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Edmonton Bookkeeping | How Shareholder Loans Work

There are many things that business owners can have happened to their business if they are not sure how their shareholder loan account works says Edmonton bookkeeping. They may end up paying far more in personal tax then they should, and they may actually end up triggering significant tax payments due to what is in their shareholder loan. Helping business owners understand what’s in their shareholder loan and how to pay themselves properly can help them avoid significant issues later on.

Business owners should understand that when they draw money out of their company, that adds to their shareholder loan account. Rather than giving themselves a paycheck, business owners should take a draw out of their company, but they need to realize when they do this, it adds money into the shareholder loan account, which is expected to be paid back to their corporation. Since a business owner is taking the draw of money out of their company in order to live off of, they are planning on paying that back, so they need to make sure that they are clearing that shareholders account regularly says Edmonton Bookkeeping.

It’s important that business owners clear their shareholder loan account on a regular basis so that they are not owing their company longer than two consecutive years says Edmonton bookkeeping. How the business owner would clear their shareholders loan account, is to declare their dividends and salary in their personal tax refund. Once they do this, the shareholders loan account balance returns to zero. If they do not clear their account after the second consecutive year of owing their business money, their personal tax can automatically be assessed by CRA. If business owners want to avoid getting assessed personal taxes at any time and without warning, they should be ensuring that they are keeping track of how often they have cleared their shareholders loan account.

One way that business owners can keep track of all of the money that they have taken out of their corporation, in order to make clearing their shareholders loan account on a regular basis easy, is to create a bank account that is specifically designed for business owners to take out their salaries and dividends from their corporations as Edmonton bookkeeping. This helps business owners to track how much they have taken of their corporation, it also allows them to easily check of money that has come out of their corporation, in order to avoid errors. A business owner should only be enjoying money out of that account once or twice a month, once for salary or dividends, and one’s personal taxes. This also make it very easy for business owners and their accountants to look at the historical shareholder loan balances in case they ever need to track it.

I understanding how shareholder loans works in a corporation, business owners can be sure to take money out of their company properly, as well as clear that shareholders loan account in order to avoid paying higher taxes.

Business owners who believe they can take many of their corporation at any time and not claim it on their personal taxes can end up paying significant taxes later on down the line says Edmonton bookkeeping. Business owners should learn quickly in their business what is shareholder loan account is, and how it works so that they can pay themselves properly, as well as claim taxes on their earnings in order to avoid either paying higher taxes, or getting assessed later on.

Business owner needs to understand that every time they take money out of their corporation, this adds to their shareholder loan account. This account is a running total of all of the money that they have taken out of their business. This is money that need to be paid back to the corporation, however business owners who are taking their salary out of the corporation are not going to be paying that money back. Business owners need to know that they have to clear that shareholders loan account on a regular basis so that they no longer owe their corporation that money back says Edmonton bookkeeping.

The way that they would clear their shareholders loan account to get the palace back down to zero, is by claiming all of the dividends and salary that they have taken out of their business for personal use on their personal taxes. All business owners pay personal tax on their salary or dividends as Edmonton bookkeeping. It’s very important that a business owner understands that they cannot open their corporation longer than two consecutive years, and that they must clear their shareholders loan account before the end of the second year if they do not clear the balance in that time, they may trigger an assessments by CRA which will require them to pay their personal taxes when they receive the assessment. This can happen at any time and it can also happen without warning.

Entrepreneurs should use this information to tax plan in their corporation. If they know that they have to clear their shareholders loan account on a regular basis, they can work with their accountant to plan how much money they’re going to be taking out of their business on a yearly basis, and then plan to take that money in a strategic way to minimize the amount of personal taxes they will pay on it says Edmonton bookkeeping.

Another thing that business owners can understand about shareholder loans, is every time they pay money into their corporation, for example if they are paying corporate bills from their personal account, and it’s also affects the balance of the shareholder loan account. All of the money that they are over by the corporation is a running total, and offsets the amount of money that a business owner owes their corporation. If they are owed money by the corporation than they owe back, those amounts can cancel each other out. we really want to see you and your company grow so don’t wait to call.