well as their entire staff. By time blocking, business owners are setting aside a specific time in the future dedicated to independence and focused work. They should set aside time every day in the week in order to accomplish tasks that need to be worked on. By creating this workplace schedule that not only their employees but business owners will adhere to it as well, they can sure that there minimizing the potential for distractions during this time says Edmonton business coach.

The biggest key to ensuring that this focused work time is effective, is actually minimizing distractions. Many business owners canít fathom how they will possibly be able to go several hours in the day without checking their phones or email, but in order for true productivity to be reached, business owners need to be very steadfast in their commitment to minimizing these distractions. Edmonton business coach recommends that business owners find a way to eliminate all phone and email distractions including social media notifications just for this time period In order to make it as effective as it possibly can be.

While staff can work on the tasks that they need to focus on, business owners should be ensuring that during this focused work time, that they work on all of the strategic priorities they need to accomplish in a corporation in order to grow their business. This can be great time to work on marketing or on continuing to increase the productivity of their workplace. Once business owners can get into this routine, they will see how much more productive not only their employees but themselves can be and continuing to keep the schedule up will become easier. Edmonton business coach says they will be able to achieve far more of their goals far quicker than they ever thought possible.

Business owners everywhere are searching for ways to get their business to be more productive than they ever were says Edmontons business coach. For some reason, entrepreneurs have fallen into this belief that multitasking is a great way to accomplish many goals in their business very efficiently. However many studies have been done to look at the science behind multitasking, and the results are extremely shocking. Multitasking has found to not increase productivity at all, because it actually reduces productivity. People who are multitasking get less than the quality of your work is much poorer than if they were not multitasking at all. It reduces the intelligence of the multitasking are in the moment. The reason for that, is that scientists have discovered that it takes a brain 23 minutes of working on the same task to reach its intellectual capacity. Multitasking actually guarantees that people never be working in their peak productivity on any task. In order to create extremely productive workplaces, business owners should eliminate multitasking within their business.

The opposite of multitasking says Edmonton business coach is on interrupted periods of work. Scientists have reviewed the people who work on focused tasks for a long stretch of time and discovered that by working in their peak productivity, they can get more work done in the same a lot of time and get even the quality of their work drastically increases. Business owners should learn how to create this in their business in order to become extremely productive.

Many business owners have heard of time blocking, and some business owners actually do this, and is the key to creating uninterrupted and focused work in business is by utilizing time blocking. Business owners can schedule times every single day where they and their staff are working uninterrupted. There are several keys to doing this effectively says Edmontons business coach, that is everyone should be on the exact same schedule. The reason for this is distractions can be minimized when all the staff in the workplace are working without interruptions at the same time. Itís also a lot easier to minimize phone and email distractions if the focused work times for everybody are at the same time. Business owners may have a difficult time learning how to eliminate phone and email distractions during these new focused blocks of time, but they can learn how to turn the phone off, and not take phone calls and not get email notifications. Business owners can learn very easily that they can always answer emails and phone calls later. One thing that business owners should keep in mind says Edmonton business coach is that phone calls and emails will not help them achieve the strategic goals of their business. While this focused and solitary work will.

Business owners will discover that not only can their business become extremely productive says Edmontons business coach, but their staff will also be producing much more quality work, which will help make their customers even happier with the work that they do.