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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Should Entrepreneurs Create Youtube Videos

Business owners should have a goal of getting ranked as high on Google search engine results as quickly in their business as possible says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why this is important, is because industry Canada has stated that half of all Canadian small businesses will fail within five years of opening their business. The same study saw 42% of all failed entrepreneurs give the reason as not being able to find enough customers for their product or service as the main reason for their failure. Therefore, most failed businesses will have failed because they were unable to find customers. By learning how to increase the number of customers that can find them online, business owners can help avoiding this reason.

There are many ways that entrepreneurs can help their website get rank higher on Google search results says Edmonton accounting firms. One of the most effective but also most difficult ways to accomplish this is to create content for their website. Google considers content as pages links to an entrepreneurs website that have a thousand words or more. Ideally, these pages will have relevant content to the entrepreneurs business, so it will have a significant amount of keywords relatable to the entrepreneurs business. By having the most HTML contents, businesses can ensure that they are ranking higher on Google results then if they did not utilize this method.

One of the biggest problems with this method says Edmonton accounting firms is that it is very difficult. It is very difficult, because many people struggle with writing a thousand words. It is so difficult, that many entrepreneurs avoid doing it, because they do not have the time to write one page with a thousand words, let alone multiple. However, there are strategies that entrepreneurs can use that will help them get a thousand words more easily than if they sat down and wrote an article.

Edmonton accounting firm says that most people, when they are talking about a topic that they are an expert in can speak for about ten minutes which will result in a thousand words. By creating a YouTube video, or in audiophile, business owners will be able to get that thousand words. How an entrepreneur will do this, is by creating the video, and then simply transcribing it. The great thing about this strategy is that the video itself can be posted on the entrepreneurs website, giving them more content. But also it can be posted on YouTube, which will help them with their search engine results because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

By creating an outline of all of the videos that they can make, and all the topics that they can talk about, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are creating a significant amount of content often in their business, so that their website can continue to rank high in Google search engine results. By doing this, entrepreneurs will ensure that more customers are seeing them, helping business owners attract customers and avoid running out of business because they cannot sell their product or service.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Should Entrepreneurs Create Youtube Videos

In order to help entrepreneurs create content for their website, Edmonton accounting firms says that creating YouTube videos can be an extremely effective way that business owners can create that content. Therefore, they should work to create an outline for all of the topics that they are going to talk about, so that not only can they ensure that they have a lot of content, but that they are continually making new content, in order to continue to stay relevant.

Once not nor has created their YouTube video, Edmonton accounting firms says that they can post it online on their website, as well as on YouTube itself. Whether or not people watch it is irrelevant to the effectiveness of this method. However, business owners should not stop with just posting the video. The next thing that an entrepreneur can do, is transcribe that video. By putting the transcription on their website as well, it gives business owners the content that they need to be ranked by Google search results.

Business owners should be creating an outline of all of the topics that they can talk about in their ten minute YouTube videos. By creating this outline, business owners will not have to think of relevant content that use to create these videos. The more videos that they create, and videos that they can transcribe, the more pages they will be able to have on their websites, and the higher Google will start ranking them on search results.

Business owners should aim for twelve videos to start, and once they have twelve videos, they should aim for doing about one the video every single week. By taking ten minutes to speak about their business and videotaping it can help entrepreneurs find the content that they need to continue to stay relevant to the Google search engine results. Not only is it important for entrepreneurs to have a lot of content, but it is also very important that an entrepreneur needs to add content regularly in order to stay relevant. If they simply create content once and then forget about adding more, they can get right on Google, but they will not be able to stay there.

By learning when an entrepreneur needs to do in order to help their website get ranked on Google, business owners can create a plan. Edmonton accounting firms says that this is extremely important to do early on in their business, because the sooner entrepreneurs can find customers, the greater chance they will have at being able to succeed in business. Since 42% of all failed businesses say the reason why they failed is because they are unable to find enough customers in their business, this is an extremely important task that business owners should focus on in order to succeed.