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Edmonton Business Coach | All Entrepreneurs Must Do Sales

Edmonton Business Coach | Make it a Point To Use This Amazing Company

Salespeople tend to cook, you know, they tend to command some of the highest salaries in any organization that they’re in.

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Hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask for Sperl CPA. Today’s to business coach. We’re talking about how all entrepreneurs must do sales. Again, at the end of business coach, we’re talking about how all entrepreneurs must do sales. And I have Michael here with me today. Michael, have you see any businesses that are particularly bad at sales before? I don’t think so. No. No, we haven’t seen any visits that none that stay around that are bad. It sounds right. Yeah. So the, the quote, uh, Peter Drucker, he know you wrote 39 business books and he says the line that sticks with me, nothing happens until someone sells something. Everyone thinks they have a business, but until they sell something, really have business, uh, they just have some expenses. Uh, the statistic that we have or 50% of all Canadian businesses will go out of business in the first five years and 42% of these failed businesses will list the inability to attract enough customers is one of the primary reasons for the failure making the inability to attract customers as the most common reason for business failure in the story that we see is, you know, business owners think that they can hire people or outsource the sales functions of their business, uh, especially in the early stages of those businesses. You should use an Edmonton Business Coach to make your life easier.

Um, but even eventually, you know, that’s what they think and it’s a false assumption. So, um, Michael, what are the questions that these business owners should be asking? If you can’t sell, will you be good at recruiting talented employees? You’re here. It is. So if you want someone to work for you, getting someone to work for you is very similar to getting someone to buy from you. So if you say, I’m just a bad sales person, I can’t sell anything, guess what? You’re also going to have problems recruiting that person to sell for you because those two traits or skills are very similar. Um, so if you, if you’re saying you’re a bad salesperson, that you have zero sales skills and maybe you don’t want to be a salesperson book, you’re probably going to have to brush up your sales skills at least to a minimal level because even recruiting people is going to be difficult if you don’t have any sales skills. Make it a point to call now for the best Edmonton Business Coach!

It’s getting staff to buy into your mission a lot. Like selling to customers. Yeah. So now you have them, but you have to get them to buy into a mission. You have to get the buy in to the vision. Uh, and you know, it’s just, it comes down to influence. And if you have no, if you can’t sell chances or you can’t influence, and if you can’t influence, chances are you can’t leave team. Um, so if, you know, we talked about those powers. I know the posts, little sales skills, those are the same skills that you’re going to use basically to get a team to execute your mission and vision. Uh, so they’re very similar, is calming for talented salespeople to command some of the highest salaries. Yeah. So you’re thinking of bald, um, you know, trying to outsource the sales functions or maybe one of your first hire as planned or an early hire that you’re planning as a salesperson. Salespeople tend to curve, you know, they tend to command some of the highest salaries in any organization that they’re in. So you start looking at the payrolls of bigger company and the people who are highly paid are often, you know, sales people. So we think about, you know, this, the, the first problem business is not recruiting enough customers. And the second problem with business is running out of cash. Well, if you’re planning to outsource the sales stuff and get that off your plate, that’s one of the most expensive things to get off your plate.


Is it normally cheaper to add technical staff or sales people? So normally it’s cheaper rather than the sales person. You can add more technical staff to give you more time to do the sales functions as the business owner. A, that tends to be cheaper to add one person in most businesses to do the technical work. Some are different. I mean if you’re a high level medical physician or something like that, you know, it’s a, it can be different, but a lot of businesses, the technical staff are cheaper than the sales people working there. So if you can add at a, a technical help, you know, to take you away from some of the day to day, some of the heavy lifting that will free you up to have more time to at do some sales functions. And the technical staff is cheaper than the sales staff

that you added especially since you need an Edmonton Business Coach!

Our sales people normally have personality traits that make them hard to manage. Yes, experienced salespeople. Uh, if you bring someone in with only training or systems and they’re an experienced salesperson and you know, one of the values of being a salesperson, you have to be persistent with persistence comes with stubbornness. And if you are a person who has struggles with influencing people or being you know, bold and a little bit extroverted, your going to have a little bit of difficulty in managing sales people. Um, so uh, again, so it you think that I can add the sales people but you know, a, it’s hard to recruit if you can’t sell be sales people are probably more expensive than the technical staff that could free up the same time in your schedule a and if you can’t sell and you do find one of these people and you are able to lead them and get them to buy and your mission there, there statistically difficult to manage, that just comes with some of the traits of salespeople.

Is it even harder to manage sales people if you don’t have sales skills? Yeah and no. If you don’t have the skills, forget about the personality but let’s just look at the actual skills, you know, and what are the processes you want them to follow. Now you’re continually differing. And I would say not just deferring, you’re abdicating your responsibility as a business owner onto the sales position, which is one of the most, uh, important roles in your organization. Um, so again, it’s a, um, sales is one of those things that if you want to be an entrepreneur, I think you need to put some effort into it to learn it and may not be the best, but you need to get to, uh, uh, you know, a satisfactory level in this area. Can you get assistance with an Edmonton Business Coach, for a way to analyze sales? Yes. So a lot of people, they, they think that sales is, they think that sales is just this Adlib continuous cycle of improvisation.

But sales like effective sales, um, processes can be built. So if it works once, you should do it every time. Uh, so if there’s a better way to present your product or service to a potential customer, if you keep hammering on that way and refining that way over and over and over again, you can get the perfect way where you, if you got a customer in front of you, you know, that if I presented this way, this has the best shot at it, we’ve tested it, you know, you’ll never get it perfect. You’re going to miss a couple. Um, you know, that maybe your process isn’t the right thing for, but if you systematize it, you just increase your odds, right? You’re no longer guessing. It’s no longer off the cuff. You can build more detail into the sales process. Um, so you 100% can systematize sales, uh, which tends to make it once business owners figure out that they can get less intimidated by, you know, the sales function because they know, you know, might not be good at it.

But if I keep working at it, I can refine the process and then just repeat that process over and over and have success at it. If you develop an effective sales process, can you reduce the cost of sales staff? Yeah. So now if you can do this process now you can take someone who, you know, might not be a super experienced sales professional there. You’re going to be able to get that person a lot cheaper and execute a system that’s probably more reliable. Um, so you’re just going to reduce the costs of, you know, if you’re thinking about, you know, the first hire is a sales person, chances are the first hire in your organization, uh, should be something other than a salesperson. And you should be trying to figure out that, uh, sales processes. And once you figure out those sales processes, now you can generally get someone a and a little cheaper price point who can execute an effective system. Use these guys now if you are looking for the best Edmonton Business Coach.

Why is simplicity’s so important in sales? Uh, making, buying decisions is difficult. You know, people, a lot of times they don’t want to purchase stuff because they’re scary and the more complicated you make it to them, the scarier it gets. Um, so rate down to your product, offering to your pricing to explaining what you’re going to do for the customer. The simpler you can make it, the better, the more likely the customer is to purchase it. And the simpler the sales process is, the easier it is to teach someone else how to do it or how to assist on it. Um, so it’s just the, you know, the line that we know we’ve heard before is simplicity scales and complexity fails. So it’s, it’s rate from, you know, training your people to do the sales, to presenting an offer in front of the customers that they can understand and, and choose to go with you. Work with these guys now for the top Edmonton Business Coach services!

But the more complex you make it, the, the less, um, um, quality results you should expect. Why is empathy so important in sales? So empathy, it all comes down to influence. And empathy is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to influence another human being. So if you just jump right into your pitch and you just start explaining the features and benefits of your product or service, you’re not going to have that much. Um, luck really, and it’s not luck. You’re just not going to have that much success. Uh, when it comes to empathy, if you take some time to know who you’re selling to and you know, what had their experience has been and what they’re looking for now, and if you can empathize with that person, you know, and if you can start to understand, you know, what is going on in their head, in the buying decision, maybe they have bad, you know, experiences before, maybe they’re super excited to get this done quickly, whatever it is you need, like an Edmonton Business Coach.

Then when you start it, if you do that first, then when you start presenting the benefits and the features of your product or service, you’re going to be able to accentuate the things that they’ve identified are important to them. And if you start accentuating the things that are important to them, when you ask him for that sale, now that person is likely to say yes because you simply told them that you’re going to solve the problem that they have. So how could they say no? I mean that was why they were here. They met with you the first place, they knew you were selling something. Um, but now they know that you understand, you know, what their issues are, what their concerns are, what their objectives were, and you know, you’re just simply when you’re presenting the products and, and features, you know, some of them are going to be irrelevant to them probably, and some of them are going to be the whole reason whether they’re in the first place. Um, so empathy is one of the most important tools we have at our disposal for short in sales. Uh, so I think that’s what we have here today. Thanks so much for tuning in. As always, please hit the like and subscribe button. Uh, so we continue to deliver your tips on how to beat the odds at business and as always, please give us some comments below so we can respond back and know what you’d like us to cover in future videos. Thanks very much.