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Edmonton Accounting Firms | What Are The Keys To Search Engine Optimization

Before an entrepreneur creates a website says Edmonton accounting firms, they should figure out how to get search engine optimized as quickly as possible. However, many entrepreneurs think that they need a website in order to achieve this, but when they realize how they can accomplish this task for their business before they create a website, they will be able to start finding customers without spending any money, and once they have optimized their search engine results, then making a website makes a lot more sense, because it will allow them to actually drive traffic to their business much more effectively.

In order for an entrepreneur to ensure that they are able to be found on Google search engine results, Edmonton accounting firm says that business owners should create a Google places, or a Google my business page. Not only is this completely free, but creating this page will allow entrepreneurs to immediately start generating search engine results, start obtaining Google reviews, and be able to post things like content and photos to their site. It makes a lot more sense for an entrepreneur to starts optimizing search engine results using a method that is completely free, or they start spending money.

Once they have a Google might is no listing, Edmonton accounting firms says the next thing that entrepreneur should do is start creating content. The reason why content is so important, is because not only is it the most difficult way to optimize search engine results. But also, it often takes the longest amount of time. By focusing on it right away, entrepreneurs can ensure that there doing what is necessary to rank high on search engine results, without spending a dime.

What Google considers content is a page that has a thousand words or more on it. However, many entrepreneurs here this part of the process, and that is where they stop. The reason why, is because it can be very overwhelming or scary to be expected to write a thousand words. Not only do many business owners struggle with this, but they are also extraordinarily busy in their business, and do not have the time to sit down for a couple of hours and write the number of words necessary. However, Edmonton accounting firms says that there are strategies that entrepreneurs can use that will allow them to get the required number of words without having to sit and write an article.

Once a business owner has learned these strategies, they can work on creating as many pages as they can with thousand words or more. Edmonton accounting firms recommends that entrepreneurs aim for twelve pages with a thousand words or more. Once they have this minimum, they should aim for putting up one new page a week that has a thousand words or more on it. And only after they have mastered this, is it worthwhile for an entrepreneur to think about creating a website. Having the most content will allow entrepreneurs to start ranking high on search engine results, so that customers can find them easily.

Edmonton Accounting Firms | What Are The Keys To Search Engine Optimization

It is very important that entrepreneurs are utilizing all of the free methods of optimizing search engine results says Edmonton accounting firms. While one of those things is getting the most number of Google reviews, that is often dependent on an entrepreneur having customers first, selling their product and then generating reviews. However, a method that entrepreneurs can use that they actually can control is creating content. By creating content, entrepreneurs will be able to start ranking higher up in search engine results, and attracting the customers they need to sell the product and service to.

What Google considers content is the number of pages that have a thousand words or more on it. However, business owners are very overwhelmed with the idea of writing a thousand words, especially as they already struggled to have enough time in their business to do everything that they need. However, Edmonton accounting firms has a great methods that entrepreneurs can use to get to a thousand words simply and easily.

This is owners need to understand that since they are the subject matter experts in their business, if they spoke about their business for about ten minutes, they would end out with a thousand words or more. Therefore, by videotaping or making an audiophile of themselves talking about their business for ten minutes will result in the content that they need. By transcribing the video or the audio, they can come up with the content that they need to start ranking higher in search engine results.

Another great use for these videos that entrepreneurs can utilize is putting the videos up on YouTube. This is very effective says Edmonton accounting firms because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. By putting content on that website, entrepreneurs are increasing the number of ways that they can be found. In addition to that, they can then post that video on their Google my places listing, as well as the transcription. From one video, the now have three different pieces of content that can help them get ranked on search engine results and find their customers.

Business owners should first aid to have about twelve videos made to start says Edmonton accounting firms. Once they have twelve videos, an entrepreneur should aim for about one new video and transcription every week. Some business owners may find it a struggle to think of all of the various topics that there going to be speaking about. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is going to implement this strategy in their business, they need to create a plan on when they are going to make the videos, and all of the various things that they are going to be speaking about. When they know the topics ahead of time, and have enough topics for several videos, it can be a lot easier for an entrepreneur to create.