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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Youtube Videos Help Search Engine Results

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to optimize their search engine results early on in their business says Edmonton accounting firms. The most significant reason why, is so that they can ensure that as many customers as possible are finding them as early in their business as possible. In fact, industry Canada says that half of all Canadian small businesses will fail within about five years, and 42% of the failed entrepreneurs will say that the inability to find customers was the reason why their business failed. Therefore, if entrepreneurs can learn about all of the things that they can do to help their customers find them online, they may be able to avoid feeling in business because they cannot find customers.

How YouTube videos factor into this strategy says Edmonton accounting firms is through several different ways. The first thing that business owners need to realize, is that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. By putting content on YouTube, not only our business owners searchable by the two largest search engines in the world, but they can also post their YouTube videos on their website as well, maximizing their exposure and their content for the video.

In addition to posting the video, business owners should understand that if there able to transcribe the video, a ten minute video will likely result in a minimum of a thousand words being spoken. By posting that transcribed article on their website, their way to have a page that has over a thousand words on it. The more they can do this, the more that the Google search engines are going to see that they have relevant content, and will start to rank them higher in search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms.

Edmonton accounting firms recommends that entrepreneurs start with creating twelve videos that they post to YouTube, and then their website, and transcribe and post to their website as well. Once they have twelve, business owners should aim at putting up one new transcribed article every single week. The reason why this is important, is because it is not just important to have a lot of content on their website, but they need to ensure that they are adding it on a regular basis in order to remain relevant to the Google search engines.

Many entrepreneurs may be very overwhelmed with thinking of having to create fifty-two videos every single year, and that is where creating a great business plan comes in very handy. By saying down with their Edmonton accounting firms, and creating an outline for all of the videos that they are going to create, a business owner can very easily come up with the topics that they need to post videos on a consistent basis.

It is entrepreneurs have created this outline, and are dedicated to the strategy, it can help them rank higher in search engine results. This will allow customers that may not have found the before find out more about the business, is that entrepreneurs can sell their product and service to more people. Implementing the strategy, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are working to find as many customers as they can for their products and services early on in their business.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Youtube Videos Help Search Engine Results

One of the big myths that many entrepreneurs believe says Edmonton accounting firms is that if they build a website, they will start generating traffic to their business. This is not true, and infect businesses do not even need to create a website initially in their business in order to start generating traffic to their business. They do however, need to understand that more content that they create, help them generate more traffic their business. Therefore, that should be the strategy initially in their business rather than creating a website. Even if they do create a website, that does not mean they are going to find customers any more efficiently.

One of the ways that the Google search engines are going to help an entrepreneur rank on search engine results, is the most HTML content. What this means says Edmonton accounting firms is the most pages that not nor has that have a thousand words or more, the better. The reason why, is because the Google search engines will see a business that has the most content as more relevant to the searches that are being conducted. Therefore, the more content is is is owner can create, the higher up they will appear.

However, many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed at the idea of trying to write an article that is thousand words or more, let alone asking them to do that on an ongoing basis. Many entrepreneurs are pressed for time as it is, and the last thing that they want to do is find a few hours in their schedule to write an article. However, Edmonton accounting firms has found a great time hack that can help business owners get this accomplished quickly as well as easily.

If a business owner is able to talk about their business for ten minutes, they will typically end up speaking thousand words or more. Therefore, Edmonton accounting firms says that if entrepreneurs are able to videotape themselves saying those words and talking about their business, not only will they have a video that they can put on their website as well as YouTube and generate traffic from. But also, if an entrepreneur is able to transcribe that video, putting that transcription on their website will give them another page with a minimum of thousand words on it.

The more an entrepreneur is able to make these videos, the faster they can build their content on their websites, and start ranking in Google searches. This is going to be an effective way that entrepreneurs are able to rank higher on Google search engines, without spending any additional money. By doing this, business owners will be more likely to sell more products to more customers, in a way that does not make them spend any more money.