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Edmonton Bookkeeper | How Shareholder Loans Work

One of the favourite quotes of the Edmonton bookkeeper is from Jim Collins, is the author of six books. He says a culture of discipline is not a principle of business, it is a principle of greatness. Business owners need to learn how to be principled in order to take dividends out of their business properly, and avoid getting hit with tax assessments. Learning how shareholder loans works in all their business, can be greatly beneficial to businesses.

Edmonton bookkeeper says the first thing that a business owner can understand is shareholder is. Every time a business owner takes money out of their business, they owe it back to their corporation as a shareholder loan. Every amount of money that they take, they owe back until they clear it. It’s also important for a business owner to gnosis Edmonton bookkeeper, that every amount of money that they business owner pays into their business is money that their corporation owes them. Once he or they need to reconcile the two, and the amount of money that a business owner owes their business, need to be declared to CRA as income. Once they do that, there shareholder loan balance actually drops back down to zero, but then they owe taxes to CRA and the amount that they’ve taken a salary. By understanding how this balance works, business owners can take money out of their business smartly, and plan their taxes around that as well as avoid high tax assessments.

it’s also very important to keep in mind, that all the money that they together their business and declare to CRA, they will be paying taxes on. All business owners who take personal dividends or salary from their business have to pay this taxes. Business owners should understand says Edmonton bookkeeper, that they need to clear this amount that they owe the corporation once a year, or at least they must not over their company for two consecutive years in a row. Before the end of the second year, they must clear the balance they owe the corporation and declare taxes.

Edmonton bookkeeper recommends that the best way business owners can pay themselves dividends or salary in their business is by opening up a separate bank account where all the money that they are going to take out of the business is accounted for. They take one draw a month for the money that they are going to live off of and that they need for personal taxes, and nothing else. This way, it is very easy for business owners to review how much money they are pulling out of their business. Another benefit to this, is that it will be much easier to review the historical shareholder loan balances they keep doing it this way. This can make a very easy in case they are audited by CRA, and they need to show how much money they have been taking of their business for years.

One of the most important things that business owners can keep in mind when they are learning how to pay themselves in business, is to keep track of all of the money that they have paid themselves says Edmonton bookkeeper. It’s extremely important that a business owner understands and keeps track of how much money they pay themselves because they need to declare how much money they earned with CRA. by learning how to keep great records how much money they are taking away in their business, they can ensure that they never get assessed for your taxes they are expecting.

Business owners should keep in mind as soon as they start their business, that they should never pay their salary through payroll. Instead of paying themselves a paycheck, they should take money out as dividends in their business. This money that they take out of their business is called a shareholder loans as Edmonton bookkeeper. All the money that they remove from their business, is money that is expected that they pay back to their corporation. In all of the money that they take out and shareholder loans, is as a running total.

Business owners need to take this shareholders loan amount that they pay themselves, and pay taxes on that. They need to declare to the government how much money they took of their business in the last year so they can be personal taxes on it. All business owners must do this. This may be difficult for business owners to figure out, and dividends can be hard, but Edmonton bookkeeper will be able to help any business owner who need help.

Once a business owner has declared the amount of money that they’ve made of their business to the government, that effectively clears there shareholder loan balance. Which means they no longer owe their corporation that amount they took out of their business. it’s just very important that business owners understand that they must clear the balance of there shareholder loan and the right amount of time. Edmonton bookkeeper says that a business owner cannot over the company for longer than two consecutive years, which means by the end of the second consecutive year, they must claim, and that they have taken out of their business with CRA. Failure to do that on time, could trigger a tax payment by CRA without warning at any time. A business owner may not be caught in the first year or two, but CRA will catch business owners who are not clearing their show holders loan account. The longer it goes before business owner is much caught on this, the more taxes a business owner is going to have to pay. It’s extremely important that business owners clear there shareholder account once a year, and avoid this significant tax problem.

By helping business owners understand how shareholders loan, and how to effectively pay their salary or personal dividends using shareholder loans, business owners can create the wealth that they have always desired to create in their business.