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Edmonton Business Coach | Are You Taking Steps to Launching a Website?

Edmonton business coach | the importance of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important part of attracting clients as the Edmonton business coach. The most common reason why businesses fail is not attracting enough clients. We have a team of passionate and dedicated employees who believe in our mission. The mission to help small business owners succeed and beat the odds. However this is a long process and patience is a must. One of the few ways we can help however is giving free business consultation advice to our new clients. Small business owners will receive professional consult service and a copy of our favourite business book “e-myth” by Michael Gerber.

One of the most common ways to generate clients as having an SEO compliant website. To rank in Google you need to have a responsive website, and relevant content. Google requires websites to be mobile friendly and quick to load. But more importantly the content needs to be optimized for search engine optimization. Most business owners think that having the website will magically generate them leads. However most websites on page 2 of Google and below will barely get any clicks and thus will generate less leads. Launching a new website will not rank on first page, in fact it’s quite the opposite. A lot of people don’t look far from the search results. There will be an odd person hearing near however most people won’t look past the first page.

Small business owners often rely on referrals to get clients. Even if clients are referred to you they are still more likely to look at your Google reviews. At the Edmonton business coach we found that 88% of your potential clients will most likely look at your Google reviews. Boost your chances of reaching the top edge of Google, you generally want to have at least 40 Google reviews. This is the magic number you want to reach to have a chance at the SEO game. Google ads start being effective after getting 40 or more Google reviews. It is generally a bad idea to start using Google AdWords before getting your 40 reviews. As we mentioned before 88% of your potential clients will look at your Google reviews. If you have below 40 Google reviews it will more likely drive business away from you while boosting your competitors.

If you wish to rank around the top page of Google, your website would need a lot of content. As the Edmonton business coach we suggest having 1000 words each page. That’s not possible at least have a thousand words for the necessary pages such as the homepage, meet the team, services and contacts page while allowing at least 350 words for the less important pages.

The more efficient way to get more words for your videos is to transcribe your video blogs, or most commonly known as vlogs. Posting 10 minute or more videos need to can play a big part in SEO. Videos like this can help with SEO and you can use this to get more words by transcribing it.

Edmonton business coach | steps to launching a website

Launching a website is not as simple as it seems, as the Edmonton business coach you will show you few ways to optimize your website launch. SEO or search engine optimization is a big part of launching a website. This can significantly help you attract more customers by ranking on Google. At Spurrell Associates chartered professional accountants we realize the importance of optimizing your website. We offer services such as business coaching, marketing strategies and consultation services. Our firm is inspired by our values and mission to help small businesses. One of the ways we help the small businesses by giving them free consultation on their first visit. We also provide a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e- myth.” If you want to know more contact us at or if you prefer to get all of us over the phone call us at 780-665-4949.

Small business owners need to understand that simply spending money do not magically generate leads. It’s important to optimize for Google searches. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. Google has a certain requirements to rank on their top pages. Your website needs to fall under Google canonical compliance, firstly needs it to be responsive. This means it needs to be mobile friendly and quick to load. Unresponsive websites will not rank high in Google. The second thing your website needs is a lot of relevant content.

Most clients will look past the first page. Most websites in the first page of below is a very low chance of being seen. A quick way to put yourself in page 1 is registering in Google my business. However you need to convince your existing clients to leave your Google review. As the Edmonton business coach we have observed that 88% of potential clients will look at the Google reviews. Small business owners usually rely on referrals to generate clients. They do not realize that even referrals will take some convincing. Most of them will still look at your Google reviews and decide whether or not to do business with you. Strive to hit at least 40 Google reviews. We believe this is the magic number for reviews.

There is another way to boost yourself to the top page of Google. This is through Google ads. However there is a downside to this. If you opt in for Google AdWords before you get 40 Google reviews, it might harm your business more than it helps. If potential clients see that your competitor have more reviews than you, they might use their services instead of yours.

Your website also needs to have a lot of SEO optimized content. As the Edmonton business coach we believe that you should try to get a thousand words each page. This will help you raise your rank faster. An efficient way to do this is according videos for your blog. You can transcribe these videos and use these to add content to your website.