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Edmonton Business Coach | Avoiding Multitasking by Doing This

Even though many people may realize that multitasking is not effective says Edmonton business coach. It is a skill that is applauded by so much of the business world. That it can be difficult to get away from.

There is a lot of value being placed on responding to text messages, emails and phone calls instantly. Without taking into consideration how damaging responding to communication instantly is to productivity.

However, business owners may be at a loss for understanding what they need to do. In order to stop this habit of multitasking. And is one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs who are looking to become successful. End up hiring the Edmonton business coach in their business.

One of the first things that their Edmonton business coach will ask them to do, is create a time block to schedule. This will help ensure that every important task that a business owner needs to work on. From large, important strategic priorities. To smaller, more mundane tasks.

All have a time devoted for them, with enough time set aside to not only work on them. But get them completed as well. This way, business owners will be able to ensure that they actually have enough hours in their week, to get everything that is outlined in their business plan done.

And it can also show business owners whites important that they need to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. In order to start work at 6 o’clock, and working twelve hour day. So that they can get every task done that is scheduled.

This time block schedule is so valuable. Because it can help ensure that everybody knows when the entrepreneurs focused work time is. So that it can help employees avoid interrupting the business owner. And when the employees are on the same time block to schedule.

They will also be able to avoid multitasking. And get more accomplished in their day. But also know when collaboration time begins. That will allow them to ask the important questions and get answers from the business owner.

This is the first step to helping business owners get out of the multi tasking habits. And when they are creating this time block schedule. They need to ensure that they are not getting interrupted from other sources. Other than their staff.

And this is why is it highly recommended to minimize distractions. However, it can be very difficult for many people to do this. Not only do they have to resist answering the phone at work, and turn off email notifications.

But business owners will need to ensure that they have time set aside in their schedule to read and respond to emails. As well as listen to voicemails. So that they are not completely ignoring these important communication tools.

But they also need to do that on their personal phone. Turning off social media notifications, text messages, as well as their own personal phone. By minimizing interruptions.

Business owners can ensure they can adhere to the time block schedule. So that they can focus on each task at hand. And stop this terrible habit of multitasking in their business.

Multitasking is often seen as a super productivity tool says Edmonton business coach. With businesses advertising for employees who are good multitaskers. And people putting this as a skill on their resume.

However, studies have been done. That shows not only is multitasking not effective at getting tasks accomplished. But people work slower when they are multitasking. Then if they were focused on one task at a time.

The reason for this, is because studies and science behind this have shown. That it takes an average person around twenty-three minutes. In order to reach their brains peak productivity zone. Once they start a task. But when the are interrupted, it also takes twenty-three minutes.

To gain that level of productivity back. Therefore, people are getting less accomplished when they multitask. But that is not the only detriment of multitasking. Edmonton business coach says when business owners multitask.

They also get for quality work done. Because when they are not focusing on one task for any length of time. The quality of work that they do suffers. Therefore, multitasking ensures people get less accomplished, and a lower quality of work will be done as well.

And when business owners are trying to avoid multitasking, they often hire Edmonton business consultant. In order to help them accomplish this. Although, even if they know what they need to do. They still struggle at getting this done.

The reason why, is because one of the keys to avoiding multitasking. Is actually avoiding interruptions. And this can be extremely hard. Since people are so used to a wide variety of interruptions happening in their day.

Often, people think of interruptions as customers who are insisting on speaking to the business owner. Or staff members that are requiring help from the business owner. But an interruption can be as small as a social media notification. And even if a business owner does not look at that notification.

The fact that there was a sound that brought the business owner’s attention to the notification. Is enough to cause a business owner to stop working in their brains peak productivity zone. Therefore, avoiding distractions often means putting their personal cell phone on silent.

And ignoring not just social media notifications. But text messages and phone calls as well. And doing that with their business email, and their business phone as well. Which can feel very strange, in a world that has become hyper- connected says Edmonton business coach.

But the most important thing for business owners to realize. Is that this hyper- connectivity is designed to keep people addicted to social media and their cell phones. And is not a tool to increase efficiency. Even though it often feels very efficient, because people are often working from their phone.

The sooner business owners can stop the constant stream of interruptions. The sooner they are going to be able to get into their peak productivity zone. And work more efficiently. Adding a high quality of work done. To ensure that they can grow their business as effectively as possible.