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Edmonton Business Coach | Are You looking For Online Marketing Versus Classic Marketing?

Edmonton business coach | Classic VS Online Marketing

The work we do as the Edmonton business coach who is driven by our company mission and values. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants has a mission to help out in Amy’s own business to beat the odds. However found out that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. The most common reason for this failure is lack of clients according to 42% of business owners. As a way to help achieve our mission, we developed free consultation program for first-time clients. On top of our professional consultation service, they will also receive free copy of “e-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more about our program please contact us at 708-665-4949 or email us at

Over the past few years, the Internet has become a staple in almost everyone’s lives. The Internet provided accessible information for everyone. This allowed online marketing to take over the industry. Traditional marketing such as TV commercials, radio ads and print maarketing materials has become less popular and effective. While still relevant, the rise of digital marketing has paved its way to the modern day. Most of the top businesses has a solid online presence via social media and search engine optimization. As the Edmonton business coach we will talk about the importance of search engine optimization for your website.

As we mentioned above, search engine optimization or SEO is important in today’s digital marketing industry. Small business owners believes that simply spending money on a website will generate them leads. Search engine optimization our set of rules that websites needs to follow rank on Google or any search engine for the matter. Some of the points we will talk about are having a responsive website, having an abundant Google reviews and relevant keywords and content.

Surge of popularity of mobile phones and tablets paved the way to increased Internet usage over mobile devices. This forced Google to implement the responsive web design rule. More and more people start using mobile devices to web search everyday and web designers need to implement responsive designs. A responsive design means flexible and scalable website. Responsive website will scale small screen of the mobile phone to gigantic monitors and TVs. This also means having quick loading website. Websites that are quick to load and are scalable make for a responsive design.

The next most important online marketing quirk is having enough Google reviews. As the Edmonton business coach we found that 88% of potential customers will look at Google reviews before using their business. People seem to use Google reviews to determine the legitimacy of the company. We suggest aiming for at least 40 reviews to start with. This is the magic number where people start to see you as a legitimate company.

The last but no the least is, having plenty of relevant keywords and content. Google uses bots to determine whether the website’s content is irrelevant or not. They pick up on keywords. We suggest trying to come up with a thousand words for each pages. However this is difficult to do so at least try to come up with a thousand words for your homepage, team page and about page.

Edmonton business coach | online marketing versus classic marketing

Traditional marketing or classic marketing has been around for ages and as the Edmonton business coach we believe that it’s less relevant today. The rise of the Internet paved the way to modern marketing initiatives. This is through digital marketing through social media and search engine optimization. While TV commercials, radio ads and print marketing materials are still relevant however they are less effective than having a solid online presence. Top businesses will have a solid online presence through social media and search engine optimized website. In this article we will talk about the importance of search engine optimization.

Modern-day marketing initiatives requires a solid foundation in the Internet. As the Edmonton business coach we will focus on search engine optimization or SEO. These are set of rules for your web designers follow so that Google can rank and easily see your content. While this is applicable to other search engines, we will focus on Google because they are the most popular search engine around. Modern websites nowadays needs responsive designs coupled with relevant keywords and content. Google reviews is also important to create a solid marketing initiative.

Firstly modern websites needs to be responsive. Our response website is designed to be flexible and scalable. More and more people are using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones nowadays. Google that is forced to adapt to this and created the need for mobile friendly websites. A responsible website will adapt to the viewer’s device thus making it flexible and scalable. Not only that, a responsive on-site also needs to be fast and has optimized assets. These assets can be images, videos and code. This is the first rule to search engine optimization.

As the Edmonton business coach we found that 88% of potential clients will look at Google reviews before conducting business. Google reviews are often used to determine company’s legitimacy that is having enough positive reviews is important for your online presence. Small business owners often struggle to find Google reviews because of their small client base. However they should try your best to have their current clients will write them a Google review. We suggest having at least 40 reviews for this is the magic number to which people start seeing your business as legitimate.

Lastly, the type of content you write for your website is also important. Search engine optimized website will have plenty of relevant keywords and content. Top website and Google will have at least a thousand words on most of their pages. To stand a chance at SEO, small business owners need to do the same. For small business owner this is difficult to do but is requried to have an optimzed website. The minimal words can be 350 however your important pages such as homepage, about page and team page should have a thousand words at least.