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Edmonton Business Coach | 80 Hour Work Weeks Are Important

Batching tasks in the minimal viable product, are tried and true methods which can help small business to succeed, says Edmonton business coach.

On the contrary, some of the reasons that one may not have a successful business is in fact because they come in with a poor attitude. Reverse that attitude with the thought process that time beats talent every time. For example, if you put in the time in the hard work ethic the chances of you growing and have a successful business is far greater than one who potentially just thinks they know about numbers in business.

It can absolutely be a mistake that thinking that by starting a new business you will only be able to work 40 hours a week, just like your full-time job. Don’t fall into that trap, says Edmonton business coach. In fact, you should be working far more hours than the proverbial 40 hour work week.

In fact, don’t make the mistake as well of leaving a full-time job in order to focus solely on your small business. You will not see potential revenue or profits come out of your small business for at least two years. As well, most small businesses fail, within the first five years. Make sure that you are one of the hardest working people in your small business and an example to your shareholders, your business partners, and your employees.

Eventually the long hours will in fact get easier. However don’t fall in to yet another trap that suggests that people start a small business the sole purpose of make quick money or lots of money very quickly. It takes a significant manna discipline and patience to see through the lean years of the hard times of starting your own business before you see positive growth. Many people again, don’t have the discipline and they will quit. Edmonton business coach reminds you that if you do in fact put in the work the chances of success are far greater.

As you will be working a significant amount of time, rest assured that not all of your time will be spent at work. You will have some time with your loved ones. Enjoy that time in respect your loved ones who miss you, by unplugging all of your technological devices. Show them the respect and your undivided attention and suggest helping your family with making dinner, helping with homework, going for family walks, or just plain being there in the moment.

Likewise, make sure that you are in the moment as well at work, fully and completely. This will help keep everybody moving the same direction and for the same cause an outcome. A lot of business owners will pushback on this discipline, often thinking that because now they own their own business that they can do what they want when they want. This is the enemy and business ownership. Ideally you must be more disciplined.

Edmonton business coach suggests that many people truly don’t understand the time in the work that it takes to open and make a small business successful, even viable.

There will be light at the end of the tunnel, however the work ethic, has to be put in first. Some great ideas in moving in the same direction and towards your desirable outcome is in fact if you adopt a rigourous and regimented routine. See if you can get your employees, your business partner, and your family honour around the same routine as well as you. That way everybody will know what you are doing and when, when you will be potentially scheduling appointments, when they can luckily home for dinner.

Another good way, says Edmonton business coach, in which to ease the stress of working such long hours is to surround yourself with the things that people that you love. For example, you can put posters up in your desk in your office pictures of your family and your kids on your desk or you might even suggest inviting people that are your friends or family to come to work for you. That we won’t miss the people that you love so much.

Most people, say Edmonton business coach don’t have the discipline or the foresight to start your own business. Instead of worrying about what you want, focus on jobs that you need to get done in order for the greater good and the outcome that you are looking for and dream about. Remember to, and remind everybody is well in your life that you will find accomplishments in every day. Share those wins and accomplishments with everybody in your life and invite them to share them with you.

Time and financial freedom absolutely should be a goal when starting a small business, however it should be a long-term goal not short period you need to expect and starting and new and small business that things are going to get worse before they get better. This may need to be sustainable to for not weeks, but years.

Consider adopting a very regimented routine schedule, suggests Edmonton business coach. Invite all the people in your life, be it personal or professional to adopt a similar busy and rigourous schedule. That way all questions are answered as to what people are doing and where they are and the guesswork is taken out of the everyday.

A lot of business owners pushback on these regimens and routines. They often think that now that they are the boss or head honcho that they can do whatever they want when they want and with whom they want. This is absently not the case and could be the demise of any business, be it small medium large. When owning a business, your own business, you should be more disciplined, not less if in fact you adopt a routine and regimented schedule you can eventually hire somebody to take some of the tasks away from you so that you will have more free time.