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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why are we dedicated to you?

When it comes to accounting software, many entrepreneurs believe the choice is essentially between QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online says Edmonton accounting firms. One of the reasons why so many people want to use one of the QuickBooks platform, is because it is the largest accounting software provider in the world. Therefore, business owners usually want to have something in their business that more people are familiar with, so that they have an easier time finding staff to work on their finances. However, many are torn between the online platform versus desktop.

Although QuickBooks online has existed since two thousand and one, it is does not have the best reputation for being an easy to use program. In addition to the lack of functionality that it is is known for, the fact that it is an online platform meant that there is a lot of leg time while entering data. However, Intuit has been recently improving the software, and it has started becoming an extremely good viable alternative to QuickBooks desktop since three or four years ago. Many people who use QuickBooks online now says that it is as good as or better than quick book desktop. Therefore, Edmonton accounting firm says that entrepreneurs that decided not to consider it before, may want to reconsider it now.

When it comes to data entry, many business owners find that QuickBooks desktop is still better for straight data entry. However, that should not factor into entrepreneurs decision to use that software over QuickBooks online, mostly because the features that exists on the online version are making manual entry less relevant. There are several different automated features that eliminate the need for straight data entry. Bank feed is one of those features, that allows entrepreneurs to sink their bank account up directly to the online software, so that every transaction that occurs in the bank account is automatically entered directly into the software. Business owners can also automate other transactions such as credit card statements, if they are able to get those statements digitally, they can upload them directly to QuickBooks online. By doing this, entrepreneurs can enter many transactions extremely fast, making automatic entry not important and slower. The only thing business owners need to keep in mind, is when using automated features, they should always be reviewing that to ensure the uploads were entered correctly.

Edmonton accounting firm says regardless of which software business owners use, as long as they are using it consistently, and to the best of their ability, then both softwareís will allow business owners to get the information they need in order to make great business decisions. Both software will allow entrepreneurs to get up-to-date financial statements, bank reconciliation as well as run payroll. And as long as they are using whichever software the get consistently and properly, the difference between the two matters less and less. As long as entrepreneurs are using their accounting software, they will have a great tool to help them run their business.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Should Entrepreneurs Use Quickbooks Online

Until entrepreneurs have reached the point where they have more than one employee, Edmonton accounting firm says they do not need to worry about what accounting software they use. Even after they have a staff and starts to run payroll, that is when business owners should start to decide what accounting software they use. While there is many types out there, such as sage or zero, Intuit is the maker of QuickBooks and is the largest accounting software provider in the world. Because of that, many entrepreneurs want to make a decision on which QuickBooks software they use. The biggest reason why business owners might want to stick with a QuickBooks software, is because since it is the largest in the world, more people will know that software, so they can increase their chances of finding employees who are familiar with it, so that they can delegate their bookkeeping tasks.

One of the first things that business owners should consider when deciding between QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop, is that developments on QuickBooks desktop is starting to slow down. Edmonton accounting firm says the reason for that is because into it is putting more effort and improvements into QuickBooks online. Entrepreneurs should estimate that the desktop version will stop being supported at some point in the future, means of entrepreneurs are just getting into software for the first time, they may decide to use QuickBooks online, since it has a longer lifespan attached to it.

Another reason why QuickBooks online is a great and viable software for business owners, is because since it is an online version, multiple people can access it from multiple computers. With other accounting software, if multiple people needed to access the file, they would either have to use the same computer, or the business owner would have to have a central server and network the computers. If computers are not already networked in the business, it is an extremely high cost to get into and maintain. If entrepreneurs are getting as server in their business just to use accounting software, a better alternative is the online version says Edmonton accounting firms.

One of the reasons why having an online version that multiple people can access, is so that not only their employees can access it from different computers in the office, but business owners can also update it from wherever they want to as well. What they want to access it from a different location, such as a second business office, their home or on the road, Edmonton accounting firms says that having access to their accounting files online mean that entrepreneurs do not have to be tied to one location. In addition to that, their bookkeeper or accountant will be able to work on their files from their own offices as well.

When business owners are choosing which accounting software to use, QuickBooks online can allow a significant amount of functionality and access, that can help entrepreneurs have up-to-date files faster, and more easily than the desktop versions.