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Edmonton Business Coach | 4 Hour Work Week Versus 80 Hour Work Week

Itís often the goal when people start businesses to work as a few hours as possible according to Edmonton business coach. However, successful entrepreneurs are working more than they ever worked before when they were working for somebody else. People that want to start their own business need to be prepared for how much time it is going to take them to grow a successful business.

The book 4-hour workweek had a lot of great principles and it such as batching similar tasks together, to improve efficiencies. However, itís not realistic to think that the average entrepreneur is going to be able to only work four hours every single week. According to the Edmonton business coach, itís much more realistic to think that business owners are going to work 80 hours a week, at least for the first several years of owning their own business.

While decreasing the number of hours a business owner wants to work as a great long-term goal, itís just that, long-term. Entrepreneurs should be prepared to work 80 hours a week, and eventually be able to work towards time freedom. With hard work and utilizing schedules, business owners are going to be able to eventually have more freedom in their life than ever before, they just have to build that successful business first.

One of the reasons why people quit their jobs to start businesses according to Edmonton business coach, is to improve their work-life balance. However thatís usually a mistake, because entrepreneurs need to be working more hours than ever before they can ever have the freedom of working less. Entrepreneurs need to be more rigid with their schedule than ever before and work harder than theyíve ever had to work.

By utilizing schedules in their business as well as their home life, entrepreneurs will be able to get more accomplished in a day, which can allow them to leave work at a predictable time every day. By having that schedule for home life as well, allows the entrepreneurs family to be able to count on the business owner to be home when the schedule allows so that the business owner and the family can both be present when they are at home.

Edmonton’s business coach says that if entrepreneurs build a business around their passion, it will make an 80 hour work week more tolerable. If business owners do what they love, they can feel like they are rarely working. The passion that business owners have will allow them to tolerate the long hours, and it will make it less necessary to develop the discipline to follow a schedule because the business owner will want to work harder because it is a business they are passionate about.

Entrepreneurs should be prepared to work extremely hard in their business for several years and have significantly less freedom of time when they start. Once they have built their business to a certain point and have mastered a schedule, business owners will be able to eventually create more freedom in their life.

If people are starting their own business to improve their work-life balance, they may be starting the business for the wrong reason according to the Edmonton business coach. While entrepreneurs can work towards a work-life balance, when they start up their first business, they should be prepared for 80 hours of work every week. Building a successful and sustainable business takes more time and more discipline than a lot of people are prepared for.

One of the most important ways that a business owner can be successful in working long hours at their new business is by developing schedules, and then being disciplined enough to stick to it regularly. This schedule will allow a business owner to stay on task in their business, as well as leave work and they scheduled to, and use that schedule in their home life to ensure that they can see their family and that their family knows when they can expect to see the entrepreneur as well says Edmonton business coach.

Edmonton’s business coach says itís also very important that entrepreneurs need to learn how to unplug more often in their life. Not only is it important to ensure that the time an entrepreneur spends at home is meaningful, but itís also important to ensure that a business owner is not allowing business tasks to creep into their personal life as well. Business owners should ensure that there home life is being dispensed meaningfully where the business owner is present and in the moment.

Since starting a business is going to take a significant amount of time on behalf of the business owner, they should understand that they will have to come out of the unimportant things from their life to focus on the important things. Since they will be working more time in their business than they ever have before, they have less time at home, so they will have to make some important decisions about the most important things to spend doing when they are not at work. Edmonton’s business coach says that an example of this might be spending quality family time instead of watching television. This can help entrepreneurs continue to have time. What is important while getting extra time to the business.

Itís also important that business owners learn that celebrating small accomplishments in their business can help them the long haul of 80 hour weeks. Edmonton business coach recommends business owners celebrate all of the little goals that are present in every day because business owners develop motivation from progress. Instead of celebrating the big goals that may be years away, and celebrating the accomplishment in daily life can help business owners stay motivated when the days are long and larger goals are far away.