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Edmonton Accounting Firms | Why Are Creating Youtube Videos Important

Many entrepreneurs have heard several people say that they should be creating YouTube videos says Edmonton accounting firms. But unless they understand the reason why, they may not want to do this in their business. Especially as many entrepreneurs are usually pressed for time, and if they do not understand the importance of doing this, they may not want to take their precious time away from other important activities in their business.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to understand about creating YouTube videos, is that it is an important key to search engine optimization. In order to help customers find them online, it is important that entrepreneurs optimize those results. Since 88% of all customers do a Google search for businesses, business owners need to understand that if they are not able to be found doing a Google search, they may not have enough customers find them in their business. Since 42% of all failed entrepreneurs say not being able to find enough customers is a reason for their failure, should show entrepreneurs how important it is that they can be found online by customers.

It is also very important to note is Edmonton accounting firms that customers use the results that they find by doing a Google search online as part of their purchasing decision. Therefore, it is very important that business owners can be found doing a Google search, and that the results will encourage customers to contact them. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs are recommended to make YouTube videos.

One of the first things that business owners should understand is that by putting a video on YouTube, business owners are not only being searched by the largest search engine in the world, Google. But YouTube is the second largest search engine, meaning that simply by putting a video here, business owners can end up being found even faster.

However, the great reason behind making YouTube videos is so that entrepreneurs can transcribe those videos, and put the transcriptions on their website. When an entrepreneur is able to talk for about ten minutes about their business, they will end up with about a thousand words or more. Google considers website pages that have a thousand words or more as more relevant in search engine results. Therefore, the more pages that an entrepreneur has with a thousand words on it, the higher up on search engine results they are going to appear.

Therefore, by creating as many YouTube videos as they can, Edmonton accounting firms recommends starting with twelve. And then transcribing those videos and putting them online, entrepreneurs can start appearing higher up in search engine results. The best thing about this is that business owners do not even need to have those videos be watched, or their transcriptions read in order for it to work. As long as Google can find the pages and the videos, it is going to help an entrepreneur get noticed by customers, so that they can sell their products and services much easier.

Edmonton accounting firms | why are creating YouTube videos important

Business owners are always concerned with being found by their customers says Edmonton accounting firms. That they should understand all of the various component parts of search engine optimization. If they understand all of the different ways that they are going to be able to get ranked higher up in search results, it can ensure that is is owners are doing what they need in order for customers to find them.

There are four different factors that are going to help an entrepreneur get their website ranked says Edmonton accounting firms. Those for component parts are: being mobile compliance, being S E O compliant, the most number of Google reviews, and the most HTML content. If an entrepreneur is able to learn how to maximize search engine optimization on all of those different points, Edmonton accounting firm says that it will maximize entrepreneurs chances of being found by customers will purchase from them.

Mobile compliance and S E O compliance is something that business owners simply need to ensure that their web designer is aware of. Since the majority of Google searches are done on a mobile device, business owners need to ensure that their web designer is creating their website in a way that will allow people to view their websites on their mobile devices. And the S E O compliance simply means that their web designer needs to build their websites in a way that is most easily read by the Google search engines. These websites are WordPress websites, therefore business owner should be ensuring that their web designer can build in WordPress.

Google reviews is extremely important, because 88% of all customers do a Google search before they make their purchasing decision, and they will often choose companies that have the most Google reviews. Therefore, it is not just enough that customers are finding businesses, but that they are finding them and seeing that they are experts in their field by having the most number of Google reviews. Business owners should aim for a minimum of forty, because that is the number at which customers start taking them seriously. In addition to that, business owners need to understand that once they get to forty Google reviews, that is when Google search ranking them higher in search engine results because of reviews.

Finally, Edmonton accounting firm says that business owners need to be concerned with having the most HTML content. This will help the Google search engine see their website as being relevant. The more content they have, the more they think customers will want to see that website. Therefore, entrepreneurs should ensure that they are creating websites that have a minimum of a thousand words on each page. And the more content that they can create, the better.

When an entrepreneur can achieve search engine optimization on all of these points, they will be more likely to find more customers, and sell more product. This can help them avoid running out of business because they are unable to find customers to buy their product and services.