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Edmonton Bookkeeper | How Shareholder Loans Work In A Corporation

Entrepreneurs who are not sure how shareholder loan accounts work within their business can often end up either paying higher taxes, or being assessed by the CRA says Edmonton bookkeeper. It’s extremely important that business owners understand how to pay themselves personal dividends were salary within their corporation by using shareholder loan accounts. It’s very easy for business owners to learn how to do and keep track of, in order to avoid being assessed taxes.

Every time an entrepreneur takes money out of their business, either through salary or personal dividends, this is considered shareholder loan. Shareholder loans are money that is expected to be paid back to the corporation by the business owner. Edmonton bookkeeper says that they owe the money back to the corporation even if the business owner is not intending to pay that money back because that’s the money they took out of their business to live on. So business owner must keep track of all of the money that they pay themselves in their business, in order to clear that shareholder loan balance. How a business owner will clear that shareholder loan balance, is by claiming on their personal taxes. Once the claimant on their personal taxes, they will get assessed taxes and have to pay those taxes. All business owners who take salary or dividends in their business must pay taxes this way. However, Edmonton bookkeeper says once they declare this money to taxes, it clears that shareholder loan balance, and they don’t owe the corporation anything any longer.

Then the business owner must take care to keep track of all of the money that they are paying themselves through salary or personal dividends. If they don’t wear all of the money that they need to, CRA will do an audit and expect them to account for all of the money that they’ve paid. In order to help a business owner keep track, Edmonton bookkeeper says a great tool is by creating a brand account which the only purpose of the bank account will be to have the business owner draw their dividends from. A business owner should draw dividends only once a month, so that they can count should only have one were to transactions in it every single month. This can help avoid errors, as well as help accountants catch errors in process. This will also help business owners see exactly how much money they are taking out of their business every month and every year so that when they are ready to declare their taxes and clear that shareholder loan balance, it can be very easy to track the money and see.

Shareholders loan balance. An entrepreneur is not allowed to own their company for longer than two consecutive years says Edmonton bookkeeper. Which means they need to clear the balance before the end of the second year. If they do not do this, CRA can potentially that their assessment without warning and at any time.

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when they are being themselves and their corporations as Edmonton bookkeeper, is that they pay themselves with a paycheck. What a business owner actually need to do, is take money out of their bank as salary or personal dividends using shareholder loan accounts. Every time an entrepreneur takes money out of their corporation, that adds to there shareholder loan. The more money they take out, the more they over the money back to the corporation. Learning how to take the money out of the corporation and properly account for it can help business owners avoid tax penalties and allow them to continue to take the money that they want to take out of their business.

Business owners need to pay back the money that they take out of their business to their corporation.. However says Edmonton bookkeeper, that is the money that they have been expecting to live on and are not actually going to pay it back. By declaring the amount of money that they’ve taken out of their business on their personal taxes, what they actually clear there shareholder loan balance and turn it back to zero. They must keep extremely good track of all of the money that they have taken out of their business, so that they can account for every penny to the government. Every business owner who takes dividends or salary in their business pay their personal taxes this way. However dividends can also be complex, and Edmonton bookkeeper can help any business owner who need help.

It’s extremely important that business owners understand that they have to pay that back to their business or clear there loan in two consecutive years. If they do not clear that loan within two years, CRA will be able to assess that business any tax that they owe. Not only can they assess the business owner, they can do so at any time and without any warning.

A great way for business owners to keep track of all of the money that they have taken out of their business, is to run all of that money through one bank account only. If all of the money that a business owner took came out of the same bank account, he can very simple to track how much money a business owner was take, and also to see any errors. If for any reason Edmonton bookkeeper says someone would need to review the historical shareholder loan balances, this system would make that very very easy.

If business owners can understand exactly how they can take the dividends of their business, and what they need to do in order to keep the government happy, they will be able to tax plan, avoid tax penalties, and increase the wealth in their business exponentially. All it takes is knowing how to take many of their business and what they have to do after they have money says Edmonton bookkeeper. we hope to be hearing from you very soon.