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Edmonton Business Coach | Are You Tired Of Losing Money?

It is in fact a wonderful idea to start in the journey of starting your own business, says Edmonton business coach. However, it can certainly be a grind and very tiring for many many years. In fact, 50% of small businesses do in fact fail within the first five years of their existence.

There are ways in which you can in fact fight against that statistic. Keep in mind however there is and should be as close as you possibly can get to a work life balance. Worklife balance is don’t exactly pertain to people that are starting new businesses, at least not yet. However keep in mind that you are working towards time and financial freedom. It should be a group effort that you talk about and strive for between you and your family. Figure family as part of your team.

There are tried tested and true methods that can not necessarily ensure success but can give you a more chance at success, says Edmonton business coach. That is working towards your time management skills. First of all you should have everybody in your team, be it professional or personal on the same schedule as you if not very close. If they can’t be on the same schedule as you they should be at least aware of your schedule. Be open be honest. And make sure that they are aware of what you are striving to do.

One of the things that could make it easier for you to get up in the mornings is the fact that you look for accomplishments and wins in every day. For example if, despite being very tired you have gotten up with the first ring of your alarm clock, consider that a win and closer to your goal of money and time freedom. It sounds like very small win but it is still a win.

You can, says Edmonton business coach carry all of that winning strategy onto your business partner and your employees. Remind them that there are wins in every day. Accomplishments should not go unwarranted, or unnoticed. Everybody gets momentum from accomplishments, and will find that they have more energy to get things done and will be far more positive and enjoy come to work every day if they feel the positivity in people’s words.

If in fact work comes to much for you sometimes and you do need a break make sure that first of all you have to finish all of your work so as not to hurt the business. This then may require extra work at home in the evenings. However a better idea would be to get in to work earlier in the mornings. The mornings will be quiet, and you will in still a sense of strong work ethic within your subordinates when they see that you are already at work in the mornings. After work is done then it would be prudent to take a mind and body break for a little while.

Allow Edmonton business coach to remind you that the statistics are very stark in terms of sustaining a small business. This statistics according to industry Canada are as follows, 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30 in year two, and 50 by year five.

Then again, allow zig Ziglar, an author and speaker to instill some reassurance. “If you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you wasted.”

What Mr. Ziglar is talking about is having a proper and very regimented schedule. Make sure that, according to Mr. Ziglar and Edmonton business coach that you have a daily weekly monthly and even a yearly schedule. That way there will be a lot less questions to be asked about where you are what you’re doing and what you’re working on. Statistics also remind you that it is far better to get as much done at work during the day and it is in the evening. There are far more distractions in the evening when you are at home. This can include family, pets, technology, socialization, etc. When you are at work there are seldom distractions except for work. Allow there to be a very regimented and structured work schedule so that everybody can understand what everybody else is doing and that there are no questions in terms of schedule or time management, says Edmonton business coach.

If you find that you are ill-prepared for a business meeting, you will come to that business meeting looking just that, ill-prepared. You will expressed, and you will not be a direct and proper representative for your client. Your client is depending on you to work to the best of your ability on his behalf. If you don’t have everything ready because you did not have a proper schedule than that will be on you to fix it and gain your clients trust again. This is a prime example of potentially and hopefully not losing any of your clients from the small business that you’ve worked so hard to accomplish and build.

There can be five major keys to success, according to a lot of successful business owners. The number one key would be that most of these successful business owners always get up and start work early in the morning. They do not work necessarily, if they don’t have to in the evenings. They enjoy the family that they have, and they detox and they rest their brain antibodies so that they are ready for the very busy day at work ahead. It just comes down to that, your body and your mind does need a break, you can’t work all the time.

If you do need to get to work early, suggest just that work early, instead of late. There are many things out of your control such as traffic that will make it far easier for you to get your stuff done in the mornings. Make sure that you coordinate your schedule with friends and family.