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Edmonton Business Coach | Are You Looking For Initiatives for Online Marketing?

Edmonton business coach | online marketing initiatives

Businesses requires marketing to succeed according to our Edmonton business coach. This is very true. Marketing initiatives are commonly tied to technology. Current marketing initiatives are not the same as it was before. The classic traditional marketing initiatives commonly come as television commercials, radio advertisements and print marketing materials. There will be infomercials in between television shows that shows a product or service. The same goes for radio ads. Print marketing materials should be obvious, this is tried and true method of marketing.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, our Edmonton business coach are inspired and dedicated to complete our mission. Our firm believes in small businesses and helping them succeed. However the odds are against them, 50% of Canadian small businesses fail within the first five years in the most common reason for this failure is due to the lack of clients. About 42% of entrepreneurs agree to this fact. Our passion has us to create the free consultation program for new client. On top of that they will also receive a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book “e-myth.” If you wish to know more about this program please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

In this article we will talk about a new marketing initiative called digital marketing. You often find big corporations using social media to advertise themselves. They will often post mundane, funny or relatable content in between products. They believe these two appeal to the modern audience. Building a solid online presence is important for modern-day marketing. However we will talk about the other side of digital marketing called search engine optimization. These are set of rules which web designers need to comply in order to create a website optimized for search engine bots.

As first rule to search engine optimization is having a responsive website. As technology advances so that as marketing strategies. We have reached the point that smartphones are now mainstream. The Internet allows us to surf the web and learn information easily. These smartphones are basically minicomputers which we can use to surf the web that from almost anywhere. The amount of web searches has risen lately. This forces global to update their Google canonical compliance to include mobile friendly websites. A responsive website will scale to whatever device is from small smartphones to giant monitors. This responsive website is also a quick loading one. This can be directly correlated to the size of assets that was used in the website.

Google reviews are also important for SEO. With the accessibility of information nowadays, Google reviews are even more important. According to our Edmonton business coach 88% to half potential clients look up who reviews before conducting business. With the accessibility of using smartphones to surf the web, this part is even more important. Most people use reviews as a basis to whether a business is legitimate or not. We found that 40 is the magic number of Google reviews needed for people to start seeing your business is legitimate.

Edmonton business coach | initiatives for online marketing

Our work as the Edmonton business coach is inspired by our corporate mission and values. Our mission at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants is to help small businesses succeed and beat the odds. However our firm found that the odds are against them. Statistics have shown that it takes only five years for 50% of small business to fail and according 42% of business owners they failed because of the lack of clients. This makes for most common reason for business failure. To help small business owner we have created a free consult program for first-time clients. On top of that they will also receive a free copy of “e-myth” Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book. If you wish to know more about our free consult please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

As technology changes more efficient ways of marketing emerges. As the Edmonton business consultant refounded traditional classic marketing initiatives have been decreasing in popularity and efficiency. The marketing strategies from the past usually consist of TV commercials, radio ads and classic print materials. Ever since the Internet emerged, traditional marketing has always been on the decline. Online marketing has been go to for businesses and freelancers. Using the Internet, can potentially reach a wider audience. You will often see large corporations with social media accounts and holidays. It will post both products and relatable content. The alternate between products and funny, witty and relatable content to appeal to the younger generation. This is called social media marketing however we will talk about the other part of online marketing which is called search engine optimization.

In order for websites to succeed, it needs to be compliant to search engine optimization rules. SEO or search engine optimization or certain variables that search engine bots used to see your website and rank them based on relevancy. For you will mostly focus on Google for this article because they are the most well-known and reliable search engine. Please make sure to call these guys to get the top Edmonton business coach!

To create a search engine optimized website it needs to be responsive. Ever since the rise of smart phones, responsive websites have been the focus of web designers. A responsive website is designed to be scalable and flexible to all types of devices. Web searches using mobile devices are becoming more common and thus forcing Google to focus on mobile friendly websites. A responsive website is also a fast one. Quick loading websites usually mean they have optimized assets. These assets can include java attraction, images and videos.

Google reviews are also a big factor to your SEO. These reviews are often used to confirm the legitimacy of a company. As the Edmonton business coach statistics have shown that 88% of potential customers to look at reviews before conducting any business. The more reviews a company has, the higher the client conversion rate are. We suggest having at least 40 Google reviews for this seems to me the threshold where people start to see business as legitimate.

The last factor to search engine optimization is having relevant keywords and content. These keywords need to be relevant to your service has so that Google can find you easier and rank you hire. Most of the top websites will have a bunch of content.