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Edmonton Bookkeeper | Monitoring Shareholder Loans

Business owners who don’t properly understand shareholder loans, and up paying higher taxes because they don’t understand and by not clearing up their corporation owes them, says Edmonton bookkeeper. Or they don’t adequately plan how to take the money out of their account efficiently for tax planning purposes, and end up paying for more taxes than they should. By understanding shareholder loans better, entrepreneurs can plan how they take money out of their business efficiently in a way that allows them to live of the money we take out, and pay the minimum amount of taxes. The Fraser Institute says that Canadians pay an average of 43% of their income in taxes, by comparison 37% of the remaining income goes towards shelter clothing and food.

Business owners need to understand what happens when they take money out of the company or get a personal benefit says Edmonton bookkeeper. They need to understand that this adds to the shareholder loan account. Business owners should draw money out of their business rather than giving themselves a paycheck. Every time they take money out of the company, they owe that money back to the company and its Track as a running total. Business owners also should understand that every time they put money into their business, it’s subjected off of the money that they owe. This also is a running total.

Shareholder loans that are owing to the company are normally cleared through salary dividends says Edmonton bookkeeper. Business owners need money to live off, so they’re not going to be paying that money back to the Corporation, so they need to declare it as salary or personal dividends. By declaring it, this clears the amount they owe the Corporation. Business owners need to understand that they have a maximum of two years to clear their shareholder loan. If they don’t says Edmonton bookkeeper, Canada revenue agency will be able to add to the amount that they didn’t clear to their assessment any time and without warning. If business owners want to avoid getting assessed to pay additional taxes by CRA, they need to ensure that they are clearing their shareholders loans before the end of the second year. Business owners should use this information knowing that they must clear within two years in order to help them tax plan, and figure out how they can take that money out evenly throughout the year in order to avoid paying higher taxes. Edmonton bookkeeper recommends business owners spread that out for tax purposes.

By understanding how shareholders loans works in their corporation, and that they can’t infinitely take money out, and they need to take the money that their corporation owes them out within two years, business owners can plan how much they remove from the company, in a way that will have them paying the least amount of taxes. This takes some planning, dividends are often complex and Edmonton bookkeeper can help any business owner who needs help understanding and implementing their shareholder draws.

One of the things that’s very important to do in business says Edmonton bookkeeper is help business owners understand how to draw money out of their company in order to pay minimal amounts of income tax. Many business owners don’t understand shareholder loans, or they don’t understand how important it is to monitor their shareholder loan and and that being assessed by CRA for additional taxes, for just don’t plan how to take the money out efficiently and end up having to pay higher taxes by taking too much out at one time. It can be complex to understand, but with a bit of knowledge and some help from Edmonton bookkeeper, business owners will be able to understand shareholder loans and make a plan for how they can pay themselves from their corporation at a minimal accident to them.

The first thing that business owners need to understand when it comes to shareholder loans is that when they draw money out of their company this adds to the running total of the shareholder loan account. All of the money that they take out they owe the company back this is Track as a running total since the beginning of the incorporation of their business. The next thing that’s important to understand says Edmonton bookkeeper is that all of the money that they put into the company is also kept track of as a running total. If they put in more money than they take out, then the corporation owes them. If they take out more money than they put in, they the Corporation. But since business owners require that money that they take out of the Corporation to live off of, they’re not going to be paying it back. They need to reconcile that with CRA and declare that they’ve taken that money out as salary.

Business owners should also understand that what happens to their personal taxes when they declare the money that they’ve taken out of their corporation as salary, is that their personal taxes are going to go up. All business owners pay personal taxes on their salary or dividends that they to go to the company says Edmonton bookkeeper.

When business owners are setting up their corporation, they need to also set up a shareholders loan account, for all of the money that they draw the company needs to come out of that account. The reason for this is because this running total the business owner has in the Corporation is a lifetime total. Everything that they take out, and everything that they put into the company is kept track as a total since the beginning of the company, therefore business owners need to keep extremely good records so that if they ever need to go back historically and review what has been taken out or put in, it can be much easier. Review historical data if clear records have not been kept, can be extremely difficult. If CRA ever audits the company, this will be the requirements, so it’s extremely important that business owners keep good records.