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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Business Owners Should Make Youtube Videos

One big mistake that many entrepreneurs often make according to Edmonton accounting firms, is if they create website, they will automatically get traffic. When in fact, creating traffic to a website takes a lot of strategy, and a lot of work on behalf of the business owner. Many entrepreneurs also think that it is possible to generate a lot of great traffic for their business by buying Google ads. However, this is not effective, because if an entrepreneur spends all that money to drive traffic, if they do not have enough Google reviews on their website, or enough HTML content, the matter how much traffic the drive there, will result in converting those doing google searches to buyers.

Therefore, it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to work early on in their business to get Google reviews, and create content, so that when they are at the point where they are ready to start buying Google ads, the customers that are doing the search, will be likely to buy from the business owner says Edmonton accounting firms. Businesses should aim for a minimum of forty Google reviews, not only so that customers will see them as a legitimate business, but so that they can start making in search engine results as well.

The first way that entrepreneurs should work on this, is by getting Google reviews as quickly as early as they can in their business. Even before they have a website, which require a business owner to set up a Google places or a Google my business page. Not only is this free, but a business owner can do this as soon as they open their business on the very first day, it will cost them a penny. By asking friends and family to review their business first, even before they get customers, an entrepreneur can start building a base of Google reviews that are going to help them convert people doing searches into buyers.

In addition to that, to help an entrepreneur. Closer to the top of search engine results, Edmonton accounting firms says that they need to work on creating the most HTML content that they can. What Google will consider HTML content is the number of pages that an entrepreneur has with a thousand words on it or more. This way, their website will be seen as more relevant to the search, and it will. Higher up in search results.

However, have not nor creates this content is important, because it may be very difficult for entrepreneurs to try to sit down and write as many thousand word articles as possible. Edmonton accounting firms says it is much easier to speak those articles, which is where YouTube videos come in handy. By speaking about their business for ten minutes, gives entrepreneurs thousand words that they need.

Simply by transcribing these videos, an entrepreneur can end up with content that they need. By increasing the number of videos that they create, entrepreneurs can in a very short amount of time have a significant amount of content for their website.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Business Owners Should Make Youtube Videos

Even though many entrepreneurs have heard that it is a good idea to create YouTube videos for their business says Edmonton accounting firms. Many entrepreneurs do not know how or why do this. It is ties in to be able to find customers. Industry Canada says that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs will fail by their fifth year in business. 42% of those failed businesses will say that the reason why they failed is because they were not able to find customers for their product or service. Creating YouTube videos is a boat helping entrepreneurs rank higher in search engine results, in order to help drive customer traffic to their business.

How this works according to Edmonton accounting firms, is by giving entrepreneurs vehicle in which to talk about their business for approximately ten minutes. They are able to create use where they talk about a business, which their subject matter expert, they can end up with a lot of content. The first thing that they should do these videos, is post them to YouTube says Edmonton accounting firms. The reason why, is because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so content here, make an entrepreneur be searchable by the two largest and most powerful search engines in the world.

The second thing that an entrepreneur should be doing, is transcribing be YouTube video, and then putting that content online. The more pages that they have with approximately a thousand words or more on it, will help them rank in search engine results. The reason why says Edmonton accounting firms is because Google wants to ensure that the most relevant websites are appearing higher up for customers to click on. Therefore, more content that a business has, the more Google will think that they are relevant, and they will appear higher up in search engine results.

Thirdly, an entrepreneur should be posting the video on their website as well, getting three different uses out of one video. By creating an outline of all of the topics that they can use in these YouTube videos, can help an entrepreneur significantly increase the amount of content that there able to put up in a very short amount of time. Because they are the subject matter expert says Edmonton accounting firms, they should be very easily without a lot of prompting be able to talk about their business.

The goal that an entrepreneur should be shooting for according to Edmonton accounting firms is once they have about twelve articles on their website, they should add a new one every single week. By putting up new content on a regular basis can help Google consider them relevant on a continuing basis, so that they can continue to rank high in search engine results. By implementing the strategy in their business, can help entrepreneurs ensure that they have content necessary to rank higher in search engine results, allowing for customers to find them, and purchase a businesses products and services, so that they can avoid the problem of not finding the customers in their business needed to survive.